Saturday, November 02, 2013

Let the Freak Outs Begin!!!!

Welp, the big race is tomorrow.  Physically, I know I am ready.  Mentally, well, there is some freaking out going on.  Most of the anxiety is due to the air temp...42 at the start, high of 64.  Sounds awesome if I was just running, but getting out of the water an onto the bike is the challenge.
I've gone through the possibilities in my head:
  • Arm warmers and gloves?
  • Arm warmers and a wind breaker?
  • Just a wind breaker?
  • Just a long sleeved dri-fit shirt?
  • A long sleeved dri-fit shirt with arm warmers underneath?
  • A thicker half-zip dri-fit shirt?
See?  The possibilities are endless!  Ugh!

Jeeze, running is so much less complicated!!!

So, the good news is that if I don't freeze on the bike, it will be awesome weather for a run!

Tri Peep, Shannon, and me...this shiznit is about to get real!  Ack!

And a quick thank you to my awesome co-workers who sent the gorgeous good luck flowers to me on Thursday! 


KW said...

I cant wait to hear about your race and what you decided on how to warm yourself.

Anonymous said...

How was it? Can't wait to read your report!

Michael said...

Hope things went well and you didn't freeze to death coming out of the water.