Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Hell Month - FINAL WEEK!!!

Well, last week was the final week of hell least M-F.  We had 3 hours worth of bike/run workouts on Tuesday and Thursday and some 3,000+ swims on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We had a little break on the weekend with a 2:15 run and a 4 hour ride...funny how 4 hours seem so short compared to those 6+ hour rides we were doing just a couple of weeks ago!

We did attempt another open water swim at beautiful Lake Conroe. Unfortunately, the wind made actual white caps in the water and swimming was well, not so fun.  Two years ago, we had similar conditions before I did my first 70.3 and I barely managed a 500m swim.  This time around, I almost didn't even get in the water.  I was scared! But, not only did I manage to swim the course...and I went back a second time!  We were all getting knocked around by the waves, which made swimming straight and spotting nearly impossible.  I think I drank half the lake, too. After my second lap, I called it a day.  Thankfully, we shouldn't see conditions like that in Lake Woodlands!

The choppy water

As for my back, I've been to the chiropractor.  It seemed to help a little, but I felt the aches and pains all during my bike rides all week.  I just took my bike to the shop for a tune up, so I think switching to the spin bike in the meantime might help...I won't be in aero, which should give it time to rest.  Fortunately, it doesn't seem to hurt when I run, so that's good!

So now is taper!  The next 2 weeks of workouts get shorter and shorter.  I cannot believe that we are a mere 12 days away from race day!  I am trying my best not to look at the extended weather forecasts, because there is just no possible way we will know what the weather will be like this far out.  That's one thing about  Texas, the weather changes so rapidly that we probably won't know for sure until the morning of May 16th!!!  In the meantime, I will try not to go crazy.  Taper does that to most people (including me).


Priscilla Lovestorun said...

Good luck on your race! I have a race out of DFW the same weekend. Hope you have great weather with cool temps!

Michael Tannery said...

How was your race?

TX Runner Mom said...

Michael - race report is up!