Monday, November 25, 2013

What Now?

So a lot of friends have been asking me this -

"What's next?"
"Are you registering for an IM next?". 

I know that the next logical step would be to register for an ironman distance race, or IMTX 2014.  At first, I said no because I really want to get a new bike for this distance.  I have been riding my trusty road bike for the past 4 years. While I love my road bike, I feel it would be best to race an ironman distance race on a tri bike.  (Anyone disagree with this?)  And to be perfectly honest, it would take me some time to buy the bike I really want.  The Hubs and I are big Dave Ramsey fans and while we could simply charge the bike with our one and only credit card, I refuse to do this.

Then about a month ago, I found a second reason that I could not train for IMTX 2014 - the Hubby's work schedule.  The Hubs is going to have a different working arrangement from the time we arrive home from Disney (literally that day) until the end of would be extremely difficult to dedicate the time I need for training while the Hubs has this schedule...hello, 2 young kiddos at home means no running/biking at 4:00 am and no trips to the pool after work.

So that's it.  No IMTX 2014.  I also considered attempting to register for IMFL or IMAZ in 2014...I mean, the race conditions are way better than Texas in May!  But, doing your first Ironman on your home turf is just way too appealing....even with the heat.  So, the goal is IMTX 2015.  We'll see...I still have a year to talk myself out of it. :-)

So next up?  The Goofy Challenge in January!

This will be the Hubs' first official marathon (not including the one he ran in IMTX) and we're looking forward to running both the 1/2 and full marathons together.  This one is difficult for me...I know that this is not a race you run for a PR - it's way too crowded (from what I've heard) and it's designed to be fun (as in, you stop to take pictures with characters along the way!).  I may not be the fastest runner, but I am very competitive with myself.  I want PRs!  So, as hard as it is, my goal is to have fun and not worry too much about my time for either race.  In fact, if I have the opportunity, I may even stop to ride a roller coaster - during the race.  Really!

Other than the running, I am happy to report that strength training has been added back into my workout routine.  There just weren't enough hours in the day to add it to the 70.3 training schedule....I have soooo missed lifting heavy objects, pull-ups and push-ups!  Much like when the Hubs was training for IMTX, I imagine this will be my main focus from January - March when his work schedule changes and I am unable to get much running and biking in.

So that answers the "What's next?" question.  I am looking at some spring and summer races for 2014, but I haven't quite decided which ones just yet.  Stay tuned!

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KW said...

2015 gives you plenty of time to train and you get to be on home turf. I'm not doing my first marathon here in Houston, but through crazy's taking place elsewhere. Oh well.