Monday, July 02, 2012

The Week in Pictures

The week brought us the usual stuff - work, workouts, kid's stuff, etc.  I did get to take the kids to swim class this week, which was a treat!  The Hubby usually takes the kids to swim, because I can almost never make it home from work in time.  But, he got stuck at work so I was forced to leave work a bit early (oh darn!) in order to get the kids to swim.  I love seeing the progress they're both making.  The Kiddo could probably swim circles around me already, and the Munchkin is really getting the hang of his gliding and kicking!

The Kiddo doing her favorite, the back stroke.  The Munchkin practicing his kicking.
I did manage to get in 3 runs this week - 3 miles, 2.5 miles and 4 miles.  On Thursday, I pushed the pace a bit more than I have been - for the record, this is not saying much. Lately, my running pace has been around 11 - 11:20/mile and me "pushing it" was around 10:30/mile.  I will say that the ache in my hip was more noticable after the faster run.  Who knows, maybe it's just my imagination...regardless, I slowed things down on Saturday and had no issues.  I also managed upper body workouts 2x with P90X and one swim.

The sunrise on Saturday...the picture does not do it justice! The sky was red and blue, but my dumb cellphone only shows it as orange.
On Saturday, the kids enjoyed an outing to the zoo with their Grandparents.  The Hubs and I had our own outing - we met some friends at BRC for brunch and then headed over to the Karbach Brewery for a tour and some samples.  Okay, so there was not much on the BRC menu that was diet-friendly, but I did the best I could.  Well, except that I tried some cider...I am not a beer drinker (at all), but I do love cider! Visiting Karbach was a lot of fun.  I did try a small sample of the Weisse Versa Wheat, which was good..but I'll stick to my cider.  Or wine.  Or Margaritas.  If you haven't had a chance to try Karbach, check it out!

The goodies at Karbach, my friend Beth and I hanging out (and no she is not drinking - only holding her hubby's glass) and my cider (yum!)

On Sunday, since the kids were at their Grandparents, the Hubs and I were able to head out for a ride - together.  This almost never happens!  I am sure that I was keeping the Hubs from going his normal, faster pace, but he was a good sport and we had a great time.  We rode for 2 hours, which ended up being right at 32 miles.  Good times! 

You know you're in a nice neighborhood when the port-a-potties are this nice...I couldn't resist the silly pic!  Thankful that the Hubs was there to help with my leaky tire!
As usual, the weekend ended much too quickly.  Oh well, at least with the holiday it's a short work week!

How was your weekend? Any races?  Long runs?  Long bike rides?


Laura @ Mommy run fast said...

32 miles in 2 hours is impressive! I'm new to outdoor riding, but am loving it so far. So fun that you could ride together. Enjoy the holiday today!

Meg said...

Fun pictures, your little kiddos are growing up! Cute pix of you and your hubs!

On the Right Track said...

that is great that you can ride together!!! What a way to share in some good quality time!

I loved your pics and the weekend sounded perfect...hope your hip is feeling better and you are able to get your runs in more easily!