Friday, October 25, 2013

Random Fact Friday - You Might be Training for a 70.3 When...

  1.  You are using more Fuelbelt bottles and bike bottles than regular dishes in your house.  Yep, this is what my kitchen counter typically looks like...especially after a weekend of long runs and rides.
    Aerobottles, fuelbelt bottles and bike bottles, oh my!
  2. You have a constant need to do laundry just to have a clean sports bra.  And your laundry room almost always looks like this...yes, maybe I should just invest in more sports bras?                                                                                                        
    I hate doing laundry!  So why am I creating so much of it???

  3. You give up on looking cute and do what you said you would never do...wear a visor.  Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against visors, but with my short hair and well, ears that kinda stick out, I swore that I would never, ever wear them or a baseball cap.  Well, screw that!  I've seen my triathlon pics - after getting out of the water, taken off my swim cap, put on my helmet,  taken off a helmet, I look like total and complete crap!  This is an attempt to cover up the bad has worked for all those brick workouts. 

    You gotta do what you gotta do..not my best look, but better than the tri-hair!!!

  4. You miss your friends.  Hey, no offense friends, but if you aren't riding, swimming or running with me, I am probably not seeing much of you!  Seriously, I feel like I barely see my Hubby and kids, so when I am not training, my time is spent with them first!  Heck, I spend time during the week missing my family, too.  I am looking forward to being able to come straight home after work and doing the normal stuff - helping with homework, helping with dinner, etc. and some girls nights out, too!    
    Can't wait to have time for this again!
  5. You could buy stock in Epsom salt!  Nothing like a warm bath with some epsom salt to relax and soothe those sore muscles...  
    How do you spell relief? E-P-S-O-M!
  6. You could also by stock in certain nutrition products.  For me, it's Hammer Gel, Honey Bee Stinger Waffles, Power Bar Perform and Nuun.
    This should last awhile. Maybe.
  7. You counteract all that hydrating with caffeine just so you can make it through the work day.  Yes, waking up at 4:15 am, working out, then working all day can be tiring.  Sorry, but I for one need some assistance in staying on top of my game...I could probably also invest in Starbucks stock! 
    A girl-in-training's BFF!

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