Monday, October 27, 2008

Catch Up

First congrats to all who ran and finished the Houston 1/2 Marathon! I toyed with the idea of running it, but I had to admit to myself that I am definitely not ready for a 1/2 yet. In fact, I may not be really ready by the time the San Antonio 1/2 gets here next month, but I'm just gonna do my best and finish. It's just a training run and a girls weekend for me, so no pressure. Oh and I found out this weekend that The Cult will be the headliner for the concert Sunday night after the marathon. At first, someone in Woodlands Fit said it was The Cure...I'd love to see The Cure again! I was a HUGE fan in high school and saw them live - at Southern Star Amphitheatre I think (at Astroworld). Or was it The Summit? Anyway, I loved them along with New Order, Depeche Mode, Erasure and all those other "new wave" bands. The Cult? Well, I loved them in high school (especially "She Sells Santuary"), but I can survive without seeing them live 20 years later. LOL!

Sunday, 10/26 - P90X - Legs & Back - 1 hour
Probably not a smart move to do the leg workout the day after a long run. Oh well, I can say that I felt the burn!

Saturday, 10/25 - Woodlands Fit Run - 6 miles, 10:51 pace
What can I say? The weather was absolutely perfect for a run! 58-ish and low humidity, so no complaints from me. I can remember the days, before the baby, when I could run in this weather and not break a sweat. Obviously, I am not in that kind of shape post-baby, because when we were done I was sweaty and my face was all red. I will get back there....eventually. Overall, the run felt good. I have to admit I was relieved that we were dropping in the mileage this week, since I didn't get to run the 10-miler with the group the weekend before. Afterward, the group had coffee together at Starbucks - an attempt to get to know each other before we all room together at the San Antonio R&R Marathon in a few weeks. As I was comparing my day planner to my Outlook calendar last week, I realized something for the 1st time...the Madonna concert is the same day as the San Antonio 1/2! Doh! Talk about a crazy weekend! I am going to have to run the 1/2, speed back to the in-laws in San Marcos where the hubby and kiddos will be waiting, shower, then head back to Houston! Oh well, I always say I love being on the go.

Friday, 10/24 - rest
I went to Luke's during lunch to look for a new running skirt. I forgot that it was packet pick-up day for the Houston Half and the place was pretty crowded. I did run into Coach Gaye, who is now working there and helped me find exactly what I was looking for.

Thursday, 10/23 - 35 minutes, treadmill run

Wednesday, 10/22 - P90X - Shoulders & Arms - 1 hour, Ab Ripper X - 15 minutes

Tuesday, 10/21 - 30 minutes, treadmill run
I could tell that I hadn't run in almost a week, because it was slow going. My legs and feet felt like lead.

Monday, 10/20 - 1 hour, 15 minute bike ride - 12 mph
My friend and I found ourselves talking way too much during our ride, which caused us to slow down!

Sunday, 10/19 - P90X - Chest & Back - 1 hour, Ab Ripper X - 15 minutes

Saturday - 10/18 - Neighborhood garage sale, so no WoodlandsFit long run for me

Friday, 10/17 - Rest - Garage sale prep

Thursday, 10/16 - P90X - legs and back

Wendesday, 10/15 - 30 minute treadmill run

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Okay, so it's obvious I've been a slacker. Sorry!

Here's the cliff notes version of the past week and a half:

Friday, October 4 - P90X in hotel room in College Station
Nothing exciting to report here, except that I was mindful about the folks on the floor underneath mine and tried not to jump around too loudly during the warm-up! :-)

Saturday, October 5 - 8 miler with Woodlands Fit
The run felt great despite the higher humidity. Our average pace was somewhere between 11:15 and 11:30, depending on the Garmin you looked at. Mine seemed to be off by a 1/2 mile. Strange!

Monday, October 6 - treadmill run, 2.44 miles
I was supposed to run longer, but had to take a phone call. Bill, just for you, I ran this run straight through with no walk breaks. :-p

Tuesday, October 7 - P90X - back and triceps
I had to go to Austin and didn't get home until about 7:30 pm. Plus, the sinus infection I'd been feeling come on since Friday was finally evolving into a full blown infection complete with sneezing, stuffy nose, sore throat, etc. This was a 1/2 ass workout if there ever was one.

Wednesday, October 8 - Rest day
There are usually no rest days between P90X and running, but I was feeling like complete crap and decided that getting to bed extra early would be the best thing I could do. Plus, I had to be at the airport at 6:15 am for my flight to Dallas, so I was dog tired.

Thursday, October 9 - 35 minute treadmill run
I decided to do 9/1s rather than 5/1s and it felt surprisingly good. There was no difference in my pace compared to when I do 5/1s though.

Friday, October 10 - rest day
Still feeling a bit crappy. Again, I let my body rest.

Saturday, October 11 - 9 miler with Woodlands Fit
Okay, so it was cool (not as cool as the previous mornings), but slightly humid. But damn, I felt beat by mile 7! I was really dragging at the end, which was disappointing after such a great run the week before. I ate the same way, used the same gu, so I'm not sure what happened. Maybe it was just me getting over being sick. Maybe it's the extra 15 lbs of baby weight I'm carrying around. Maybe I'm just getting old. I dunno. All I know is that for the rest of the day, I felt like I had been run over by a Mack truck and then it backed up and run over me again. I did manage to take enough Aleve to feel good enough to go the the Aeros game that night...a couple of 'ritas at the Toyota Center helped too! :-)

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, October 12-14
I am being a total slacker this week! Well sort of...our big community garage sale is this weekend, so for the past 3 nights I've been working on getting all our crap together for this as soon as the kiddos are in bed. I know I should be able to balance this and working out, but dang it's taking forever! I must run on the dreadmill tonight!!! In fact, I am going to have to miss our 10 miler this weekend due to the garage sale. My goal is to do at least 8 on my own on Sunday.

I am working on my nutrition again thanks to Viv's new challenge! Huge kudos to her for getting this awesome challenge going. The motivation for me? I have not lost a single pound since returning to work 2 months fact, I've gained a few pounds. To help motivate me to eat better even more, I went to a networking luncheon yesterday where nutritionist extraordinaire, Catherine Kruppa, was the guest speaker. She is awesome...and has more letters following her name than anyone else I have met! Since I haven't been motivated to follow WW lately, I am thinking about visiting her for some individualized advice about my weight, eating, etc.

Thursday, October 02, 2008


Howdy from Aggieland! I'm here recruiting for work. Talk about exhausting - I was at work by 5:45 am to meet up with a co-worker for the drive to A&M, next we spoke to students non-stop until 1 pm, ate a quick lunch and then interviewed until about 5:30 pm. We headed out for a quick dinner and then I headed down to the hotel gym for a crazy messages from the equipment like Cassie experienced though! Tomorrow is a day of back to back! I am about to hit the hay and take advantage of a good night's sleep, which has been rare lately thanks to a certain 3 year old.


I am bummed that the 10 for Texas was postponed until November 15. That's the same day as the inagrual San Antonio Rock n Roll marathon, which I have been persuaded to run by the peeps at Woodlands Fit. Will I be ready for it? Not quite, but I am thinking of it as just another training run and not putting pressure on myself about my pace. This is my season of getting back into the game - no expectations, no pressure.

Workout Stats
Wednesday - P90X - Arms and Shoulders - 1 hour
Thursday - 35 easy on hotel treadmill