Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Hello internet friends! Sorry for the hiatus. I have been here, working out in true TX Runner Mom fashion - swimming, biking and running. My schedule has been really off though, swimming on Wednesday, long runs on Sundays, bike trainer on Fridays, working out in the middle of the day.

Yes, you read that last one right.

Working out in the middle of the day. And I'm not talkin' about my lunch break. Two weeks ago today I found out that my position was being eliminated. I worked for the next week - just wrapping stuff up and transitioning things.

But, I am working my network. The day after I was given the news, I had my resume updated and sent out to a dozen or so contacts - headhunters, friends, former co-workers, you name it. I've met with recruiters and had a real bonafide interview today. So, don't be sad for me...just send me some good luck vibes! I intend to get back to regular blogging now and catch up on reading blogs too...I've missed you all!

Enough of that! I don't like to talk about work stuff here, so let's get to the workouts already.

Sunday, 3/7 - Long Run, 12 miles
To be honest, I didn't feel like running 12 miles alone. Fortunately, my running peeps decided to run on Sunday instead of Saturday, which fit perfectly into my schedule. We ran 12 miles in the hilliest area around, which included a 2-mile trot through an even hillier neighborhood. (Is hillier a word?). We normally run on a semi-hilly road, then turn into this hilly neighborhood, do 2 miles and then head back onto the street again for an out and back, then through the hilly neighborhood one more time. But this time, we did 2 loops of the hilly neighborhood out and 2 loops on the way back. Ouch! Why all the hills? Zooma Austin, of course! The course is the hilliest I've run and the hills we train on are nothing compared to the hills in this 1/2 marathon. Ugh!

Monday, 3/8 - P90X and Swim
I felt that swimming would be best for the legs after the previous day's 12-miler and I was right. I swam 1250 yds. No drills, just swimming - 100 yd warm up, followed by 500, a short rest, another 550 and then a 100 yd cool down. Later in the day, I decided that I might as well make the most of my free time, so I decided to start P90X again. Monday was day 1 - Back and Arms, plus Ab Ripper X. Ouch!

Tuesday, 3/9 - P90X and Run
Day 2 of P90X - Plyometrics. But first, I ran 30 minutes on the treadmill (2.93 miles, 10:14 pace). I forgot how difficult it is to do plyo after running. But, it's even harder to run after doing plyo! But, I struggled through it and finished. My legs were still feeling tight from the 12-miler and my arms, back and pecs were hurting from Monday's workout...I've done this before, so I know it does get easier. Eventually.

Wednesday, 3/10 - P90X and Run
Doing my long run on Sunday sorta screws up my run schedule later in the week...especially when I am trying to fit in the biking and swimming. I've really cut back on the mileage over the past few weeks because of the hip pain. It's still there. Today's run was just 40 minutes, outdoors at a 10:36 pace (3.77 miles). It was hot today - 80 degrees! Just a week ago, I was running in tights and long sleeves, and today it was a running skirt and tank top! Why, oh why can't we get a few weeks at 60 or 70 just to get acclimated to warmer temps slowly??? Ugh! Today's P90X was Shoulders and Arms - my absolute favorite! Rather than doing pull-up and push-ups, this workout uses hand weights and works shoulders, biceps and triceps. Love it!

That's it for now...see you again soon!


Julie said...

Good luck vibes coming your way:) You know the saying....when God closes the door, he opens a window!! You will find something...possibly better than what you had.

Awesome job on the workouts that you have busting out! You have been working so hard! When is your Tri scheduled?

Oh, and I want to be wearing a tank top and running skirt when I go out on my runs:) I will most likely have to wait until late April to early May before that will be possible:( You are lucky...enjoy it!

Staci Dombroski said...

Good luck being sent your way!! I really really want the p90x!! I need to order it :-) Have a wonderful day!

NY Wolve said...

Hope the workouts are a source of strength. PX() during this, wow!

Anne said...

A running skirt and tank nice :)
You are an amazing!

Good luck on finding a new and improved job!

Corina said...

Im doing P90X also Im on week 2 of the "lean" program and starting my half marathon training on top of that. "I love it but I hate it" :)
Enjoy reading your blog. Good Luck with the job search!

Anonymous said...

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