Thursday, February 18, 2010

(late) Valentine's Day post and more...

So how was your Valentine's Day? (Yes, I am a bit late in writing about this topic...) Ours was's funny how low key V-day becomes when you have 2 small kids. The hubby and I decided that rather than wait forever for a table at an overly crowded, over priced restaurant, we'd grill at home. So, the hubby went to Hubbell and Hudson on Saturday afternoon and picked up some awesome-looking steaks, some twice baked potatoes and a bottle of wine. This is something we'd do often before we had kids....we'd head to Central Market or Whole Foods and pick up stuff to make a wonderful meal. So I guess you could say this was long overdue! After the kids were tucked into their beds, we enjoyed cooking and eating this yumminess!

The "sweetheart ribeye"....Can we say yum?

The meal all cooked...I forgot the almond slivers for the green beans. And no, I didn't eat the entire thing - I saved more than 1/2 of everything (except the green beans) for later.

Our wine...Edge - a Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. It's reasonably priced and quite yummy(read: around $20...remember, we're paying for 2 in daycare)!

Sunday the kids woke up to find their Valentine's Day gifts waiting - for the Munchkin, it was a Thomas the Train card and set of 3 dvds (oh boy!) and for the Kiddo, it was an Ariel card and Barbie and the Diamond Castle dvd (which several of her friends have and she's been wanting "forever") and a Disney Princess Sing-A-Long dvd (can't wait to watch that).

The weather was just awesome, so rather than heading to the gym for a swim, I opted to spend the day with the kiddos. The hubby and I took them for a walk around the neighborhood and then to the park. So yeah, Sunday became a rest day for me...although I really don't call chasing after your at the park rest.

Here are a few pics from our day....I would have added captions with each one, but freaking Blogger is making them too small to read! Grrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And now for the workouts....

Monday, 2/15 - Bike (trainer) and Core (Ab Ripper X)
Monday was a 40 minute ride on the trainer. I really should be doing more, but I am at a loss for what to do on the trainer. I usually warm up for 5-10 minutes, pick up the pace for 10 minutes, do some intervals (yesterday was 2 minutes fast, 1 minute slow x 5), then ride at a good pace for another 10 minutes, then a warm down. My ankle was feeling a bit strange since Saturday's race, so instead of following my ride with a treadmill run I decided to do some core work with the P90X Ab Ripper X. Love to "feel the burn"!

Tuesday, 2/16 - Swim
Tuesday I headed to the pool after the Kiddo's dance class. I was running a little later than usual, then I ran into one of my running peeps and talked to her and her hubby for a minute, so I was running even more behind schedule. I had promised the Kiddo I'd be back to give her a kiss goodnight, so that meant I had to cut my workout a little short. (Am I the only one who feels like they have their days scheduled down to the last second sometimes?) I still followed the workout from last week, but shortened some of the drills in order to get out of the pool on time. In total, my workout lasted 40 minutes. I have no idea how many laps I did, because I lost count. We'll just say I did "a bunch"...okay?

Wednesday, 2/17 - Nada
This is not normally my rest day. In fact, this is usually my shorter mid-week long run. However, I was at another job fair all day and as the day went on, I started feeling kinda crummy. Just that tired, feeling you get when you *think* you might be coming down with something. By the end of the day, I was sneezing and just feeling pooped. I crawled into bed as soon as I tucked the kids into bed and made lunches - around 8:45 pm. I was asleep shortly after 9 pm - a rare thing in my house! So now I know what 8 hours of sleep feels like...and I like it! However, the possibility of me ever going to bed at 9 pm and getting those precious 8 hours again are slim. Very slim!



Meg said...

Your Valentine's Day party sounded fun! I love grilling at home and staying in! We always did that when our kiddos were young and for the first time this year, we went out to dinner. It wasn't the same! Next year, we'll get back to staying home!
Keep up with the great sleeping.

Jill said...

I always get my kiddo's fun things for Valentine's Day. I try to keep it in the pink/red theme but it gets harder for my boys as they get older. Still fun for the daugther, who's now 19 *gasp*. How fun will your blog be to your little ones as they get to be my kid's ages and they can look back at your amazing accomplishments!

I just read your 2010 goals, too, and think they are great!! btw, I had to give up sugar because though my wt isn't rising, my body fat is and this cutting of the refined sugar has helped trememdously before other marathons so I'm hoping for the best again. Thanks for your nice comment :).

Happy almost weekend!!

Jamoosh said...

Mmmmm, beef!

NY Wolve said...

Sounds like a fun Valentine's Day, and I am jealous of the weather!

Tara said...

I am totally salivating over that steak and I'm a vegetarian. Your dinner looks awesome and it sounds like you all had a great Valentines Day!

Julie said...

Dinner looks good and the wine even better:) Your kids are seriously so cute!! I always feel really lazy and like I am not doing enough when I read the type of workouts you are busting out!! I think I need to get more motivated!! I hope that you have an awesome weekend!!

Jenn said...

That's my idea of a great Valentine's day! I love cooking when it's not hotdish!! The weather looks so awesome in your pics! I'm jealous!! Nice workout week-USA/CANADA in men's hockey tonight!! Woohoo!