Saturday, January 31, 2009

"Long" Hilly Run Mishap

Workout Stats: Saturday, 1/31 – Long Run, 8 miles

The plan was 8 miles, but I didn’t quite make it. I parked at a shopping center in The Woodlands, so I could run to what’s known as the hilliest street in The Woodlands and get in some good hills to help prepare for the upcoming Zooma ½ in Bastrop. I was looking for a large intersection to get to this hilly street…what I didn’t know is that from where I was at, the hilly street didn’t have a large intersection. So, I ran and ran on the greenbelt until I was in between people’s backyards! Hmmmm, this didn’t look right…but since I still don’t know The Woodlands very well, I just kept going. I had to really be aware of the different landmarks, so I could be sure I’d find my way back. After awhile, I realized that I had made a loop…so I did the loop one more time before heading back to my car.

I debated about what to do…I had only run about 4 ½ miles and no hills! I certainly wasn't ready to head home. So, I decided I would find the hilly street, dammit! I hopped in my car and headed in the direction that I had run….imagine my surprise (and embarrassment) when I realized that I had actually crossed said hilly street, not once but twice. That’s a “DOH!” moment if I ever heard of one. So, I found a place to park and hit the hills. I was running out of time, so I just did 1 ½ miles out and back for a total of 3 miles of hills…or a total of 7 ½ miles.

At least now I know where the hills are and I know where to park! What I did find odd was when I ran the non-hilly section, my pace was 11:38. On the hills, my pace was 11:07! How'd that happen???

Friday, January 30, 2009

"Long" Ride

Workout Stats: Bike Ride, 14 miles, 14 mph

I headed out for my ride after work. The weather was perfect and there were no flat tires this time! I felt like I was keeping a pretty decent pace…I still haven’t bought a computer for my bike, so I was using my Garmin. My overall pace was 14 mph, but that included stops at 3 traffic lights and a stop to tighten my water bottle cage (because the rattling was driving me crazy!). Toward the end of my ride, I noticed that my lower back was a bit sore. I thought that was odd, since this would be the 4th time I’ve ridden the bike 10+ miles at a time and I’ve never had that problem before. When I finally finished, my legs felt like jello….jeeze, I’m supposed to run after that??? LOL!

It's Official...

I've known which tri would be my 1st for awhile now, but I didn't register until yesterday.

At first, I thought my 1st tri would be CB&I. It was perfect - it was practically in my backyard (The Woodlands) and 4 of my Woodland's Fit friends were also going to train for it (and it would be the first tri for 3 of the 4!). Plus, we joined a team for training and advice - this would be Team iTri, headed by a local, experienced triathlete. But, when I went to register for CB&I it hit me like a TON of bricks....CB&I is on the munchkin's 1st birthday!

Now, I know what you're thinking...the baby has no clue that it's his first birthday. But, he has two sets of grandparents who do. Much like the kiddo's 1st birthday, we'll have a house full of family there, kiddos running everywhere, tons of hoopla to commemorate the event and the munchkin will have no clue what's going on. But that's our family, it's just what we do (rolling eyes).

So, my 1st tri will be....


May 10

200 yd swim, 8 mile bike, 2 mile run

Honestly, I do feel better knowing that with my limited schedule, I will only have to pull off a 200 yd swim (CB&I was 500m). The bike and run are shorter, so that will be easy peasy (with some brick workouts of course).

So there you have it - my 1st tri! If I find that I actually enjoy this tri-thing, I do plan to register for a couple more (including ones with a 500m swim).

My heroes have always been 6 year olds...

Not really. :-) But, I found out that the kids swimming 2 lanes down from me are actually 10-year olds, not 6-year olds. Either way, they swim pretty darn good...then again, compared to me almost anyone does!

I headed to the pool after work. I was prepared to swim for about 30-35 minutes, then change into running clothes for an easy 20-minutes on the treadmill.

Yeah. Right.

I did my 1st 200 yards pretty quickly...I only stopped to cough and sputter once, I only rested for about 30 seconds between lengths, etc. I did pick my head up out of the water more than I'd like to admit, but managed to get back into the swing of things. Then I got tired. I started getting a cramp in my foot, I had to stop to cough and sputter a couple more times, blah, blah....I did a couple more laps, but this time I tried to relax, stay focused on breathing, and just took it slow. Much better! Sometimes I let my mind wonder which means I forget to think about what I'm supposed to be doing and I start to go into total spaz mode. I'm assuming that the more I practice, the less I'll have to think about it. (At least I hope so!)

After another 300 yds or so, the older man in the lane next to me commented about his shoulder pain messing up his stroke. I told him he looked like he was doing okay, bum shoulder and all. After we exchanged "why I started swimming" stories (he was a runner, but had bad knees), he gave me a few pointers - let your body float, relax, breathe, the "roll" and he gave me some tips on my stroke. He left the pool soon after, so I tried to put a few of the pointers into practice - between my long chat break and the pointers, I seemed to do much better and swam another 100 yds before calling it a day. When I made it back to the locker room, I was beat and decided the run would have to wait. I swam longer than I intended and well, this swimming stuff is tiring (especially when you don't know what you're doing!).

Workout Stats - Thursday, 1/29/09
Swim, YMCA, 24 slow laps = 600 yards

*** Edited to add - It's so funny when I think 600 yards is such a loooonnnnnggggg swim, then I read Viv's blog and see her 1500 yds...holy cow, I can't imagine that distance right now, LOL! And to follow it with the bike!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"Speed Work"

I haven't done speed work since before the baby. Well, since I was preggo with the baby. I haven't consistently done speedwork...well, since before I started grad school. That would be over 2 years! And yes, I know you can't do "real" speedwork on the treadmill...hey, I gotta work with what I've got, okay???

Since it's been soooo long, I decided to start from the beginning. I went and looked at my old Houston Fit schedules....way back to the 1st week of speed training. The schedule called for 8 x 30/30. I did a 10-minute warm-up, 10x30/30 (added 2 more for good measure) and finished with a 10-minute cool-down. Then, I ran a little longer just to finish up an even 2-miles. It's a start I guess!

Workout Stats
Wednesday, 1/28 - 21:15, 2 miles, 10:37 pace

Attempts at Swimming

Naturally, since I am training for a triathlon, I do need to spend some time in the pool (yes, I am afraid to put it in print). Especially since swimming is my weakest's my nemesis, lol. So, I headed over to the Y for some laps. I was pleased that I made some progress last week, so I had high expectations for the day.

First thing I noticed when I arrived at the Y was that it was cool outside. Seriously, the temp dropped about 15-20 degrees on my commute from Houston to The Woodlands! I hurried up and changed clothes...when I made it to the pool, I was happy and surprised to see two lanes open and only one person swimming! Yahoo! My first attempt going down the lane wasn't great, but not so bad either. It took me a couple of laps to remember what worked for me last week. My goal was to swim 500m doing what I'm supposed to do - swim with my head in the water, breathe and try not inhale water causing me to stop mid-lane, sputter, cough, etc. I met my goal...well, almost....I swam 22 laps (550 yds, or 502.92m) and only stopped mid-lane twice to cough and sputter. There were also a few times when I picked my head up for a couple of strokes (a habit I need to break), but I made myself put my head back in the water and keep going. And yes, I'll admit that I did have to rest at each end of the pool...that will get easier, right???

The funniest part of the night was when I noticed an older guy next to me swimming effortlessly back and forth. About 15 minutes after I arrived, he got out of the pool and next thing I know, he's walking pushing a freakin' walker! LOL...not only do the 6 year olds two lanes down swim better than me, there's an old geezer (no disrespect) swimming circles around me too! Fellow TRI wannabe, Katie, had told me about him, it was just funny to witness it firsthand.
Take note: I promptly called FINS this morning about some lessons!
Workout Stats
Tuesday, 1/27 - Swim, 550 yds

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Here are my workouts for the past couple of days...

Monday, 1/26 - Cycling, indoors, 30 minutes
Last night the kiddo was just not cooperating with bedtime. She wanted to look at a book until she felt tired. Okay no problem. I went downstairs, got my stuff ready for the next day, changed into my workout clothes, got the bike set up on the trainer and started pedaling.

5 minutes later...."MOMMY!!!" The kiddo wasn't tired and wanted to play her video games (V-Smile hand held thingy). Okay, no problem. I got her games and went back downstairs.

10 minutes later..."MOMMY!!!" Now, she just wants to tell me that she's not tired and doesn't want to go to bed. I try to explain that she can look at her books, play the V-Smile, play with her babies, or lay there until she's tire...but, she cannot get out of bed! I *think* we've come to an understanding, so I head back downstairs.

5 minutes later...I hear crying on the monitor. I head upstairs to see what's wrong. She wants to watch a movie...she's been earning quarters for every night she doesn't wake up in the middle of the night...she's up to 5 quarters and at the end of each week she gets to spend her quarters at the Dollar Tree. She tells me that she really, really wants to watch a movie. I tell her that if she watches a movie, she'll lose 2 of her quarters. She's fine with that. The hubby arrives home from Hapkido and heads for the shower.

5 minutes later...I hear crying on the monitor again. Ugh, I head back upstairs to find out what's wrong. Somehow I proceed to hurt her feelings (her words, lol). So, I spend a few minutes trying to console her when the baby starts crying! Luckily, the hubby was out of the shower and was kind enough to take over and I'm finally able to finish my ride.

So, 1 hour to complete a 30 minute ride! It's just one of those days!

Sunday, 1/25 - Run, 6 miles in the neighborhood, 11:13 pace
This is my 1st weekend with a long run since the hubby started his new work schedule. I can't decide whether I want to run on Saturdays or Sundays...since I will be running at 3 pm, I guess it will just depend on what's on the agenda for the weekend. I am hoping that my Mom will agree to watch the kiddos every few weeks, so I can get in an occasional Saturday morning long run with the peeps from Woodlands Fit.

So, a long run alone, in the middle of the day wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. But, then again, it was only 6 miles. I am definitely going to have to do the 10 and 12 milers with a group! I ran the 2-mile neighborhood loop once, then I ran the gravel trail in the middle of the 'hood and back, then another 2-mile loop. The total mileage was 6.04...just right! There were a couple of other runners out and lots of moms with strollers. Maybe next time, I'll finally venture out into the wooded trails in the neighborhood. I've heard they could be pretty fun!

Saturday, 1/24 - Rest day

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Houston 1/2 Marathon Race Report

This race report is long overdue! Better late than never, right?

Saturday - The Expo

I met the Woodlands Fit gals at the "Y" Saturday morning and we rode together to the Expo. After the chaos that we encountered at the San Antonio Rock & Roll Expo, I had a renewed appreciation for the ultra-organized Houston expo. We had fun looking at all the booths and I even made a few purchases:

A hand-held fuel belt bottle

A subscription to Women's Running magazine (yes, I wanted the free t-shirt)

A Spibelt (see below)

After the expo, we headed over to The Grove at Discovery Green. Little did I know, my runner friends had a birthday surprise for me! First, there was the card...super cute, but it was also filled with lottery scratch offs and Starbucks gift cards! (By the way, I won $8 from those!) Next was a gift bag filled with birthday goodies - a "Happy Birthday" tiara, a "Birthday Princess" ribbon, a crown pin that said "Birthday Princess" and a hot pink feather boa! Fun, huh?

Sunday - RACE DAY

We met up at the Y again at an ungodly hour in order to get to the GRB in plenty of time (for a brief minute, I wished I was still living in town!). Once we arrived, I ate the 2nd half of my PB&J, grabbed some water, hit the porta-cans and checked my bag. I put on all my birthday garb and was ready to go! Here are the Woodlands Fit peeps in our super-cool matching shirts:

We waited until about 10 minutes before gun time to head out to our corrals. It was cool outside, but I knew that would change once we got going. We could barely hear the anthem and then, Bang!, the gun...and of course, we stood around until it was our turn. :-) Here I am with all the birthday girl gear on. If you know me, I am not one to draw attention to myself. I was definitely feeling a bit out of place at first, but it worked to my advantage later!

Finally, we were off! Sort of - it was so crowded that we couldn't really keep our goal pace for the first couple of miles and we decided to scrap the 5/1s until the crowds thinned a little. As always, it was cool seeing the sea of people as we went over the bridges on Elysian. Honestly, the morning was somewhat of a big blur! Somewhere within the first 1/2 mile, I ditched the boa and I handed it off to a little girl on Quitman a little later.

The funniest part of the race occurred somewhere on White Oak before the 4 mile marker. A guy ran up next to me and wished me a happy birthday. Then, he started singing the "Happy Birthday" song...but suddenly stopped to ask me my name. The next thing I knew, he had the entire crowd around us singing happy birthday to me! It was hilarious! That sort of set the tone for the rest of the race, as people were either yelling out "Happy Birthday Christy!", "Go Christy!" or "Go Princess!" the entire time we were running. One little girl looked at her Mom and said, "Look, a princess!". It was actually pretty fun!

In previous years, I remember the thick crowds of people for the 1st couple of miles, but I don't remember it being so crowded until the turnaround. Like I said, it's a blur. It seemed like we were passing the mile markers pretty quickly. Each time we made it to one, we'd comment, "Wow, we're already at mile 5!", then mile 6, mile get the idea. Along the way I came to the following realizations:

  1. Running with a group is SO much better than running alone! Thanks to Katie and Kelly who I ran with for almost the entire race!

  2. It was not smart to wear my Nike capri running pants on such a warm day...I went against my better judgement here. (But, I decided not to think about it too much while I was running - yeah, it's friggin hot - there's no point dwelling on it, right?)

  3. It was super smart to ditch the 4-bottle fuel belt and go with my cool new hand-held bottle! I love it!

  4. Also super smart to buy the Spibelt! The little pocket was perfect for anything I needed to bring with me and it held my race bib just fine!

  5. My hip-flexors were feeling very tight...again, didn't dwell on it!

  6. I think I was talking Kelly and Katie's ears off, pointing out some local landmarks like my former school, my favorite restaurants, etc.

  7. It was friggin' hot!

  8. Viv and Margo rock! More cowbell baby!

  9. I highly recommend running any race in a tiara!

While I didn't make my goal time of 2:30 (I missed it by 1:31 and some change), I really feel like I did the best I possibly could. As I was thinking back over the entire course and how I was feeling and the pace I was running, I don't think I could or would have changed anything. As I entered downtown, I had this moment...I looked up at the gorgeous blue sky between the skyscrapers and everything just felt, well, right. Like I was exactly where I needed to be, at exactly the right time, doing what I love to do and it felt great.

So that was my day! Well that and my live interview with Bob Slovak on ABC 13, lol. And, I have to say the Houston crowds rock, the post race accommodations rock, and thanks to the Girl Scouts for the cookies! I swear to God, they were the best cookies I ever tasted! The 2009 Houston 1/2 was absolutely the best race I have ever run - I have my Woodlands Fit friends to thank for that. :-) Cheers!


Okay, can someone remind me how I get a little more space between my posts and sidebar? My html is super rusty and my blog looks really squished!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Flats and Falls

My bike has officially been christened...and I guess I have been too. I headed out from work a bit early to ride the bike. I didn't get out of the office as early as I had hoped, but it was still early enough for me to get in about 15 miles before dark if I watched my pace. I was alone, which unusual, but my Friday riding buddy wasn't available.

I made the 1st out and back in no time was windy on the way back, but I was soooo loving the bike. Then, I headed out on the longer out and back section and realized that there's something odd going on with my front was freaking deflating!


I stopped my bike and put my right foot down. I was so busy looking down at my tire, that I didn't even realize that I hadn't taken my left foot out of the cage on my pedal. You can guess what happened next. Yeah, that's right...I freaking leaned to the left for whatever reason. Crash! The next thing I knew, I was lying on the bike path. I quickly hopped up and looked around - whew, no one saw me. It might be awhile before I get clipless pedals and shoes. ;-)

I suddenly realized that the hubby still hasn't given me that tire-changing lesson he's been promising and I've only watched him change the tube once - 13 years ago! I had all the tools I needed to change or even patch the tube, so I called the hubby. Maybe he could talk me through it. Before I even finished explaining what happened, I realized that I Cycle is right across the street. Hallelujah! I walked my bike over to the store and sure enough, the guys there are more than happy to help (for a small fee of course!). Within about 10 minutes, I was back on the road. I had my ID with me, but no money so I promised to come back after my ride. I watched the guy at the store change the tube very closely, so hopefully I'll be able perform this task on my own if I need to...hopefully, that won't happen (fingers crossed).

That was my was a crazy day from start to finish now that I think about it.

Friday, 1/23 - Cycling, 1 hour (including walk to bike shop & 10 minute tire changing break), 10 miles

Friday, January 23, 2009

Waiting to Exhale

I finally got brave enough to join the "Y" yesterday and use their indoor pool. Thankfully, fellow Trigirls Katie and Kelly met me there, so I wouldn't feel all weird and awkward my first time - yeah, I've never shared a lane with someone before, so that alone seemed strange to me. (Thanks gals!) I was excited all day about getting back in the pool, especially since I haven't been in the water since June. But on the drive to the Y, I was wondering what the hell I was thinking - me do a tri? A non-swimmer???

Fortunately, once I saw Kelly and hopped into the pool, I was feeling better. And thanks to Kelly's tips, I actually improved in the 45 minutes I was there!

Last summer, I realized that my whole problem stems from putting my face in the water and remembering to breathe. It's not that I'm afraid of putting my face in the water...I just forget to exhale! The whole experience is horrible:

I forget to breathe out, so when I try to take a breath I try to exhale and inhale in the split second that I "roll" for a breathe (which is not really rolling, but me putting my head up to gasp for air). This usually results in me getting air, but getting even more water. And that results in my stopping mid-lap to sputter, gasp, cough and generally look stupid next to the lane with the 6 year olds swimming effortlessly back and forth. Yep, I can get my 6-8 glasses of water a day during my swim...does chlorinated count?

So yesterday, I didn't worry about form or stroke or anything else....I just worried about exhaling. And you know what? By the end of my time in the pool, I was actually making it from one end of the pool to the other without stopping! And, I wasn't gasping for breath when I made it to the wall! Okay, so I was a little winded, but nothing like before. I actually feel like I may be able to do this tri-thing with some consistent practice and a few lessons, of course. For someone who can swim well, making it from one end of the pool to another seems like nothing...for me it's huge! :-) Now, if I can just make it back to the other side without having to rest for a minute, lol!

Workout Stats

Thursday, 1/22 - Swim, ~40 minutes

Wednesday, 1/21 - Bike, trainer, 30 minutes

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Biggest. Poop. Ever.

***Warning - this is a non-running, non-workout post***


For the readers who haven't had kiddos of their own yet (Cassie, Katie, Sarah), but might be planning to soon...this might make you not want any kiddos. Ever.

Last night, while the munchkin was eating dinner he started making these crazy grunting noises. At the same time, his little face was getting all red and his eyes were watering. Uh Oh! No sooner did I get him out of his high chair and upstairs on the changing table did I smell the worst smell ever! The kiddo followed me upstairs, because to a 4-year old, seeing the big poop your little brother just made is the funniest thing ever. So, I pulled off the munchkin's corderoy pants and a huge piece of poop fell onto the changing table. The kiddo let out a huge "EEEEWWWW" and nearly fell over laughing, because after all - it's the funniest thing ever. Of course, she's not the one wiping the poop off his arse and legs with an make-shift oven mitt made of wipes! No, she's just there for the free entertainment.

I swear I used half a package of wipes! Disgusting, I tell you! Of course, then you see this face and realize it's all worth it. Well, that is, until he's old enough to talk back...check back in a few years and I'll let you know.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Party's Over!

I rested on Monday...the legs were a wee bit sore in the morning, so I thought why not make it a rest day? I had the day off, so I scheduled a facial in the morning (to use a gift certificate I had gotten last April at one of my baby showers) and was planning to do a little shopping and see a movie in the afternoon. It was great to finally have a "me" day...the first since having the munchkin.

But, enough is enough. If you've been reading my blog for long, you know I can't sit still for long.


So Tuesday, I decided to take the legs out for a super-easy, short 2-miler around the 'hood and see how everything felt. For the first couple of minutes, my legs felt heavy. Fortunately, after a little while the cobwebs were gone and I was moving better. The temps were perfect - I love running in cool weather! Afterwards, my legs felt great and I was ready to go home to the hubby and kiddos. There's no time to rest on my laurels...there are races coming up!

Tuesday, 1/20 - 2.1 mile outdoor run, 11:26 pace
Monday, 1/19 - Rest Day

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Inauguration Day!

Okay, so I didn't vote for Obama. But, I can't help but be a little excited about today and the historic meaning behind today's inauguration! We're showing the news coverage in our conference room today and I have to admit that while I was watching "the beast" transport the President-Elect, I did get goosebumps. :-)

I come from a very patriotic family and have a great deal of respect for the office of the President. I will keep President Obama and his administration in my prayers and hope that they will do what is truly best for our country. Obama is very good at spreading his message of "hope" and "change". But, will Obama live up to everyone's hope and bring change for the better? I sincerely hope so, but only time will tell....

Sunday, January 18, 2009


To see the video, try going here:

Scroll down...there should be a list of video segments. Select segment 17.


I have to say that I've never had so much fun running a 1/2 marathon! And my time, while not a PR, wasn't too shabby for me either - 2:31:36. That's just 4 minutes slower than my pre-baby time in '07 of 2:27:21...I'm pretty sure with some speedwork, I can beat that next year.

Oh and to add to my fun morning run, I had my 15 seconds of fame: (it's segment 17)

I'll have some more pictures, a race report and the story behind the tiara later...this birthday princess needs some sleep! :0)

Friday, January 16, 2009

2008 in Review

Okay, I think I am quite possibly the last blogger out there to post their proud moments of 2008 and resolutions for 2009. You know what they say - better late than never - right?

Shining Moments of 2008

I started out this year pregnant and running slowly. Instead of running this 1/2 in January as planned, I ended up volunteering so I could live vicariously through those who could run and run fast. That was an awesome experience and would recommend it to anyone who can't run the marathon or 1/2 for whatever reason. So here goes...

  • Bought a house in February
  • Moved into said house in March
  • Had the sweetest, most precious baby boy in May and walked in my graduation ceremony 2 weeks later
  • Finished my MBA in August

(I did the above while working full-time and being preggo!)

  • Joined Woodlands Fit in July, but didn't get to run with them again until late August
  • Made some awesome friends through Woodlands Fit!
  • Survived Hurricane Ike and 12 days with no power (which is a PITA with a 3 year old and a 4-month old)
  • Ran the San Antonio ½ marathon with new friends :-) - even through I was slow, it far exceeded my expectations 5 months post baby!
  • Got back to our budget after the house purchase - learned to play the "Grocery Game"
  • Hooked up with nutritionist extraordinaire, lost 13 lbs and got back to my pre-pregnancy weight!

2009 Resolutions

  • Continue the weight loss until I reach my goal weight (goal for this is March 15)
  • Train for and finish at least 1 triathlon - I've signed up for the TriGirl Super Sprint in May
  • If I enjoy the tri in May - sign up for at least 2 more!
  • Running - begin implementing speed work 1x per week and get into the 10 minute range again
  • Complete at least 3 1/2 marathons in 2009 - I'm doing the Houston 1/2, Zuma Austin, but I'm not sure about the 3rd...maybe White Rock?
  • Take some swim lessons! On this, I don't even know where to start. I haven't set goals for pace yet, since I am not really sure where I stand now
  • Be more patient - especially with the hubby & the kids
  • Play more, stress less
  • Find a new church near our home and attend regularly
  • Stick to budget and finish our emergency fund
  • Start the baby's 529 plan
  • Get organized in every aspect of my life - work and home
  • Work to improve on the areas of my job that I understand the least - and be better about tolerating the areas that like the least :-)

That's it for 2009...I think it's enough!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wanna place some bets?

Wanna place bets on what the temp will be on Sunday morning???

Right now, says the low will be 47. predicts 52.

I wish we could be sure, since it seems to be changing faster than I change my mind about what to have for lunch. It sure makes choosing a race day outfit a challenge!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Progress is good, I tell ya! And, I am so excited about my recent progress in my weight loss that I just had to share....

I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight!!!

And, the best part is that most of my pre-munchkin clothes are starting to fit again! Now, this is also the same weight before the kiddo; however, I still cannot get into the pre-kiddo clothes..grrrr. So, as of today I am down a total of 13 pounds since mid-October! Yaaahooo! But, I can't get too excited, because I still need to lose 7 pounds to get to my goal weight.

How am I doing this?

First of all, I cut out all the crap I was eating - the occasional happy meal and all the friggin' chocolate I'd eat at work throughout the day. I stopped finishing off the kiddo's meals when she was done (after I had already eaten my own dinner, doh!).

Second, at the suggestion of nutritionist extraordinaire, I limited my sugary stuff to 100 calories a day. So, instead of eating two 100 calorie snacks a day (in addition to the chocolate at work), I would have one....but, only if I had already gotten in at least 4 fruits that day. If I hadn't, I agreed that I would have some berries with reduced fat Cool Whip instead of the sweets.

Third, I've increased the protein I eateach day. I have some at all three meals and in my snacks each day. I also learned to have a yogurt, some nuts or cheese with the fruit that I snack on during the day, so that I feel full.

Fourth, I drink lots and lots of water. This was something I was already pretty good at, so it wasn't that difficult to keep doing.

Fifth, I am tracking everything I eat (the good, bad and the ugly!) on It automatically tracks your calories, protein, carbs, fat, etc. which makes it easy to stay on track and to see where you could have done better.

So far, it's been pretty easy and I don't feel deprived at all. I definitely don't eat perfectly everyday...I'll have a Hershey's Kiss here and there, a bite of the hubby's dessert, a glass of wine (or two or three), or a sliver of cake when it's someone's birthday, but it's far better than what I would have eaten just a few months ago.

My ultimate goal was to be a couple pounds lighter than I currently am by 1/2 marathon day, so I will not meet that particular goal. But, I am pleased as heck that I made it to where I am today! Now, I just have to keep it going!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Question of the Day

Yesterday I had diarrhea of the mouth, ummm, I mean fingers. Today, I'll keep the question simple:

How much fitness can you lose in a month???

There's a chance I might have to take the month of February off - no running, biking, swimming, P90X. Nada! The problem is that I have some events coming up, but I don't know if there will be a better time to take care of an issue I've been needing to deal with for awhile now.


Tuesday, 1/13 - Treadmill Run, 30 minutes easy
Nothing to report here...30 boring minutes on the treadmill at an easy pace.

Monday, 1/12 - P90X, Chest and Back, 50 minutes -and- P90X, Ab Ripper X, 16 minutes
This is the 1st workout in the P90X series and it's a doozy! Regular push-ups, military push-ups, diamond push-ups, dive bomber push ups, wide-stance push-ups....and that doesn't even touch on the pull ups! Ouch!

The inlaws are in town helping out with the baby, since my regular sitter (a/k/a my Mom) is unavailable. It's going to be really hard to eat healthy while they're here! Today my Mother-in-Law and the kiddo made chocolate chip cookies. Tomorrow, she's making homemade enchiladas and tortillas!

Be strong Christy, be strong!!! :-)

Monday, January 12, 2009

The End of an Era (a long, whiney post)

Okay readers in cyberspace (I know there are a couple out there), I have a dilemma and need some feedback. I hope this is not coming off as super whiney, but I am seriously not sure how to make this all work.

Here’s the situation…the hubby has worked nights for 13+ years. We’ve been married for 11 of those. He’s gone from having Tuesday/Wednesday off, to Sunday/Monday, to Sat/Sun off, Fri/Sat/Sun off and to Fri/Sat off. This last combo has worked our great for everything from family time, to his fishing schedule, right down to my training schedule and being able to do some 5k & 10ks on the weekends. Regardless, I've been able to get in my long runs either alone or with a group and I've been able to get in the weekday training runs without disrupting the family in the process.

Where am I going with this you ask???? Starting this week, the hubby is going to day shift. So, this begins an entirely new chapter in our lives. Now days in the police world does not mean the usual 8 am – 5 pm Monday through Friday - that would be too easy! Nope, he’ll be working from 6 am to 2 pm…meaning he’ll be leaving the house around 5 am (getting up around 4 am!) and will be home in time to pick up the kids in the afternoons. The great side of this is that rather than only getting to eat dinner with him and hang out for about an hour each evening, he’ll be home all night! The downside is that he now has to work the weekends, since day shift is where all the “old timers” reside and the “old timers” want their weekends off.

So here’s the dilemma…when in the hell am I supposed to work out???

I’ve always tried my best to maximize the time I have with him and the kids by working out after the hubby was at work and the kids were in bed…even if it meant having to settle for training on the ol’ dreadmill at 9:30 pm. The only day that my workouts have cut into family time was on Saturday mornings during the long runs (yes, everyone is awake…usually before I even leave the house!) and occasionally when I could get in a bike ride or a 5K.

So, with the hubby heading off to work at insanely early hours on Saturday and Sunday…when do I get in a long run? It’s beginning to look like I’ll have to do them in the afternoons on the weekends, which is fine for now….but what about when summer arrives and it’s 100+ in the afternoons? I’ve done a couple of hours on the treadmill more than once and that was not something I want to do again…plus, we all know training exclusively on a treadmill is not exactly good training. What about the long bike rides? I know I can use the trainer, but it’s the same as the treadmill – definitely not optimal.

Obviously, my swims will have to be in the evenings and will cut into family time unless we decide to build a pool…after spending hours putting up the playset from hell that takes up 2/3 of our backyard last summer, I doubt the hubby would go for that. LOL! Anyway, there's really not a way to work around that.

Oh, and I forgot to mention…I do work full-time with a commute and I am soooo not the early bird. However, if I have to run on the treadmill at 4 am when the hubby is waking up, then so be it, I guess. I had to get up that early when I was in school and I suppose I can do it again...yuck!

Surely, I am not the only schedule-challenged person out there who wants to train! How do you do it? How do you balance the time between family, training and work??

Right now I’m wondering what the hell I’m thinking in aspiring to be a triathlete!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Dang it was cold this morning!

I met up with riding buddies, Jennifer, Katie and Kelly, for a ride this morning and learned a valuable lesson - cold weather clothing for running is completely different than cold weather clothing for cycling! I could definitely use a windbreaker and some arm warmer-thingies, as well as some long cycling pants and good pair of full cycling gloves! Today, I wore a short sleeve running shirt, long sleeved running shirt, a fleece top, and my cycling shorts with my running capris over them. While I think I had enough layers on to keep my body warm, I really, really need the full gloves and something to keep my toes warm because my fingers and toes were cold to the point where it was painful! Even when I stopped at the Starbucks drive-thru afterwards I was much so that I had a hard time getting my fingers to work enough to get my change out of my wallet! I think it tool me most of the drive home to start feeling warmer.

But, it was a great ride and a lot of fun so it was worth braving the cold! And, I am loving the new bike! We rode 15 miles with an average pace around 12 mph...not bad for a bunch of freezing girls on brand new bikes. Even with the new bike, I couldn't keep up with Kelly and Jennifer! Looks like it's time for me to get my butt into some spin classes! :-)

As always, I am obsessed with the weather for Sunday. So far, gives the following prediction:

Jan 18
Few Showers

Hopefully, those "few showers" hold off until later in the day!

Workout Stats

Saturday, 1/10 - Wfit run, 5.9-miles, 1:01 hrs, 10:20 pace
It's the last run before the 1/2 next how time has flown! It seems like just yesterday when we went on our 1st run - a 2-miler in the summer heat over July 4th weekend. We've come a long way! The pace was great...we must have all eaten our Wheaties. :-) When we started our run, it was 70 degrees out...when we finished, it was in the 50's! Crazy!
Friday, 1/9 - Bike ride - 1 hour, 10 mph pace

Rode with Kristi near work. Just trying to get used to the new bike and catch up with Kristi, so it was a slow ride. :-)

Thursday, January 08, 2009


Must get new seat for bike!

I forgot to mention that I joined the Performance Bicycle's "Performance Team", where you get 10% back on anything you purchase in the store. As a result, I was able to put the 10% from what I spent on my bike towards a bike trainer! It's not a supa dupa top of the line trainer or anything, but for now it will do the trick. I set it up last night and hopped on the bike for a test spin. Everything feels great! Well, except for my butt. Dang, I need to invest in a new seat...preferably one with lots and lots of cushioning! I mean, I have natural cushioning in that area, LOL, but I need more!

If you have any recommendations on picking a saddle, please let me know!!!

Workout Stats - Wednesday, 1/7/09
Cycling, indoor - 30 minutes

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Yadda, Yadda

I'll be picking up the new bike today...woohoo!!!

Workout Stats

Tuesday, 1/6/09 - Treadmill Run, 30 minutes
I seriously didn't think I would get this run in, because the kiddo just would not go to sleep. First, I had to get her a band-aid (for a non-existant cut on her ankle), next I had to get some Tylenol (because she's having growing pains and her feet hurt), then she was scared (so I had to lay with her for a minute), next she had to go potty (she really did!), and finally she wanted her Pooh blanket (because she's already tired of sleeping on her princess sheets). Again, I thank God that the Munchkin is a good sleeper!

Oh, and the bike is now safely parked in out garage. :-)

Monday, 1/5/09 - P90X - Pylometrics
Okay, I usually like this workout even if it is a killer workout...but, when I'm feeling tired and not really feeling like working out, I hate it! Mainly because it is a killer workout! It kicked my ass yesterday. But, it felt good when it was all done and I was glad I did it. I even had a little time afterwards for a little TV - The City is looking pretty interesting! What can I say, watching trash TV is my one guilty pleasure!

Sunday, 1/4/09 - P90X, Shoulders & Arms - 60 minutes
I think this is my favorite of all the P90X workouts! Lots of good ol' arm-killing exercises using the weights....first the shoulders, then the biceps and then the triceps! Gotta love that!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Say hello to my little friend...

Yep, I finally bought a bike! Yay me!

Not exactly what I had originally had in mind - especially the color scheme - but it was in the price range I had set (even if it was at the higher end of it...which for some folks who are really, seriously into cycling was still pretty conservative). I had originally thought I was going to get this one a very base model Cannondale. I went to another store where I considered the same in Trek and Specialized. Then we moved on to another store and I considered this one and then this one. Then, the hubby spotted the "Bumble Bee" up above and it was all over...honestly, I thought the hubby wanted it more than I did, LOL! I am really bad at spending money...I kept going back to the one I looked at before. Even as they were putting on the shorter stem and adjusting everything (thanks Performance Bikes!), I kept going through this conversation with myself:

Practical Self: If I buy the cheaper one, I would still have money for a trainer and a wet suit and maybe even the entry fee...besides, it's more bike than I need!

Spendy Self: Yeah, but this one has better wouldn't have to upgrade anything. Ever.

Practical Self: But, it's on the high end of my range. I will eventually want shoes and clipless pedals!

Spendy Self: You know you want it! Think of it as an investment!

Practical Self: And then there's the Y membership for swimming, swim lessons, etc...gee this stuff can add up (hyperventilating)

Spendy Self: Okay, yeah, you need some swimming help. But, you've been waiting forever to get a bike!

Practical Self: Told ya so! And what if I want to join a club?

Spendy Self: Shut up and fork over the money! You can rent a wet suit! You can wait on the shoes and pedals, besides the hubby has cages you can use in the meantime...get the friggin' bike already!

In the end, Spendy Self won. :-) And, I will be revisiting Uncle Dave and his book! LOL!

Cycling & Running

Saturday, 1/3/2009 - Wfit run, 8.6 miles
Today's trainingg schedule called for an 8-miler with Wfit. It was a nasty 70 degrees, with about 100% humidity and it sucked! At first, the warmth and humidity felt stiffling...almost like I had a ton of bricks on my shoulders. Ugh...and to think in August and September a 70 degree day felt cool! Fortunately, things got better as the run went on and we managed to finish without any problems. The knee is absolutely fine! Here's to hoping for a nice, cold 1/2 marathon day in 2 weeks and no knee pain!

Friday, 1/2/2009 - Cycling, 15 miles
Trying to take advantage of the day off from work, I met up with fellow Wfitters and tri-girls-in-training (Jennifer, Kelly and Katie) for a bike ride. Kelly (the seasoned tri-girl in our group) showed us a supa sweet place to ride - thanks Kelly!!! We rode 3 laps of the 5-mile route and called it a day. It's been over a month since my last bike ride thanks to the time change, so it took a little while to get those cycling muscles going. I'm still riding my borrowed mountain bike with slicks, so it was tough keeping up with Kelly and Jennifer (especially on the "hills")! I learned a valuable lesson when Kelly let Katie and I try out her road bike - GET A FRIGGIN' ROAD BIKE ALREADY!!! I was huffing and puffing getting up the hills on my bike, but when I was riding Kelly's bike, it was so freaking easy to get up the hills! I had no idea there would be so much of a difference! Why, oh why didn't I get a road bike last year when I had the chance? Fortunately, I am ready to get my bike and WILL get it in the next week - that's a promise!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Workout Catch-Up

Before I are my workout stats for this week so far:

Wednesday, December 31 - No workout
Rather than resting on Friday, I'm meeting some folks from Wfit for a bike ride. So...I decided to relax on NYE. It was a pretty uneventful night...the hubby had to work, so it was just me and the kiddos. We did have a nice family dinner before the hubby left for work though. The parental units were supposed to come over for dinner, but my Mom has been a bit under the weather and they decided to stay in. I caught a chick flick and had a glass of wine...unfortunately, the fireworks woke up both kiddos around 11 pm and the baby stayed awake until almost 1:00 am! Jeeze!

Tuesday, December 30 - Treadmill Run, 30 minutes
The kiddos went to bed on time without any problems, so I managed to get in a good run on the dreadmill. Nothing too exciting to report here.

Monday, December 29 - P90X - Chest, Shoulders and Triceps - 55 minutes
I met the Wfit gang at PF Changs, so we could all use the gift cards we received from the San Antonio Rock and Roll marathon. It was a fun time! However, doing P90X after wine is not the easiest thing to do! But, somehow I managed.

Sunday, December 28 - Slim-in-Six, Start It Up, 26 minutes
The baby went to bed around 9:45 pm, so rather than do a 1 hour P90X workout, I remembered the 30 minute Slim in Six workout I still have from my Si6 days. Turns out that the workout was actually only 26 minutes and after doing P90X for so long, it seemed almost too easy to call a workout! Oh well, better than nothing I suppose!

Happy 2009!