Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Memorial Hermann Sugarland Tri Race Report (a/k/a Tri #2)

I headed out to Sugarland around 4:45 am. As always, I question my sanity when I have to be awake at 4:15 am. I’m sure my Mom questions my sanity as well, since I am crazy enough to ask her to watch the kids at that hour (she probably questions her own sanity for agreeing to it, lol!). Anywho, I managed to miss the exit…probably because the words “Austin Parkway” were stuck in my head and I was looking for that exit rather than Hwy 6. Doh! But, I figured it out and managed to get to the race in plenty of time to set up my transition area. The dude next to me was cracking me up, because he had this huge towel set out with all his tri gear spread everywhere. Fortunately, he was on the end of the row, so he wasn’t in anyone’s way. It was then that I realized that I had left my ½ PB&J on the kitchen counter, so I took a Gu instead.

Once I had my gear all set up, I headed over to the bathroom and then to the pool. I stuck my foot in the water and it felt great. Cool, but not cold. I’ve only been in a 50m pool once, so the length didn’t seem terribly daunting. I went back to check my transition set-up one more time and then got a call that Kelly had arrived. We found each other and it was great to have her there…it would have been so boring to not know anyone there and have to hang out alone before the race!

Once the pool swim was about to start, I headed toward the pool. I was number 590 out of 700 people, so it was going to be awhile. Fortunately, Kelly and I could talk through the fence. I went over to the pool a few times, just to 1) see what number was swimming and 2) make sure I understood the whole “snake” swim thing. We totally cracked up seeing a woman with the race number 666 on her arms! Seriously, I would have either stayed home or asked for a different number. LOL! It was fun to watch people swim. I loved watching the fast folks effortlessly glide through the water, but I was also relieved to see backstroke, sidestroke, breaststroke and even, gasp, doggie paddle.

300 M Swim - 9:01, 58/72 in AG (pathetic!)
Finally, it was my turn! I hopped in the pool where a short line began to form and waited till it was my turn to get in the lane. The guy called out “10 seconds” and then “Go!” and off I went. Definitely faster than I should have been. I made it to the wall and then headed back. I got into the next lane, but was already winded. I pushed off, but then did sidestroke the entire 50m. I did the same thing pretty much the entire way back too. Cripes! I took a second to catch my breath at the wall before the final lap and managed to freestyle the majority of rest of the way. Fortunately, there was someone there to help you out of the pool! I think I wasted a few seconds getting myself out. I knew my time was going to be slower than at TriGirl…in open water, there’s no wall to stop at. Later, when I saw my actual time, it was pretty embarrassing. I know I can do better!

T1 - 1:54
T1 went pretty well, although I think I spent too much time drying off my feet. I need to practice getting my socks on wet feet or try going sockless. There was one thing I thought was funny…the guy next to me (with the huge towel) started putting on his running shoes. Then, he looked over at me and said, “the bike is next right?”. I told him yes. He asked me, “Are you biking in those shoes?” referring to my running shoes. I told him yes, that I didn’t have bike shoes. Then he cursed under his breath and was trying to hurry up and take of his running shoes and put on his cycling shoes. I gulped a little Gatorade and was off!

Bike - 10 mi - 32:02, 18.7 mph, 17/72 in AG
I love the bike! I was happy with my ability to HTFU and mount the bike and go…I worried about getting my feet in the cages once I was on the go. The 2 people in front of me, not so much. I had to slow down a bit so they could mount and get out of the way. For the most part, the bike route was flat. There were a couple of inclines that I wouldn’t necessarily call hills. There was a little bit of a headwind going out and my pace was anywhere between 15 mph to 18 mph depending on how the wind. As I was approaching one intersection, a car passed me in the next lane and then stopped… I needed to turn left and the police officer at that intersection was yelling at the car to “GO! GO!”. I had to slow down a bit while the dude was trying to decide if the cop was yelling at him or me. He finally went and I could turn. There was one other place where I almost missed the turn. It was funny, because the guy behind me made a comment about that being confusing. He passed me, but we leap frogged most of the way back. Toward the end, he really picked up the pace. He was going too fast for me to pass, but not quite fast enough for me to stay 3 bike lengths behind him. On the way back, there was a decent tail wind in places which definitely helped my speed. I don’t think I was under 17 mph the entire way. Before I knew it, I was at the transition area again. It snuck up on me, because I was surprised when people were yelling for everyone to slow down. Did I mention that I love the bike?

T2 - 1:06
T2 also went well…it probably could have been a little faster since I don’t have to change shoes. My legs felt jello-y as I attempted to jog my bike back to the rack. For whatever reason, I racked my bike seat-first and struggled to get it there (because my gear was in the way). In retrospect, it would have been so much easier to rack it the other way! Live and learn. On my way out of transition, I saw the bike guy I had been leap frogging with…he was still getting his running shoes on.

Run - 5k, 31:52, 10:37 pace, 28/72
The run was pretty sucky. I immediately began to feel cramps in my shins, so I walked for a few seconds and then began running again. I forgot my Garmin, so I had no idea of my pace. This run was 1 mile longer than the run on my 1st tri, so between that and the much warmer temps I was just hoping to have a pace of 10:30 or better. During the 1st mile, I only walked through the water stop. Fortunately, there was not only cold water, but a guy with a water hose spraying everyone and a guy handing out cold sponges! The next mile felt better. I had finally gotten my legs back and had my breathing under control. I did feel like I was slow as molasses though. I walked through the 2nd water station and once again enjoyed the sprinklers and cold sponges. The 3rd mile was where I started to feel tired. I’ll admit, I took 2 walk breaks. One mid-way through and one about ¾ of the way through. On the 2nd walk break, the bike guy caught up. He said something like “this is the last turn, right?” and then held out his hand and said “great race!”. I shook it and then he sped off. Naturally, I had to run again! I managed to stay close to him until the very end. I really wanted to sprint it in, but I had nothing left. Between the uneven grassy running surface and the heat, I was done. As I crossed the finish line, I thought to myself “You’ve gotta train harder! You need to do more bricks!”

Looking back, I am disappointed with my swim, but happy with my bike and even my run. I know I need to get into the pool more often, so that’s what I intend to do over the weeks leading to TriGirl in August. I also intend to do some more running in this god-awful heat, just to make sure I’m acclimated to it. I love this sport and think I may actually have a chance at improving a great deal!

Final Results
30/72 in AG, 307 overall, 1:15:56

Back to the grind...

I took Monday off. Not intentionally, but the kiddo had her 1st gymnastics class and we got home later than expected.

Tuesday, I returned to spin class for a good booty whippin'. The 1st 1/2 of the class was nothing but MJ. Now that's some booty movin music. As always, Richard challenged us with lots of "hills", intervals and "running". Good times!

Tonight after the kiddo's swim lesson, I'll be hittin' the pool for some laps. This is her last week of swim classes, which means I will be changing the location of my swims again. Hopefully, I'll be able to do laps again without having to dodge kids!

Workout Stats
Spin class - 1 hour

Friday, June 26, 2009

Race Packets & Other Ramblings....

I went to pick up my race packet for the Memorial Hermann Sugar Land triathlon and I was immediately wondering if I should have registered for the Pearland race instead.

The shirts are not so cute and HUGE. And, it seems that the race director did not recieve my estimated swim time e-mail, because I got placed with the 10 minute pace group. Accckkkk! That's what I get for not putting it on my entry form. I received a mass e-mail asking for estimates and responded to the e-mail (I even checked my "sent" folder)...what happened after that is anyone's guess.

Oh well, I got another one of those backpack/bag thingys. I do like those! :-)


I know tend to go off on a tangent sometimes and do a non-running post, so here's another one. If ya wanna read about my latest workout, go here.

I just can't let today go by without a post about the two icons who died today. One was completely expected, but that doesn't make it any less sad. The other was a complete shock.

Those of us who are um, older, remember Off the Wall, the Thriller video, the parachute pants, the glittery glove, the red jacket with all the zippers, the bad ass dance moves that EVERYONE tried to copy (I still can't moon walk, but I sure tried! ), the videos that set the bar for all other videos when MTV was still new (Billie Jean anyone?), and the complete awesomeness of his music at that time. I was 10 when Thriller came out, so it would be an understatement to say that his music made an impact on my most impressionable years. I loved, loved, loved him in Jr. High! In high school, I became more of a new waver (you know Depeche Mode, The Cure, New Order, etc), but I'll admit I still loved me some Michael Jackson.

I hate that his later years were marred with all the scandals and the plastic surgery gone bad. Yeah, he turned out to be a freak. Despite all that, I will remember him for all the great memories I had of that music growing up! I watched the cartoon and listened to the Jackson 5 with my Dad, I listened to the later Jackson 5 and early MJ solo stuff on Majic 102 with my Mom, the Pepsi commercials, the Victory Tour (I wanted to go soooo bad!), etc. those were some good days! The picture below is the Michael I will always remember. To be honest, he's been gone for quite awhile.


Oh how I wanted to be an Angel! I remember being in 1st grade and playing "Charlies Angels" in recess. My friend, Stephanie, was blonde which meant she ALWAYS got to be Jill (Farrah). If I was lucky, I could at least be the Jaclyn Smith Angel, Kelly. Nobody ever wanted to be Sabrina, who was played by Kate Jackson. LOL! Yeah, I thought Farrah was beautiful. I wanted to be her when I was a kid and I especially loved her hair. :-) And who doesn't remember that picture of her in that red swimsuit? She went on to do some highly acclaimed dramatic acting, so she proved herself as a "real" actress. I admire her for the way she fought to survive cancer these past couple of years. She was a real fighter. May she rest in peace and finally be pain free.

Swimming with Sharks

Okay, not so much. I was actually swimming with children. Lots of them!

Our pool officially "closes" at 8 pm - meaning the lifeguards leave. Our neighborhood pool does allow residents to swim anytime they please, but in the "off" hours and everyone there is swimming at their own risk. So I head to the pool at 8 pm.

Holy crowds Batman!

The pool was full of people!

I swam a little, but decide to hang out a bit and see if people start leaving. A few do, but for the most part there are still a lot of kids there. I finally see an open space in the "lap lane" area (no ropes just the line at the bottom of the pool), so I go for it. I get in about 200 yards before kids overtake the area. Then, I spot another open area close to the wall. I head over there and hammer out 350 non-stop yards. Woohoo! I do have to dodge a couple of kids along the way, but I figure that's good practice for Sunday's tri. LOL. My goal is to do this 3 times, with a recovery in between. I rest for a couple of minutes and begin again. Two girls who were standing in the middle of the pool talking, decide they want to talk in the lane I am trying to swim in. Grrrrr....so, off I move to a different area. I get in about 200 yds non-stop and then have to stop so a kid can grab his beachball.

Next was the worst part. Since the lifeguards are gone for the day, a bunch of kids felt the need to climb up to the lifeguard chair and jump off of it into the pool. Since I am swimming, I have no idea this is happening. And, I just happen to be swimming in the lane closest to the lifeguard chair. All of a sudden I hear the sound of someone who has jumped into the pool. From the life guard chair. About 1 inch from me. That was it, I decided to call it a day. I understand that our neighborhood pool is a recreational pool. From now on I will stick to the Y. However, I do not understand why parents allow their kids to climb all over the lifeguard stand (which is pretty high up) and allow them to jump off. Our pool at it's deepest is only 4 feet 6 inches...

Oh well.

So that was it. My last swim before the tri on Sunday. Not really what I was hoping for, but live and learn.

Workout Stats
Swimming - around 800 yds? Lost count.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rest Day...

Totally unplanned, but it happens.

Yesterday there was a big after work party...our company has been named one of the "Best Places to Work" by a local business magazine. It's a pretty big deal! The awards ceremony took place last night, so by the time I picked up the kiddos from my parents, got them into bed and got everything ready for the next day (lunches, bottles, clothes, etc.) it was after 9:30 pm. I have been known to run on the treadmill at 9:30 pm when necessary, but that's usually because the hubby was at work. Well this week, the hubby happened to get home around the same time I was finishing up. Sooooo, no late night treadmill run!

No sweat, it's technically a "taper" week for me due to the MHSLT race this weekend. I'll get in good swim workout tonight, a short (easy) run on Friday and call Saturday a rest day and just take the kiddos for a walk. Can't wait til Sunday!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Thanks again to Richard, who felt compelled to begin the torture immediately after our warm-up yesterday in spin class. Yep, "15 minutes" of uphill at 80%+ was so much fun. I put the time in quotes, because he said 15 minutes, but what he really meant was "don't stop until I tell you to, even if it is more like 20 mintues." Torture!

Actually, I loved every minute.

I sweated my arse off, felt it in my quads and went back to work feeling like a bad ass.

Gotta love that!

No swim last night though...we used our free Astros tickets from the Race for the Pennant and took the whole family to the game. It was fun, even if we were only there for an hour. :-)

Workout Stats
Spin class, 50 minutes

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

One more workout...

So Monday night, the kids were actually in bed, I had made my lunch and gotten clothes ready for the next day....and it was only 8:30 pm! How'd that happen?

I wasn't in the mood for watching tv or just sitting around, and I'd already gotten in my scheduled run. So what'd I do?

P90X of course!

I miss my P90X workouts, but tri training (even for a sprint) doesn't leave much time for those hour long P90X workouts. I knew I wouldn't be swimming on Tuesday night, so why not get an arm workout in? I chose my favorite dvd of the P90X series - Shoulders and Arms. According to P90X trainer, Tony Horton, this workout works on the "glamour muscles" - the bis, tris and shoulders. Yes!

However, I had to stop after only 30 minutes. Just cuz the kids were in bed, didn't mean they were asleep!

Kiddo: Moommmmeeeeeee.....
Me: What kiddo?
Kiddo: I need to go potty!
Me: Okay, go ahead and potty! (wondering how old she will be when she no longer feels the need to inform me of this)
Kiddo: I need you to turn on the light! (she can reach, but doesn't like going into a dark bathroom)
Me: pause video, go turn on light, wait for her to finish so I can flush and turn off the light for her

I go back to my workout. Approx 3 minutes pass....

Kiddo: Mooommmmmeeeee.......
Me: Yes?
Kiddo: I heard a strange noise!
Me: It was probably just me, I am exercising. I'll try to keep it down.
Kiddo: Okay

Back to arms and shoulders. 1 minute passes...

Kiddo: Mooommmmmeeeee.......
Me: Yes?
Kiddo: Will you come lay down with me?

Yeah, it's then that I know my workout is over. Oh well, 30+ minutes of shoulders and arms is better than nothing I suppose!

Workout Stats
Running - OUTDOORS!, 7x2 minutes w/1 minute recovery, 10:39 pace
P90X - Shoulders and Arms, 30 minutes

Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday, Monday

Bad news - I had a dentist appointment yesterday morning.

Good news - It gave me time to get in a morning, OUTDOOR run before taking the kiddos to school! Yiiipppeee!

Since the tri is this weekend, I decided to go ahead and do my speedwork today rather than wait until Wednesday. It's been a couple of weeks since I've done speedwork of any kind, so I decided not to get too crazy.... I was going to do 6x2 min with 1 minute recovery, but felt pretty good after the 6 and added one more. The 1st thing I noticed was the cooler temps...then again, anything is better than the 90-degree evenings I've been running in. However, I also noticed the increase humidity! It's definitely less humid in the evenings. Oh well, you can't have it all!

I started with a nice, easy 10-minute warm-up, then did my intervals, followed by a 10-minute cool down. I focused on shortening my stride and taking quick steps. In fact, I was repeating the words "quick. short. steps." in my head over and over, although I didn't realize it until I was almost done, lol! My overall pace? 10:39.

Funny how my "speedwork" pace for 3 miles is slower than my 2-mile brick pace!

Why is it that when I hop off my bike and then run, I feel I must start at a 9-something pace? But when I just run, I can only start at a 10-something pace?


Sunday, June 21, 2009


I realized about a week ago that I hadn't had a brick workout since TriGirl! Yikes! I didn't get in my long run this week, but I could not let the week go by without a brick!

Since Sunday was Father's Day, I figured I better get the workout out of the way on Saturday. So I took off around 7:30 pm for a 12 mile ride and a 2 mile run. There was some headwind, but not too terrible. And there was a short stretch where I had a tailwind - that's always fun, because I could get my speed up to 23 mph. Too bad it was only for a minute or two though. Overall speed for 12.3 miles was 17.0 mph. I stayed at 16.9 mph for most of the ride, but was determined to get it to 17, so I gave it a final push at the end.

Next, I put the bike in the garage and took off on the run. I could definitely tell it had been awhile. My legs felt like bricks! But somehow I still managed to start out too fast. Overall speed for 2 miles - 10:27. Slower than my previous bricks, but it is warmer than it was back then.

Not a long workout, but overall it felt like a pretty good one. Guess it's the whole quality over quantity thing. I do want to get out for a longer ride soon! The Tour de Pink is coming up, so I'd like to see if I can do the 60-miler this year. The problem is getting the longer rides in. I'll have to figure something out!!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Friday Long Run

Didn't happen! I had more important things to do....like see my sweet girl perform in her 1st dance recital! The kiddo and her class did terrific. They were the youngest group to perform, so there were a lot of awwwwws during the performance. The kiddo really seemed to enjoying being on the stage, but her favorite part was getting the trophy at the end. She was also one of two students in her class presented with a perfect attendance award. When she came of the stage with her trophy, she said "Look Mommy, it's my first trophy!". So cute. What surprised me most was the munchkin's reaction to the show....from the moment the 1st dancers took the stage, he was squealing with delight, clapping his hands and swaying to the music. The hubby and I were cracking up the entire time! Hmmmmm, maybe he's going to be the dancer in the family..... :-)

Here are a few pics from the evening:
Before the show...being silly in the dressing room...

Hanging out with friends...
Me and my girl...
On stage...
He enjoyed the show, but passed out about 1/2 way into the 2nd half
Showing off her trophy and perfect attendance award...

Friday, June 19, 2009

I need structure!

I was just telling the hubby the other day that I really need structure in my workouts.

I kinda feel like I am just doing whatever, ya know? This is especially true with my swimming. Before TriGirl, I was just wanting to cover the distance in the swim any way I could. I wasn't concerned with time, because lets face it, I am a pretty sucky swimmer (but improving!). Now, I think I have improved and should maybe work on getting faster with what I've got. Does that make any sense at all?

Here's my current schedule:

Monday - progressive/tempo run (generally on dreadmill during lunch or after kids are asleep)
Tuesday - lunchtime spin class & evening swim
Wednesday - "mock speedwork" (again lunch or evenings on treadmill)
Thursday - lunchtime spin & evening swim
Friday - long run (evening)
Saturday - rest day (family time!)
Sunday - bike ride/brick (usually can't fit in more than an hour...ugh!)

Any suggestions for making the most of these workouts? How about some suggestions for the swim? And of course, this schedule is subject to change...life happens, kids/family always come first and of course work even gets in the way from time to time with those lunchtime spin classes...the last 2 weeks of workouts have been a pretty good example of this!

I'm not sure what to expect at next weekend's tri. I don't feel like I've been the workout Nazi that I was before TriGirl...probably because I was skeered of the OWS and the whole tri-thing in general. I will practice my transitions again next week, that's a given. It will be warmer, so that's always a factor in the run. And let's face it, we had almost perfect, wind-free conditions on the TriGirl ride which was awesome! I can only hope next weekend goes as well. I do feel stronger on the swim, but I'm not too sure about the run and bike....

I found it!

My mojo that is!

Sorry Jamoosh - now that I got it back, it's staying here! Besides, you seem to have some good mojo going without needing mine. :-)

Yesterday after work, I took the kiddo to her swim class only to discover it had been cancelled. Umm yeah, thanks for the phone call. Even worse, they tend to schedule the make-up classes during the day in the middle of the week. So, I let her splash around for awhile before heading home.

The in-laws came into town for the kiddo's dance recital, so we ate dinner and visited for a little while before I headed out for my run. It never fails....when my in-laws come into town, I always have a workout scheduled and it's always one I don't wanna miss. I know they think I am an obsessed work-out-aholic who never sees her kids. Well, the 1st part is true...not so much for the 2nd part. Of course, it would help if I KNEW when the in-laws were coming. I thought they were going to be at my sister-in-law's house on Thursday, our house on Friday. I guess not - SURPRISE!

My run was a 3-miler in the 'hood. It was hot (91), but overall not too awful. As usual, I started out too fast (for me) and then was feeling the heat at the end. My overall pace - 11:01. I did see 3 rabbits along the way, so I felt at one with nature, lol!

Next was the swim...I was going to run in my tri top and tri shorts and then just jog over to the pool after my run. I decided against that since I had nowhere to put my swim cap and goggles during my run. So, after my run I changed my sweaty self into a swimsuit and headed over to the pool.

There were still a few families there when I 1st arrived, but after a few laps I noticed people had begun to leave. (Maybe I scared them away???) That left just me, a couple of teenagers who were all lovey-dovey in the corner and a dad teaching his son how to swim. After a 100 yd warm up, I did my 300m just to see how well I could do the distance non-stop (since that's the distance of my next tri swim). Then, I did some drills, more laps and even more laps. It's exciting to me when I realize that I am doing a lot more laps in my 30 minutes than before. Yes, I am taking rest breaks between 50s and 100s, but it's getting easier. Yes, I am using the sidestroke as my "backup" stroke, but not as much as before. I am not panting at the wall after every 50 and only rarely do I get a mouth full of water...progress! It may be occurring in tiny baby steps, but it's progress! One thing I did notice was that I got a lot of foot cramps for some reason. Maybe because I ran before? I dunno, but that sorta sucked!

Workout Stats
3-mile run, 11:01 pace (outdoors)
1,200 yard swim

Thursday, June 18, 2009

That kinda week...

I dunno what the frick my problem is, but my mojo is missing this week.

If you find it will you return it to it's owner please?

Monday I rested. I probably didn't need to, because my 5-miler on Sunday was so full of slackage that I didn't really need a rest. The parking lot at the Y near my work has been such a fiasco due to the construction going on, I opted to eat lunch at my desk rather than go run on the dreadmill....well that, and I gotta work a little extra to get outta here early on Friday for the kiddo's 1st real dance recital. :-)

Tuesday, I did spin class and as always it kicked my arse. But, I opted to skip my evening swim in order to have tex-mex and 'ritas with the neighborhood mom's group. Muy bueno!

Yesterday, I had a working lunch. No biggie, it's all good. But, I have sooooo gotten out of the habit of getting in a late night (read: after the kids are in bed) treadmill run, that I just couldn't bring myself to do it. The munchkin was asleep my 7:15. Next, the kiddo was in bed and I was in my workout clothes by 8:30 pm.

No problem, I could get in 3-miles and still have some "me" time before bed.

But, I wanted to make sure she was asleep first. You see, she's a sneaky one. She wants to get up multiple times and come see what you're doing if she knows you're awake. On Monday, I was watching TV upstairs and she must have come in the room 10 times. I don't think she was asleep until almost 10 pm, which might be why she had a mini-meltdown when I took her to school the next morning.

So anyway, today I will have to pay the price of being lazy and do a brick! Sort of...I am going to run my 3-mile loop around the 'hood despite this frickin' heat and hope that all the kids are out of the pool by the time I'm done, so I can get in a good swim.

Workout Stats
Spin class, 1 hour

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Spin Class

I just wanna give Richard a HUGE thank you for those lovely 1:00 minute speed intervals today at spin class. There were many of them. And while I'm at it, thank you for all those intervals at 90% tension. By the end of class I was a jello-y, quivering quads, sweaty heap! I don't think I've ever sweat that much in spin class...maybe not ever. I'm sure my co-workers thank you too, as I was still sweating after I showered off and put the work clothes back on. Yuck.

Why do I keep going back for more?

I wanna be faster. tougher. stronger. That's why!

I love this stuff. :-)

The latest of the kiddos...

So here are some pictures from the munchkin's 1st b-day photo shoot. He was not too happy to be there, so we ended up having more pics of big sis than of the munchkin!

Nooooo, I don't wanna take pictures!!!

Okay, we'll take of few of the kiddo while Mommy gets the baby all calmed down...

Finally, a smile!!!

Hmmmm, still not too sure about this...
Okay, this isn't so bad...
Wow, this is even more fun when I get to climb on my sister...
Big hug from big sis...I think he likes it :-)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Could it be any hotter???

Wait. Don't answer that. I know the answer and unfortunately, I don't like it.

Year after year I ponder why we didn't move out of state after college. Someplace with a more appealing climate? Of course, it couldn't have a freezing-cold, snowy winter either. Yeah, that doesn't leave too many options now does it? California? Yeah, we couldn't afford a house there....'cept maybe in the hood or something. Okay, so we chose to stay here mainly because the hubby had a job offer and our family is here. (Yeah, we're pansies who have to be near family.) But still. It's effin' hot and I can't take it!

I don't mean to be a wuss, but dammit when you go for a run at 8:00 pm and it's still in the 90's....well, it just plain sucks. And my run sucked.

It didn't help that I hadn't run all week. Monday I was just being, well, lazy. Wednesday, I was recovering from dental hell. The rest of the week was consumed with family fun, so Sunday it was...I was planning for 5 and it's a good thing! Last week, I did 7 and I felt like I could keep going. This week, I was ready to end the agony after about 5 minutes.

First, was the Garmin. Once again, it wasn't cooperating. WTH??? Looks like I'll be sending it in! Second, I had a side stitch for the entire 1st mile. I'd try to go faster to run through it, then I'd try to go slower. I tried to change my breathing. I finally said f*ck it, and walked. Yes, that 1st glorious mile took me a tad bit over 12 minutes, lol. The 2nd mile went great, but by the 3rd mile I realized that the breeze had stopped and it was frickin' HOT. I stopped at our driveway for water, then kept going...bitching and moaning in my head the entire time. During the final mile, the left IT decided it was going to speak up. This was by far, my worst run in a really long time! Pure suckage!

Oh, and did I mention the chafing? Holy jeesus, could there be anything else?

So, this week I will not skip any runs...and I will pray that it's in the 80's when I do my next long run, although I think may be wishful thinking. Not sure when I'm going to fit in that run either, since the kiddo has her 1st dance recital on Friday night. Maybe Saturday? I hate the thought of another Sunday night long run, but ya gotta do....

I realized yesterday that there are only 2 weeks till the next tri. Yikes! I haven't done a brick since the last tri, I think! And, thanks to the logistics of getting into a pool when there are actually lap swim times, swimming is another challenge...yeah, summer sucks, but it's time to get my arse in gear.

Deal with it already!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Swimming in a cesspool...

Yesterday, the kiddo had her swim lesson at our neighborhood pool. I am not certain that she is the right level, because she is the only one in her class of 4 kids who refuses to put her face in the water and blow nose bubbles. I'll try to work with her on it, but it seems like she's a chip off the ol' block because I also hated this when I was her age. Hence the not really learning to swim until I was 37 years old. Yeah, I don't want that for her so I hope she comes around.

After getting the kiddo back home and fed, I headed back to the pool for laps. I was amazed at how many families were arriving at the pool between 7:15 and 7:45 pm! I guess these kids don't have the same 8pm bedtime as my kiddo (heck, the baby goes to bed between 6:30 and 7 pm!). I guess we're the mean parents. :-) What I was even more amazed at was how dirty the pool really was! I thought the pool at the Shadow Bend Y was nasty....it has nothing on our pool! There were leaves everywhere, mildew/mold on the wall and huge effin' hairballs floating around. Disgusting!!! Seriously, I sent an e-mail to the HOA - I mean what does that huge amount of money we pay to them each year go to anyway???

I did meet a neighbor there who is just starting to swim and we did manage to get in about 35-40 minutes of laps....with a little talking mixed in. I guess I should just be happy I got in a swim, but jeeze!

Oh and can I just give some props to my vicodin? It truly is an amazing and wonderful drug! :-)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I promised...

I said I'd post pics from Saturday's Astros game and here they are...
Here's the whole family at the baby's 1st Astros game...

The hubby and the munchkin...male bonding :-)

The juice box - pre game
The kiddo cheering for the home team...too bad we lost! She's a diehard fan though - she didn't want to leave!

The munchkin - taking it all in. He cheered everytime the crowd cheered..it was supah cute! :-)

Waiting for the game to start...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Recap of the week

Monday, 6/8 - no workout
This week hasn't been a very active one for me. For whatever reason, I did not feel like going to the Y for my Monday lunchtime dreadmill run. The plan was to hop on the dreadmill at home that evening, but that didn't work out either because the kiddo had other plans for me. :-)

Tuesday, 6/9 - Spin Class (50 minutes) & Swimming (35 minutes)
Tuesday, I did do my regular spin and swim. Good stuff! However, you can definitely tell that summer is here. When I went to shower and change clothes after the spin class, there were about twenty 4/5 year old girls in the dressing room changing out of their swimsuits. Yeah, it's one thing to get dressed in front of your own 4-year old, but 20? I was in too much of a hurry to get back to class to really care, so I hurried along my merry way.

Then, when I went to the pool it was a madhouse! There was one lane open for lap swimming, the rest were taken over by swim classes and there were kids and families everywhere! To top it off, it takes me 1 hour and 15 minutes to get all the way to the Y. Then I find out after 35 minutes of swimming that the Y pool closes at 7 pm now! Makes no freakin' since to me, since we could swim until 8 pm when it was still cold outside, but now that it's summer and there are pool-friendly temps the pool closes earlier? Genius!

Oh well, the kiddo now has swim classes every Tuesday and Thursday starting tomorrow so I won't be going to the Y for the next few weeks anyway...I'm hoping that I can use the neighborhood pool later that night. That is, if the gate isn't locked or something. :-)

Today...no workout
This wasn't a planned rest day, but I have been having a toothache all week and turns out I needed a root canal from several years ago re-done. Yuck. I wanted to run on the treadmill during my lunch break, but we were celebrating a co-worker's birthday during lunch. The whole dental procedure went well (minus the $1100 I had to spend...aaccck!), but a friend told me to be careful about running afterwards. Apparently getting the heart rate up and all that blood pumping can make the tooth throb. Not wanting to miss a workout (especially intervals!), I confirmed this with my dental office and sure enough.... (not that I didn't trust my friend, I just wanted to see if it was the norm). So, no intense exercise for 24 hours = no spin class tomorrow either. I will still swim laps tomorrow if I can!!!

That's enough rambling for the day! Happy hump day!

Monday, June 08, 2009

Not so long ride...

Workout Stats - "Long" bike ride - 12.7 miles, 45 minutes, 16.9 pace

I wanted to get in at least an hour on the bike. Actually, I wanted to get in about 30 miles on the bike (closer to 2 hours for me), but anything more than a hour midday when the hubby and kiddos are at home just seems nearly impossible.

But, there was also this little play date thing I had planned at the pool with the kids. So, the hour turned into more like 45 minutes. I managed to squeeze 12.7 miles into that 45 minutes. I was trying to get my average pace up to 17 mph...I was able to get up to 21.6 mph when the wind was just right and spent a lot of time in the 17-18 mph range, but only managed about a 15+ mph pace when I was going into the wind so I never quite got there. Instead, my overall pace was 16.9. I even threw in some interval training just for fun....:-)

Afterwards, the hubby and I gathered up the kids and headed to the pool. We met another friend and her kids there and had a great time splashing around. Good times!!!

Saturday, June 06, 2009


Saturday we had the kiddo's dance recital pictures...the "loose curls" lasted through the whole photo shoot, but were pretty much gone by the time we got home. Gotta keep working on that. :-)

No workouts today. Instead, after the hubby made it home from work we headed to the Astros game. Huge thanks to my employer for the free tix! This was the munchkin's 1st time at a baseball game, so of course we have pictures to commemorate the event. I'll try to post them soon.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Long Run w/the moon(s)

Workout Stats - 7 miles, 1:19:41, 11:23 pace

I am really liking getting my "long" runs out of the way on Friday evening. For one, the humidity hasn't been too bad like it can be in the early morning hours. Yes, it's hot, but it's been bearable these past few weeks.

For whatever reason, my Garmin decided to die on me on Friday...I mean really DIE! I took it off the charger (the screen said "battery charging complete" or something like that). I grabbed my handheld fuelbelt bottle and headed outside. When I tried to turn on the Garmin so it could begin locating the satellites, it did nothing. I pressed the power button again and nothing. I did this about 10 more times, because I didn't believe it wasn't working. So, I went inside and searched for my old watch. I continued with my 9:1 intervals, but to be honest I didn't feel like I was needed them until the end. Overall, it was a great run! I felt good the entire time, even though I had eaten dinner an hour earlier. I also tried some new stuff - Luna Moons in watermelon flavor.

I don't know if they are responsible for my good run or what, but I may try them again next week to see what happens. I liked that unlike the Shot Bloks, they don't stick to my teeth. My pace was a bit slower than I'd like, but overall I am pleased with this run. And, in addition to my Luna Moons experimentation, I also got to see a great sunset and run in the light of an almost full moon...good stuff!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Spin and Swim...but without the swim

Workout Stats - 50 minutes, spin class

I hit up the spin class again. Fun, fun! As usual, I sweated my arse off. Today the instructor mixed things up a bit - several intervals going as fast as possible and one "race" against someone on the other "team". He also mixed in some time with lots of tension...ouch!

I opted to not swim after work so I could buy hot rollers for the kiddo's upcoming dance recital pictures (and besides, dh had a fly fishing meeting thing he wanted to attend). So, the kiddo's dance school wants the front to be pulled back with "soft curls" in the back. Yeah, wish me luck with that. We practiced with the hot rollers that night and the curls turned out great...but the kiddo's hair is so fine that they fell within about 15 minutes. We'll try again tomorrow, but with lots of hairspray! :-)

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

National Running Day!

It was National Running Day! It was a crazy, busy day at work but at the same time I really wanted to get in a run. So I compromised and snuck over to the Y for a quickie 2-miler on the treadmill. Not sure if it was even worth the effort, but it was good stress relief and felt good to get the legs moving. Also, it's week 6 of "Operation Get Faster"...I opted to run for time with my intervals - 6x2:00, with a 1 minute rest and worked on foot turnover. By the way, if you are interested in some speed work, Jamoosh has a great blog post about the subject here.

Our neighborhood has actually started a running group, so I am toying with the idea of see what that's all about. If nothing else, I can meet some other runners in the 'hood.

More spin and swim

Same workouts, different Tuesday.

Spin Class, 1 hour
Had a kick butt time in spin class. I love spin class, because I have been seeing results on the bike. I give it my all here and love it!

Swim, 45 minutes
Looks like I’ll be driving to the nether regions of The Woodlands again, as the Y near my office has changed it’s lap lane hours. The lap lanes are now closed between 5 and 7 pm. Bummer! Damn summer swim lesson! So, once again I am wasting a ½ hour getting to the pool in BFE. Oh well, you gotta do what you gotta do, right?

The swim went okay. I was sharing a lane with a super fast guy who continuously lapped me. Yeah, that was fun. The breathing is getting better on the freestyle, but I still have to slaps some sidestroke in there to finish the distance. I’ve noticed in my 40-45 minutes of swimming, I am doing several more laps than I used to - equating to about 300 more meters than usual. I’m wondering if I should incorporate more drills into my swim workouts, or just keep working on finishing the distance comfortably???

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Dreadmill Run

Monday, 6/2 – Treadmill Run, 30 minutes, 10:48 pace

Nothing exciting to report here…did a progressive little run. Not really feeling like a run and in a really crappy mood...something about coming back to work after a week off I guess.

I started out slow with a warm up and gradually increased the pace. I was pretty surprised to see about 30 kiddos in the dressing room…they were part of a day camp and were there to use the pool. It’s one thing to have your own 2 kiddos watch you get dressed, but 30? Not so much. Ugh, it’s summer time!

Monday, June 01, 2009

Astros Race for the Pennant Race Report

Holy hills batman! I haven’t run this race since 2007 and wow the has route changed! Straight down Elysian and back – two hills up each way and one downhill.

How’d my race go?

Same story, different race. As always, I started out waaayyyy too fast and then lost steam at the end. My goal was to just maintain a 10 minute mile pace. It wouldn’t get me a PR, but it would be a pretty good pace for where I’m at right now. Plus, my quads were sore from my sprint out of the woods the day before (hehehehe).

About ½ way through the 1st mile, I looked down at my watch and saw that I was going at a 9:28 pace. Yeah for me, even in a 5k, that is much too fast. By the end of the 1st mile, I was at a 9:50 pace. I know I tend to maintain this kinda pace in a brick workout (for whatever reason), but just running…I dunno. I managed to maintain that pace for quite a bit of the 2nd mile too, but I walked at each water stop and it was beginning to get warm. At the end of mile 2, I was right around a 9:58 pace. The final hill is what did me in…I walked again. Grrrr! My final time was 31:10:02, a 10:03 pace. Dammit!

My parents had been entertaining both of the kids while I did my thing. They had never been in Minute Maid Park, so they seemed to be enjoying themselves. I grabbed a banana and some oranges…3 miles just didn’t seem to be enough to justify kolaches and PF Changs. :-) Next was the Kid’s K. We made the walk all the way around the stadium for the kiddos’ race and she was soooo stinkin’ excited. Well, until she saw Junction Jack – she was afraid of him! Even the munchkin freaked out when Junction Jack turned toward him…that had everyone around us cracking up.

Finally, it was time to race! The kiddo gave it her all. She got a little tired right before the turnaround. I asked her if she needed to walk for a second, so she did. But, before I knew it, she was going again. She did this one other time, but then ran as fast as she could until she was finished. She is proud of her medal and enjoyed her post-race popcorn and M&Ms.

Between the race and going to the pool in the afternoon, the kiddo was beat. She was asleep within 5 minutes of being tucked into bed. Hmmmm, maybe we should do this every weekend?