Wednesday, February 17, 2010

2010 Goals

Okay, so I realize that I am probably the last blogger on the planet to post my goals for the year. The problem is that I never feel I can start my new year's running goals until after the Houston 1/2 marathon. That race is one I always do and it kind of closes the year for me. But then, after the 1/2 I managed to get wrapped up into training for the next race and never get to my goals.

Before I can talk about my 2010 goals, let's review 2009...In comparison to 2006-2008, this year seems almost calm. In the previous years, I was in grad school, pregnant, remodeling a house, selling a house, buying a new one, moving, etc. When looking at 2009, the things I am most proud of are:
  • Learning to swim - a HUGE obstacle for me)
  • Competing in four triathlons - short ones, but swimming was required in all of them and the fact that I did not drown in any of them makes me quite proud!
  • My PR at the 1/2...I've been working on getting faster and it's actually working. I know it takes time though - baby steps!

I also managed to lose some weight and overall, I just feel so much stronger this year!

In 2010, here are my goals:

  • Spend more time with family - this includes more time with my parents as well.
  • Be more patient, especially with the kids. I find myself getting so impatient and getting bent out of shape of stupid stuff. This is a goal every year, but I always need to work on this hubby and kids will thank me for it.
  • Get to goal once and for all! In 2009, I managed to lose 6.5 of the 8 lbs I wanted to lose between November and January (and they say you can't lose weight during the holidays - total hogwash!!!). My goal for 2010 is to get to my goal weight by my 1st tri in's only 6 more lbs, but I know those are always the hardest to lose!
  • PR in all distances - 5k and 10k mainly. The next 1/2 I'm planning to do this year is Zooma, which is REALLY hilly...I am highly doubtful of a PR there. But, since I count Houston as part of my 2010 goals, I am going to work toward a PR there. I'd also like to improve my times in swimming, biking, and running and PR in any of the Tris that I competed in last year and will be doing again this year.
  • Complete at least 4 triathlons. 'nuff said.
  • Re-work our family budget and stick to it. We were pretty good with this until recently...time to get back to it (thank you Dave Ramsey)!
  • To become ridiculously organized. Seriously. We need help in the master closet and the kid's playroom...I will make some magic happen this year!
  • Be a better friend. Sometimes it's hard when you have small kids, you're always in training for something and feel you're going in a million different directions, so I want to slow down and take time out for my peeps!
  • Be happy!

That's it for now. Peace out!


Jamoosh said...

All good goals! Good luck - you have until February 15th of next year!

Mistyfied said...

Great goals.

Melissa said...

Great goals and I love how they take in all aspects of your life.

Julie said...

You have already accomplished so much! Good for you! You also have some great goals that should be no problem for you:) I think that you are one tough Texas mom:) Keep up the super work!!

Anonymous said...

You have quite the gamut of goals. Good for you! Don't worry you aren't the last one...I just posted mine today, but they are no way close to yours. Good luck!

Allie said...

Great goals! I could stand to do a few of these myself. :)

Stephanie said...

I wish you the best of luck with all your goals! I think the last one is probably one of the most important. :)

Tara said...

Great goals. I have the swim thing on my list too!

That Pink Girl said...

Love the goal to spend more time with family, including your parents. I need to focus on being a better daughter/DIL/granddaughter/cousin/SIl this year. Great reminder.

Good luck with your other goals!

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

You're running a hilly half? Hope you have more hills to train on than I do!