Monday, July 09, 2012

Weighing in - Week 4

Sorry for the hiatus!  I realized yesterday that I never posted anything about last week's here it is!

This week, I had a yummy combo of egg whites, brown rice (a 1/2 cup!) and pico.  I also ate 1/2 of a medium-sized eating fruit is such a treat!

Breakfast of Champions...minus the orange
Okay, I forgot to take a picture of this one...sorry!  This week's menu called for cucumbers (1 cup), raw carrots and almonds.  I am not kidding when I say that I hate raw carrots...seriously, they make me gag.  So, I looked at my exchange list and had sugar snap peas instead.

Lunch this week was one of my personal favorites - fish tacos!  The big difference with these is that I couldn't add the yummy creamy jalapeno dressing that I would normally use.  But, with pico, black beans, cilantro and lime, I really didn't need the dressing!

One of my favorites - fish tacos!

I typically don't each much dairy on this eating plan, but this week was different - I had two servings of Greek yogurt.  With this one, I added in strawberries, sunflower seeds and stevia...a weird combination, I know!  But, I promise it was actually very tasty!

Looks weird, but tastes good!

This week's dinner was fish (again). Surprisingly, I am not growing tired of fish (yet).  I placed it over a 1/4 cup of brown rice and added a little lite soy sauce, plus some grilled asparagus.  Even the Hubby liked this one.

Thanks to the hubby for being the grill master!

As usual, my evening snack consisted of another Greek yogurt concoction...this time with protein powder and stevia.  Nothing to write home about taste-wise, but it's definitely filling...

My yogurt concoction...before stirring it all up!
 So far, I have lost almost 7 lbs.  I will meet with the doc again tomorrow to measure my progress and get more menus.  I have to say that I have really started to enjoy eating this way.  While it is a bit of a pain to prep all the food in advance, if I prep a few days at a time, then it does make the next few days so much easier.  So much of eating well depends on planning! 

The most difficult thing for me has been eating out.  Go figures, I almost never eat out, but would have all kinds of social engagements coming up as soon as I start this plan - working lunches at restaurants, baby showers, birthday parties, etc.  I have tried really hard to make smart choices at these events, but 1) you don't know how food is prepared when you aren't preparing it yourself (i.e. did they use butter, oil, etc) and 2) you need will power of steel to not indulge in something completely off the plan.  I do find that I am craving the unhealthy stuff less and less.  I have passed up cupcakes, homemade pizza, hamburgers, birthday cake, movie theater popcorn (one of my favorites!), ice cream, etc.  Yes, I can have splurges, but I also have a goal I am trying to meet! Remember that Cider I had last week?  Splurge.  What I have found is that after eating so healthy for the week, those little splurges don't always agree with me.  My stomach will feel like crap for the next day or so, which makes it sooooo not worth it! 


Teamarcia said...

You are knocking this out of the park! So inspiring and those fish tacos look delish! WTG!

Cindy said...

you're doing awesome...7 pounds is great!!

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

7 pounds? That's great! I'm sure it was worth passing up all of those tempting foods.

Robin said...

Keep up the good'll reach your goal in no time.

On the Right Track said...

AWESOME!!! it feels so good when the punds start co ming off...kinds keeps you moving in the right direction!

curious to know what diet you are following? The pics all look so yummy!

Laura @ Mommy run fast said...

Wow, that is serious progress! Nice work! Your food all looks so good, too. You're right- it takes a lot of planning to eat well. I go in phases, not doing as well lately, but this is inspiring me to clean up my act again. :)

Anne said...

Your posts are making me hungry! Great job on the weight loss. And what an inspiration.

Duckie said...

Congratulations!! Isn't it amazing how quickly junk food loses its appeal? Keep up the awesome work!