Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Random Stuff

I am here. As usual, life has been busy. Some updates since our vacation:

  • Despite my lack of training during vacation and my struggles to “get back on the wagon” once we returned, I participated in the CB&I sprint triathlon and actually PRed! My swim was pretty pathetic, but I managed to take almost 2 minutes off of my bike and run times. Race report to come!

  • Since the week after we returned from Disney, I’ve been having a weird pain in the arch of my right foot. After 3 weeks of this and experimenting with different shoes, I finally went to the doctor. I have posterior tibial tendonitis. Fortunately, I can still run, but need a bit of NSAIDs, ice and stretching for it to get better.

  • The morning after my dr’s appointment (on Saturday), I managed to break my toe. Yep, no exciting story to go with it - basically, the dog insisted on going outside at 5 am and when I was coming back to bed, I hit my toe on the bedroom door. Hard. My toe immediately swelled and later I noticed bruising. I had to cancel my long run and hobble through a wedding. The next morning, the top of my foot near my toes had turned a lovely shade of purple. And, I had to wear flip flops to work. That’s right – Tahari suit and flip flops. Nice. (Since I can't run or bike at the moment, it looks like my foot will have plenty of time to recover from the tendonitis as well...)

More updates to come, including the promised vacation photos. Have a great day!


Jenn said...

OK-your first bullet point was promising.....

OUCH! Hope you heal up quick:)

Anne said...

A triathlon PR followed by a broken toe. That really is random stuff.