Thursday, May 31, 2007

Party On Dude!

Have I mentioned that I work for a great company? Not only do they know how to work hard, they know how to play hard too. Last night, we had an outdoor event scheduled to begin at 5:30. Yep, that's was right in the middle of that wonderful downpour, complete with thunder and an exciting lightening show. Not to worry, the storm was gone by 6:30. Thank goodness, because with the rain we couldn't have the carnival type of deliciously sinful, fried foods and the band couldn't play. For the 1st time probably a decade, I actually had a funnel cake! Well, okay, I had about 1/8 of a funnel cake...that was about all I could handle of that fried, sugary sweetness. And the band? They were great...they play a lot in Austin and College Station, and they'll be here in Houston at Blanco's in June! Check them out here.

I really didn't think I would get in a run last night. But, after having a 'rita and that funnel cake, I needed to run! And, it's not like I had to study. After the kiddo was in bed, I put on my running shoes and limped to the treadmill. Apparently that speedwork on the incline the day before was not a good idea. Thanks to my bum left foot, I had been limping around almost all day. What on earth was I thinking? I had been limping around all day and I wanted to go for a run? I opted for the 45 minute Si6 workout instead. At least lunges and squats are controlled and don't require the hard impact with the ground. Fortunately, my new medical insurance kicks in tomorrow. Looks like I'll be making a doctor's appointment!

This morning, I only had time for the 20 minute Si6 workout. Hardly seems worth it, but I figure it's better than nothing. Tonight is the happy hour with my classmates. I'm hoping to have time for another workout after that...I've really been wanting to try the Si6 abs workout!

My freedom from classrooms and textbooks is coming to an end. Sigh. I was really enjoying it, but I am ready to tackle this semester and get it done. The best part? After this semester, I will be halfway through the program. Then maybe I'll stop questioning my sanity about going back to school. Then again, maybe not.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Just another day...

The weatherman predicted a HUGE chance of rain yesterday, but by 5pm it looked like it wasn't happening. I decided to head home in a hurry, pick up the kiddo and head to the park for a loop and some playground time. The hubby wanted to go to the gym and with the rest of the week being crazy, it looked like yesterday was the last chance to do this before school starts on Saturday.

Much to my surprise, the kiddo was asleep when I arrived home! It was her 1st day of summer break from school, so it was her 1st day staying with my parents. Apparently, they made the day way too exciting for her and she didn't want to nap. While I was sad that we couldn't get in a day at the park, it gave me some time to get some laundry done, get lunches ready for the next day, finish my Si6 workout and hop on the treadmill. I decided to step it up a notch and do some speedwork with a slight incline. I even took the inlcine up one more notch after a 10 minute warm-up. Naturally, after about 25 minutes of running, she woke up. So that was the end of my workout. By 9:30, she was back in bed. I took advantage of the free time to finish watching a movie I started yesterday - Notes on a Scandal. Pretty good movie, it's very intense with terrific performances from Dame Judi Dench and Cate Blanchett...two of my favorite actresses.

Today, my workday started at 6:45 and won't end until almost 8 pm, so I think it's safe to say that I will not be working out. I will get up super early on Thursday for a workout, since I highly doubt I will want to work out after the afternoon happy hour! See, if I type it here now, I've gotta do it! ;-)

Have a great day!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Memorial Day!

Many thanks to all those who have served our country, especially those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

The heat is on

Damn. Summer is here. The good news - it's been a cool May for Houston. The bad news - it's only going to get warmer. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate the heat? ;-)

This morning, I met up with the peeps for the 1st time in what feels like forever! Pam, Kay, Courtney, Amy and I managed to get in 7 miles, but not without noticing how much warmer it felt than yesterday morning. It was 78 degrees and humid, but the sun was out in full force. No clouds today. I forgot how much a little heat could slow me down. The last time Kay and I ran together back in March, we were running between 6 & 8 miles at about a 10:30/10:45 pace doing 5/1s. Today, we ended up doing our 7-miler at an 11:41 pace. Ugh, when summer really hits, I imagine my pace will be in the 12-minute range. I hate the heat. Did I say that already?

Afterwards, I ran into a Houston Fit bud, Vicky. Vicky and I trained for NYC together back in 2003 and we still keep in touch. She's running San Diego next week, so best of luck to her! When she gets back in town, we're going to meet so she can share some of her Garmin knowledge with me.

Next, I headed home and took the kiddo to playgroup. Afterwards, she actually told me she was ready to go home. This was a sure sign that she was ready for a nap. Woohoo! For the second day in a row, this runnergirl took a nap! I honestly can't remember the last time I did that. Talk about awesome. This afternoon we grilled burgers for the sister-in-law and nephews and just hung out. Tomorrow, we're heading to the beach! Ahhh, I love 3 day weekends!

Saturday, May 26, 2007


Chip time - 29:57!

So that means I missed the PR by 7 seconds. :-)

2007 Astros Race for the Pennant

At first I wasn't sure how the day would turn out. We got home late last night from the graduation party and I was dumb enough to drink 2 margarita's! (By the way, anything after 10 pm is late for us.) Because we got in late, I had one very grumpy kiddo this morning. So grumpy that I debated about whether or not I should bring her. Luckily, once she woke up a little, she was ready to go. And, I had the nagging foot pain issue, so I wasn't sure how that was going to affect my running. I didn't have many expectations for today, I really just wanted to maintain a 10 minute pace.

The weather was awesome compared to last year! Very humid, but only 74 degrees and little breezy. Very nice for May in Houston! Before the race, we ran into Junction Jack and the kiddo wasn't sure what to think about him. At first, she wanted me to pick her up, but eventually she shook his hand and gave him a high five. We found my sister-in-law and nephews, then Rebecca. So many familiar faces...on the way to the bathrooms, I ran into June and Margo. On the way back from the bathrooms, I ran into a guy I went to high school with...small world! This was his 1st ever 5k, so congrats to him! While waiting to start, I ran into fellow blogger Brenda.

We sang the Anthem and were off. My nephew had spotted a couple of guys from his school, so that was his incentive to take off. I started a little fast,as usual...I checked the Garmin at the 1/2 mile marker and it said 8:56! I knew that was really fast for me, so I slowed it down. When we ran by the stadium again, I saw the kiddo with my sister-in-law. I ran over to give her (the kiddo, not the sister-in-law) a quick kiss. Somehow, I was still going too fast. At mile 1, I skipped the water station and checked the Garmin again - 9:13. By then, I was feeling the foot, but it wasn't too bad.

At mile 2, I thought I hit the lap button again, but apparently missed it. This time, I did stop for water and I did something I swore I wouldn't do ever again during a 5k...I walked! I walked up part of the "hill", drank my water and started running again. I made it to the turnaround and a short while later, I pooped out in almost the exact same spot as last year (somewhere after crossing Dowling). And, I did it again...I walked. It wasn't more than about 30 seconds, but still. I may have walked longer, but a woman was running past and said "C'mon girl, we're almost there". That was all I needed. I started running again and we chatted for a minute about running. She was just getting started with running and asked me if I had run a marathon. Then, we talked for a second or two about getting into a training program. Before I knew it, we were at mile 3 - the 2nd & 3rd miles timed at 18:51. Only one more turn before heading into the stadium to the finish.


Grrr...part of me is proud that I beat my Easter Bun Run time by 15 seconds(which was in near perfect 50 degree conditions with no hills and I beat last year's time in the same race by more than 3 minutes. This is my best 5k time in 5 friggin' years. BUT, part of me is kicking myself for those damn walk breaks. I missed a PR by 10 seconds! Had I dug a bit deeper and not been a pansy, I could have PRed!

Oh well, shoulda coulda woulda...can't change the past. All I can do is remember this at the next 5k and do better. Overall, I am happy that my times are improving, despite my inconsistent training during the school semester...bottom line - I ran better than expected and I had a great time!

The best part of the morning came next! No, I'm not talking about the post-race party, although that was awesome as usual. I'm talking about the kids K! My younger nephew and the kiddo were psyched about running it. We grabbed some grub and headed over to the start. The kiddo was dancing around to the music and having a good time. We ran into Coach Jon and his daughter and hung out with the other kids. However, as more and more kids got there, I think the kiddo got a bit overwhelmed because she wanted me to hold her. The race started and she ran a little while, then just stopped and started crying. Poor thing! She wanted me to carry her, so I did and assured her that everything was A-okay. After awhile she wanted to run again. We pretty much did the run awhile, carry me awhile thing the entire way. Whew, 1K felt more like another 5k with me carrying her part of way! By the end she was doing great! She was so excited to run across the finish line and get her medal! And, she didn't hesitate at all this time when Junction Jack gave her a high five. :-)

Thursday, May 24, 2007

If it's not one thing...

it's another!

So tell me, is it normal to always have some kind of running-related pain? I feel like if my back isn't aching, my shins are. And when my shins finally feel better, my foot hurts.

A prime example - I've noticed for a long time (a few months) that my shins are ALWAYS sore. Always. They may not hurt during a run, but I'll get home and the kiddo will bump them and OUCH! Then, I'll touch them and realize that they're both really tender. What's up with that?

I know God gave us legs for some reason, but maybe mine weren't made for running. I'm trying to remember by dance and gymnastics days..I know I would be sore the day after a good workout. I remember barely being able to lift my arms after a hard day of uneven bars or walking funny after a long day of practicing tour jetes. But, I don't remember if there was always some nagging little ache or pain. (Of course then, I was much, much younger!)

So, tell this normal? If it is, great! I'll know that I'm not a weirdo and that it just comes with the territory. I'll just be sure to keep a supply of ice packs in my freezer. If it's not, maybe I should consider a different form of exercise.

Junk Miles

Okay, I'll admit, I don't really know what the term "junk miles" means. But, the term came to mind during my run yesterday.

All day I was so excited - the hubby and the kiddo were going to meet me at the park after work so we could run a loop together and then take the kiddo to the playground! I know it's kinda silly to get excited about that, but the last time we tried a family run at the park was LAST Memorial Day! It's rare that I actually convince the hubby to get out there with me. Most of the time, one of our schedules doesn't allow it. And this time, it was HIS idea!

About 30 minutes before I was scheduled to leave work, the hubby called. Apparently, the kiddo got about 10 mosquito bites on the playground at school this afternoon! Mosquitos love sucks! Her bites swell up and she's just miserable with itching. So, the hubby thought it would be a bad idea for her to be out among them again. I don't know why, but I felt my energy just go out of me after that. I'm usually the type to just go with the flow, so I don't know what happened. I think it was because I was so excited about our family run all day...after the plans changed, I just wasn't feeling like a run.

I went anyway. I'm sure my pace was much, much slower than Monday. (I forgot my Garmin.) And, it was hot! To top it off, my left foot was killing me! The area at the base of my toes (where they connect to my foot) hurt like heck. I've been feeling this pain for awhile now, but it usually only hurts when I walk. Yesterday I noticed it hurt when I was running too. Today, it was the same thing - it hurt to run and it hurt to walk. Grrrr... Speaking of walking, I stopped at two of the water fountains and walked for a minute after each one. Then, I grabbed some gatorade at the Luke's tent and walked some more. I finally decided to stop being a wuss and just get the run over with. I tried rationalizing with myself

this sucks, it hurts to walk and to run...I'm just going to walk, it's easier to shift my weight just right when I'm walking so I don't feel it as much

Well, if I run, I'll finish my loop faster and then I won't have to worry about pain I ran the rest of the way and called it a day. I call it my junk miles, because there wasn't a ton of effort given. I was running for the sake of running. Well, that and for the sake of burning some calories. :-) I don't know what to do about the foot. I'll probably do Si6 tomorrow and Friday in order to give it a rest. I'm still running the 5K on Saturday though. Luckily for me, my new medical insurance kicks in next week...I may need to see a doctor. Ugh!

Oh and by the way, last night's LOST finale was AWESOME! Now I remember why I love the show. Dang it and the next season doesn't start until February. If it's anything like the 2nd 1/2 of this season, it will be worth the wait!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Get Fit Houston!!!

It's Get Moving Houston's "Challenge Day 2007".

So, if you do at least 15 minutes of exercise today, you're supposed to let the City of Houston know either via e-mail at or by calling 713-437-6500. You have until tomorrow, Thursday 5/24 to submit your report.

It's all a part of Mayor White's initiave to get Houston healthy. Let's say Buh-Bye to the "Fattest City" title once and for all!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


That's last year's time in the Astro's Race for the Pennant 5K. I am pretty sure, heat and all, I can beat that with no problem. My goal is to maintain a 10 minute pace. Why not try to beat the Easter Bun Run time of 30:15, you ask??? Here are a few reasons:

1) It's going to be 20-30 degrees warmer
2) The course has more turns...the Easter Bun Run was strictly out and back
3) There are actually couple of "hills" if I remember correctly...the Easter Bun Run was flat, flat, flat
3) I don't feel I got in true quality runs over the last few weeks of school (In other words, I had a shift in priorities and was a slacker in the running dept)
4) I've gotten in 2 weeks of "mock" speedwork on the dreadmill...not enough to make a vast improvement

Excuses, excuses...yada, yada. The goal is to have an awesome time. My nephew, Stephen is also running the 5K and is probably going to kick my arse! He runs cross country at his high school and doesn't understand why anyone would need to stop and get water during a 3 mile run. My younger nephew, Anthony, is going to run the kids 1k with the kiddo. All in all, this is going to be a fun event!

As for my fitness this week...I am still thoroughly enjoying week #2 of my freedom from school. This is pretty much how I feel right now:

Yesterday I did 45 minutes of Si6 in the morning and a loop around the park after work. I managed to make it around in 28:57, which is 9:59 pace with 2 quickie walk breaks. For me, that's pretty good...on the same date last year, my loop was 30:30.

Today, was a quickie 2-miler at the park with the kiddo in the new stroller. Did I mention that I LOVE the new stroller??? I do. It was a short run, mainly because I wanted to make sure the kiddo had plenty of time to play at the playground. Not that any amount of time would be enough for her when it comes to the playground. I think I'm going to try to fit in playground time every week when school is not too crazy. The kiddo loves running around outdoors! And, she goes to sleep much faster too. ;-)

I almost forgot...

Congrats to the Texas A&M Women's track team for their 1st ever Big 12 Outdoor Track & Field Championship!!! WHOOP!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Funk Is My Attitude

Wow, what an awesome weekend. With the hubby away at a fishing tournament, the kiddo and I had a girl's weekend.

Friday was a crazy day at work, but I did manage to squeeze in a few minutes to go on-line and buy 3 tickets to see The Wiggles!

The show isn't until August, so I haven't told the kiddo yet. She's going to be so excited! On Friday night, the Kiddo and I went out for pizza with the grandparents.

On Saturday, the kiddo decided to wake-up at 6am. I wish I already had the new jog stroller, because what else is there to do at 6am than go for a run? Well that, and watch the Wiggles. Around 9 am, the kiddo and I picked up my Mom and we headed to the Woodlands Mall...the kiddo was getting her 1st "real" haircut. Until now, I have been trimming her hair...and not doing a very good job. It was time for to let a pro do it. We went to a place designed specifically for kids and she loved it! They even braided the sides and tied the braids together with a bow. Afterwards, she told anyone who listened, "I got a haircut!" and pranced around the mall. Then, we all went to lunch at Rockfish (my late Mother's Day treat from my Mom).

Next on the agenda - Luke's Locker. After much research, I decided to break down and buy the Caddy of jogging strollers...a BOB Revolution!

I am horrible about making what I consider a fairly large purchase. I go back and forth about how I don't need to spend so much. In this case, I finally justified it and just bought it. I had read nothing but good things about this stroller. I just didn't want to end up with another P.O.S.-stroller-from-hell! Anyway, I decided on this one, because you can make the front wheel swivel or fixed which means you can use it for running or at the mall. And, you can get an infant carrier adapter, which will come in handy if/when we decide to have kiddo #2....of course, that may mean we would eventually be in the market for a double stroller instead. Oh well, we'll worry about that if/when the time comes.

Last on the agenda was a haircut for me. I love getting my hair cut! Something about it just makes me feel great...even though I just got the same cut, only a little shorter. :-) On the way back to pick up the kiddo, I threw on the sunglasses and cranked up the old school Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Hey you mister interview
I dont have to answer you
This is what I grew into
Dont judge me and my soul stew
Cause funk is my attitude
Funk is my attitude

Once she was in the car, it was back to the VeggieTales version of "The Wheels on the Bus". Finally, we headed home where the kiddo and I made popcorn and watched Dora's Pirate Adventure for the 587th time. After she went to bed, I watched two chick flicks that I knew the hubby would not want to watch - Little Children (great story & acting, but a bit disturbing in parts) and Because I Said So (okay, but Diane Keaton got on my nerves with her crazy outfits and goofy humor).

I thought about the day and how much I was enjoying my hiatus from school. I realized that if I had not been in school, then I would probably take a day like Saturday for granted. But, after having weekend after weekend consumed with school stuff, I really appreciated every second of the day and being able to do stuff I wanted to do rather than what I had to do. Life is good!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

How Texas Are You?

You Are 80% Texas
Well, knock me down and steal muh teeth! You're pretty darn Texan.
How Texas Are You?

You would think that as a native Texan, I would be closer to 100%...but, I'm not into pick-up trucks and cowboy boots, well they're not my thing either.

ETA: I don't know what happened to the HERE to take the quiz.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Freedom - part II

Well, the hubby decided to leave early this morning for the fishing trip rather than last night. So, he picked up the kiddo and I went to the GSA happy hour. I'm glad I did! I met quite a few students who are not in our Saturday cohort and a couple of my future professors. The free drinks and food were also a plus. Good thing I got in a workout this morning...after a couple of 'ritas, I did not feel like running!

I arrived home in time to tuck the kiddo in. Then, the hubby and I watched Alpha Dog. Well, I watched, he fell asleep. Usually it's me doing the sleeping. The movie was good, but very disturbing. But hey, JT was had a major role and he was actually good. Of course, it helps to have some eye candy in any movie. ;-)

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Anyone know a good commercial construction Superintendent or Project Manager?

Preferably with 10-15 years of experience. And, they must have ground up experience, as well as commercial and medical interior build-out experience.

Finding someone who meets these requirements is hard, so I am willing to try anything....even posting this here. If you or someone you know might be interested, PLEASE let me know!


I am certainly enjoying my freedom from school! No studying, no homework, no meeting to discuss group projects! I love it!

Yesterday, I had to be at work super early for a meeting, so no morning workout. After work, I hung out with the kiddo and hubby. Dinner, some hide and seek and reading. I did get in a good 30 minutes on the treadmill after the kiddo was in bed. I set the incline to 1.0 to have a little resistance. And yes, I did watch LOST.

This morning, I woke up early for 45 minutes of Si6. I did squats, lunges, crunches and arms with the evil one. I forgot how much the floor work hurt! The glutes will be hurting tomorrow! I am debating about tonight - end of semester happy hour with the Graduate Student Association or a brisk walk around my parent's neighborhood with Mom and the kiddo....decisions, decisions. As much as I want to go straight to my parent's house after work, I really enjoying getting involved at school. The GSA is a great way to network, so I'm trying to take advantage of it.

The hubby is going to a fishing tournament this weekend - so Mom has the kiddo after school today and tomorrow. I'm actually looking forward to a girls weekend! I was planning to run with some Houston Fit buds on Saturday morning, but with the hubby gone that's not happening. So instead, I figure I could take the kiddo for a loop in the stroller and then hit the playground again. We have to take advantage of this awesome weather! Then, when the kiddo is asleep, I am watching chick flicks. :-) In fact, I've already watched The Queen (loved it!) and Catch and Release (cute, but that's about it).

Ah yes, freedom from school is nice. Life is good!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Return of the Evil Woman and the stroller from hell

Remember this evil person, um, I mean this lady? Well, she's back. I haven't seen her in over a month due to the school schedule. While I've managed to get in some running, the Si6 sessions have been on the back burner. Why? Because the running is so much harder to get back once you've slacked off too long. I may not be training for anything at the moment, but I do want to keep the endurance up. Plus, running burns WAY more calories than Si6 in a shorter amount of time. For example, I can run for 40 minutes and earn 4 WW points. But, for 40 minutes of Si6, I only earn 2 points. More points = more food. It's a no brainer when I'm short on time, but since I have my freedom back for two weeks, I want to add the Si6 back to my workout routine. Oh and yes, my glutes and hammies are making sure I know they've been neglected..they are so sore today!

Of course, priority #1 during my 2-week break is getting in lots of family time! Since I ran Monday morning, I had plenty of time to color, read books, and actually eat dinner with the kiddo and hubby that evening. Then, I woke up early Tuesday to workout do Si6 with the evil one. Since the hubby had to get to work earlier than normal, I decided to take the kiddo to the park after work for some exercise and playtime at the playground. It's funny, I made it home from work, changed clothes, loaded the kiddo and jog stroller in the car and made it to the park by 6:05 pm. Amazing! It used to take me almost that long just to go directly from my old job in BFE to the park.

Since the kiddo's bedtime is normally 8 pm, I decided that there was no time for an entire loop. I wanted some exercise, but I also wanted to give the kiddo plenty of time to play. Plus, I was using the p.o.s. jog-stroller-from-hell, so I knew I wouldn't be setting any speed records. So, I jog/walked (mostly walked) a mile out and back from where I parked. I did run into Roberta almost as soon as I arrived. On the way back, I saw speed demons Steve and Jake...luckily it was at a time when I was actually jogging. I wouldn't want to run into someone I know while slacking off. :-) After my walk with the kiddo, we headed over to the playground. The kiddo had a blast! And, she made some new friends. I have a feeling we'll be going back again soon.

A school update - I made an A in Quantitative Methods (a/k/a Stat)!!! Yay me! I made a B on the final which I am not happy about, but I only needed a 78 to keep an A, so I'll keep it.

Monday, May 14, 2007


With the lack of a LR yesterday, I planned to wake up at 5 am this morning for a hour-long run. However, after my parents left last night, it took forever to get the kiddo to sleep - she was wired! Afterwards, the hubby and I decided that we couldn't wait until today to watch The Sopranos, so we stayed up until almost midnight watching the DVRed episode. So, I woke up around 5:40 instead and settled for a 30-minute run.

Maybe it was all the food I consumed yesterday (breakfast at Cracker Barrel, a 1/2 slice of pizza at SuperTarget, tuna steak, wine and cheese cake for dinner and all the snacking in between)...but, I could not seem to get moving at all. The first mile was sluggish at best. The second mile was a bit faster, but I still couldn't seem to get my body going faster than an 11-minute pace for the remainder of the run. To top it off, I had aches and pains all over the place - the lower back issue has returned, a shin splint on the left leg and a right calf cramp. And, I still felt tired. Maybe I should have gotten more sleep. It made me want to hop off the treadmill and go back to bed.

Instead, I finished my run and headed to work...I did stop for Starbucks on the way. Desperate times call for desperate measures. I made it a double.

Running Stats
Conditions - treadmill
Total run time - 30 minutes
Distance - 2.55
Pace - 11:45

Sunday, May 13, 2007


School is officially over for 2 weeks!

I wish I could say I kicked ass on my Stat final, but that was not the case. My day started with a Marketing presentation. It went well...really well! There's no doubt that I have an A in that class. I went into my Stat final with a 95 average, but I have no idea whether I will end up keeping that A in the end. When I say that final was as confusing as hell, I am not exaggerating. Before the test started, the prof told us that we had 3 hours to complete it and that 4 pm would be "Miller time". I thought that was odd, because the mid-term took me less than 2 hours to complete. For the mid-term, over 1/2 the class finished within 2 hours.

For the final, it was differen. All but 2 people were there after 2 hours. More than 1/2 the class was there after 3 hours. Every time I looked up from my test, I caught the gaze of another classmate who had the "what the hell is this?" look on their face. I'm sure that look was on my face as well. The 1st 2 questions (worth 20 & 15 points) were doozies...the remainder of the test was a piece of cake. I think I finally began to grasp the concept on problem #2 when the prof told us that we needed to wrap it up. After we all groaned and expressed our dismay, the prof said, "How about I buy everyone a drink?" You know a test is bad when your prof offers consolation with alcohol!

I along with a handful of other students took him up on his offer and met up for a margarita afterwards. It was a fun time. The prof is actually pretty cool and I had a chance to talk to some of the classmates that I really didn't know very well. Afterwards, I found out that the hubby and kiddo were out shopping, so I met another group of classmates for a pint at the Ginger Man. I haven't been there in years, so that was fun. I arrived home about the same time as the hubby and kiddo. I was out by 9:30, which I'm sure that had nothing to do with the alcohol combined with weeks of sleep deprivation. ;-)

I was planning to get up early for a couple of loops at the park. At the last minute, I turned off my alarm clock. Hell, school is over and it's Mother's Day...why not sleep in just this once? So I did. Sort of. I woke up around 6:15, but just laid in bed until the kiddo woke up around 6:50...not as late as I wanted to sleep, but later than normal for me. The hubby & kiddo took me to breakfast, then we headed to Central Market for tuna steaks to grill for my parents later and then we looked at some houses in a neighborhood we're interested in. The kiddo napped for almost 3 hours after we finally made it home...normally, I would jump at the chance to nap (but I usually have to study). For some reason, I was wide awake. So, I watched some TV was nice. Usually, I only get to watch TV when I run. It felt weird to lay on the couch and watch TV doing nothing else. I'm sure I'll be bored with that before my 2 week break is over...good thing - next semester I'm taking Economics. I doubt there will be time for lounging in front of the TV then!

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Friday, May 11, 2007


Today is my blogiversary!

It's hard to believe that it's been an entire year since I started this blog.

More on this later...right now I better get to work. I'm leaving early today to study for finals.

ETA: I celebrated by running a 4-miler at the park after spending a few hours in the library. It felt GREAT - heat, humidity and all!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

4 Days

I can't wait....4 days until the semester is over! Maybe then I can sleep in until, say, 5 am? This getting up at ungodly hours to do homework and read is getting old. Actually, it got old back in March. :-)

Well, the trial run yesterday didn't happen. I started thinking about the week's schedule. Monday - went to work early (in order to leave early on Friday to study) and got home after 8 pm because I went to the library. I didn't get to see the kiddo awake at all. Wednesday - I have to be at work early for a meeting and then my group is meeting at the library to put the finishing touches on our project. Thursday - I have to work until 7pm, then drive across town to pick up the kiddo at the my parent's house because it's the hubby's hapkido night. Friday - I'm leaving work early for last minute cramming and will mostly likely be at the library until I have to rush home so the hubby can get to work. Saturday - school all day and then the hubby and I are going to dinner with my class cohort. Ah yes, the mommy guilt is plentiful this week. Now, if the in-laws call and announce that they're coming in town this weekend for Mother's Day, I will have a meltdown. That would mean I had to squeeze in cleaning the house...that my friends, would throw me over the edge! ;-)

What am I getting at? Well, yesterday was the only opportunity to hang out with the kiddo for more than a few minutes until Sunday. So after work, I headed straight home. But, I figured we could take a walk...the kiddo loves to be outside and I would be getting in a little exercise too.

We got out the p.i.t.a. jog-stroller and headed to the little park by the house. This time, I took the Garmin just so I could know all the distances. Obviously, I wasn't going for speed here. The 1st mile was spent doing some speedy walking with the kiddo in the stroller. Then, the kiddo grew bored and wanted to get out and run. So, she actually ran and galloped for the next 1/2 mile! I was pretty impressed that she never got tired and tried to go as fast as her little sandals would take her. She would look back and laugh and tell me to run. For the next 1/2 mile, we took frequent breaks to stop and pick flowers, look at a butterfly, picking up rocks, etc. Then, she would count, "1, 2, 3, go!" or sometimes "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, go!" We had a blast!

So, no real workout, but definitely lots of fun! The hip felt pretty good too! Only a little ache toward the end.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Trial Run

I'm taking the hip out for a trial run today. Hopefully, it'll cooperate.

I didn't plan to run today, because the hubby was supposed to have an early training session. But, that got cancelled and I just happen to have my running clothes with me. Too bad he has to leave for work by would have been nice to go to the Strider meeting too!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Steamy Sunday

Well, I typed out a long post yesterday and Blogger ate it! So, here it is again...

Saturday night, the kiddo and I made it back home from the nephew's birthday party around 10:30 pm. Must have been some sugary birthday cake, because the kiddo was wide awake. By the time I read a story and got her to sleep, there were only a few minutes left in the Rockets game. The hubby took a separate car, so he could stay and watch the Mayweather/De La Hoya fight, which was probably a good thing..he hates it when I was yell at the tv during Rockets games. :-) By they way, we went with an American Express gift card for the nephew. Thanks for the suggestions!

Sunday, I woke up later than planned. I arrived at the park around 6:40 am, stretched and began a loop. From the very beginning, my right hip flexor felt funny. I tried to stretch it, but it still felt off. At first, I wasn't sure if I wanted to go out of the park or just do loops. My goal was 10 1st double digit run since the Seabrook Lucky Trail 1/2 in March. The humidity hit me like a ton of bricks and suddenly having a sip of the cold Gatorade in my car between loops sounded like a good idea. Decision made. I was doing loops.

I finished the 1st loop in 31:40 doing 5/1 intervals. At this point, I was just adjusting to the heat and humidity. Gotta love the 77 degree/80% humidity at 6:30 am! After my 1st loop, I ran into Coach Jon from Houston Fit and his two adorable daughters. They were setting up a lemonade stand near the Tennis Center. I had completely forgotten that it was Lemonade Day! Lemonade Day is sponsored by Prepared4Life and is designed to teach kids how to start, own and operate their own lemonade businesses. And, I would say that the girls were doing a great job! They had a prime location and offered the option of lemonade, Gatorade and thinking! By the time I finished my last loop, they had several customers.

My 2nd loop felt better, but I finished it in 32:33. Probably because I ran into Rebecca and stopped to chat without stopping my watch. She competed in the Dragon Boat races the day before, which sounded like a lot of fun! By this time, the hip flexor was really starting to make itself known. During the 3rd loop, I really began to feel the hip flexor! It hurt! By the time I made it 1/2 way around the pain had intensified. I took a couple of extra walk breaks only to realize that the walking hurt just as much, if not more than running. My final lap was slow due to the walking and aching hip - 33:20. I was going to squeeze in the extra milaege at the end to make 10 miles, but the hip changed those planned. I had a couple of glasses of lemonade and headed home.

As the day went on, the hip got worse and worse. At playgroup, it wasn't too bad, but by the time I made it to the library that afternoon it was hard to walk up and down stairs. By the time we made it to Pappasito's for dinner with my parents, I was limping. (Nothing a Margarita couldn't help!) By Sopranos time, it was even worse. I'm not sure if it has anything to do with the lower back pain I've been having...that's due to my hips being out of alignment. Obviously, this is something I should have taken care of back when I had my previous insurance. My new coverage doesn't begin until June 1, and the deductible is a killer! But, the pain went away for awhile, so I put it off. The hip still hurt this morning, so I have a feeling I may not be running for a day or two at least. Actually, it works out - now, I don't have a distraction from studying for the next couple of days.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Friday, May 04, 2007

Little bit of running

Zimm's. I like it! I headed there after work for an hour of fun and frivolity with my "working mom's" group. It was a nice little escape from the day. - I've been wanting to attend one of these events for awhile now but it always seems like I have school stuff to do. Afterwards, I headed home to spend some time with the kiddo before bedtime. Once she was asleep, I hopped on the treadmill for some mock speedwork.

I took Barbara's advice and based it on time, rather than distance. I did a 1 mile warm up, followed by 1 min fast/2 min recovery x8 with a 1.0 incline and a cool down. My only complaint is the amount of time it takes for the belt to speed up & slow down. Other than that, it wasn't horrible. I was sweating profusely and breathing hard, but that was to be expected.


Just wanted to send out a quick thanks to all the comments regarding treadmill training! I will be on the treadmill more than I'd like in the coming months, so I appreciate the advice.

Now, let me make sure I am perfectly clear...I do realize that the treadmill is not the most effective way to train. Trust me, I don't have any aspirations of winning any races by training on it. Believe it or not, I don't really care much about winning races at all. Nor will I ever. This may come as a HUGE shock to some, but I don't even have aspirations of running the race of all races - BOSTON. (GASP!)

For me, running began as a way to keep fit and maybe lose a little weight. I like the challenge of doing something I never thought I was capable of doing. At first, finishing a 5K without falling over from exhaustion was the goal. Then a 10K, then a 1/2 marathon and finally a marathon. If you would have asked me 10 years ago if I would consider running 26.2 miles, I would have laughed and said "HELL NO!" and then proceed to ask why anyone in their right mind would EVER run 26.2 miles.

Do I want to get faster? Of course!
Do I want to push myself to do better? Yep!
Do I want to see what I am truly capable of? You bet!
Do I want to run a sub-5 marathon? You better believe it!
Do I want to PR in all distances and then try to top that? Hell Yeah!

That being said, I also have to explain that running is NOT the top priority in my life at this point in time. In fact, it probably never will be.

Spending quality time with my adorable daughter and hubby is. Work is next in line (hey, you gotta pay all those race entry fees)! Work is followed closely by school. Trust me, grad school is too damn expensive to not give 110%!

If I have the opportunity to run outdoors after work, but have to sacrifice seeing the kiddo while she's still awake or not get my homework done...I more than likely will not run. However, if having the best of all worlds means that I have to get up at the butt-crack of dawn (or stay up a little later) to get on the dreadmill while the kiddo is asleep or not run at all, then so be it - I'll run on the friggin' treadmill. The other option would be to run outdoors at those hours...that is not an option since the hubby is at work during those times and you can't exactly leave a two-year old at home alone.

So there you have it. I hate running on the treadmill. However, it sometimes is that or not run at all. If I actually get to watch the news, ER or LOST in the process, well that gives me a little more enticement. When the craziness I call grad school is over, running will move up a notch on the priority ladder. Of course by then, we will probably have dance lessons or soccer practice to go to...hell, I may be stuck on the treadmill longer than I think. If that makes me less of a runner, then oh well. I'll get over it. Just look for me in the back of the pack.

Busy, busy

Darn Rockets! I wanted to see if I could get tix for Saturday's game, but the in laws are coming in town for our nephew's 16th birthday. This also means that I had to spend last night cleaning the house. Nothing like an evening scouring, sweeping, mopping, dusting and scrubbing. :-) I didn't really get started until the kiddo was in bed and called it quits around 10:30 pm. It did give me a good excuse to 1) have a glass (or three) of wine and 2) watch bits and pieces of the Rockets and ER while I worked. (I DVRed Grey's Anatomy...yes, we FINALLY have DVR!)

Ugh - no running, no homework. Guess I have my work cut out for me tonight!

Oh, and the nephew doesn't know what he wants for his birthday! (Well, other than a car and his driver's license.) I'm thinking money would be the ideal option, but if anyone else has a good idea, please let me know!!!

Thursday, May 03, 2007


I may hate football and only like baseball when I'm actually at a game, but I love me some basketball and the Rockets are my boys!!! So, GO ROCKETS!!!!!

10 Days & Counting

Hooray! Only 10 more days of the spring semester. Then, I have a glorious 2-week break before beginning the summer semester. The next 10 days will be crazy, but at least there's a light at the end of the statistics and marketing tunnel. :-)

Last night, I went to the campus right after work to meet with my marketing group. I made it home just in time to tuck the kiddo into bed. Next, after making lunches and getting stuff ready for the next day, I hopped on the treadmill for a quickie run. Again, it's my excuse to watch a little bit of LOST. (I LOVE that show and the show has been really good over the past couple of episodes!!!) It was a short run, but better than nothing. I think that has once again become my motto...well, at least for the next 10 days!

Running Stats
Conditions - treadmill
Distance - 2.0 miles
Pace - 10:45
Total run time - 21:30

BTW, my shoes felt good, but my left shin is still bothering me. Oh, and thank you to everyone for their treadmill speedwork advice! I am going to give it a try on Friday!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Dumb Q

Can you do speedwork on the treadmill?

I've been pondering that question for awhile now.

I've heard one coach say no to this question. I've done my own form of speedwork on the treadmill from time to time, but wasn't sure if that was "real" speedwork.

It seems that as it gets warmer outside and my school schedule gets even more crazy (I have Econ AND Finance this summer!), I will not have the time to get in a lot of outdoor runs.

Can someone school me on this please? I dread running indoors on the treadmill, but I want to make the most of it.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Monday - no run

Today - 1 loop, 29:30, 10:10 pace

Tomorrow - group project, possibly a treadmill run

Sorry so brief...lots of stat homework to do!