Monday, October 28, 2013


I see you!

I just checked my stat counter for the first time in well, a long time.  What I discovered is that this blog gets about 100 views per day.  I am assuming that most of these are accidental and the viewer quickly realizes that this is not the site they were searching for and leaves.  However, some of you are actually reading this rambling stuff. 

While I like to ramble write for both therapy and tracking reasons, I do like to hear what you have to say!  So please, leave me note.  Say hello, or better yet, let me know what you're training for and how your training is going.  If you have a blog, I promise to visit you and leave comments for you!

Okay, back to the regular posting!


Junie B said...

You know I am always reading! I have you in my reader so I know when you update. I look at my stats still from time to time, but not as much traffic unless they are googling for a certain thing: Gatorade chews, something Paleo, or a google search on a race usually lands them on mine :)

saroy said...

I have you in my reader too. You're good inspiration for me to fit in runs despite the business of the rest of life. Even though I pretty much suck at that compared to you. But still! :)

MyMommyRun said...

I just found your blog a couple days ago! I really like reading your blog :) I am a full time working mom also and I just completed an Ironman (Vineman). I really like to read how other moms fit everything in...and to know I'm not the only one up at 4:30 in the morning!

KW said...

That happens to me...100s of a viewers a day, but no comments. Is it me?

I'm just working on getting over this injury and then immediately start marathon training when my foot is able.

Mom too G's said...

I always read amd love your posts... :)