Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Monday Brick

Back to the grind. Time for my Monday "brick". Should I call it a faux brick since I am doing this indoors? Maybe a frick?

The kids were just amazing last night - as close to being little angels as they can get. They didn't fuss at all when I picked them up from my parent's house - usually they want to play longer, eat cookies and all the other stuff that they get to do at the grandparent's. They ate their dinner with no playing around in between bites. They put on their PJs with no arguments. And, they went to bed right on schedule. Quick, write this on the calendar, because this almost NEVER happens! Before I knew it, the next day's lunches and clothes were all ready and it was time to workout. Gotta love that!

Just imagine the little halos, lol!

I rode 40 minutes on the bike trainer while watching the end of The Bachelor. Anyone else watch this train wreck of a show? Can I just say that Rozlyn is whacked! Although I never get to watch an entire episode, this is the 1st time I've actually kept up with the show...yeah, minutes of my life that I will never get back. Soooo, who do you think the bachelor will choose?

After the bike, I headed upstairs and jumped on the dreadmill. Only 2 miles tonight - 19:57, 9:58 pace. I know for some folks, this is your slow pace...for me this is pretty good! For some reason, I always seem to run better after the bike (at least with shorter distances). So, in total, a 1 hour workout.

And before bed, I watched Kell on Earth - another trainwreck of a show, but I love it! Guilty pleasures, we all have'em!

Finally, we're expecting snow today.






Jenn said...

A frick! Ha! I rarely watch any shows on TV but if I do they better be good and trashy! Haven't seen the bachelor this season! Nice job on the workout!

Allie said...

My mom told me it was supposed to snow before I came in town and I didn't believe her at first. I thought I was going to be escaping to Houston but apparently cold weather follows me.
Good job on the Frick! :)

Staci Dombroski said...

You have been getting a lot of snow over there! The last snow storm you got, we had it here in South Carolina too :-)

Julie said...

Good job on the mill run!! Your children are so adorable...I can see the halos floating above their heads:) Have a good day!!

NY Wolve said...

Remember that day when they fight over the color of the sky or the size of the ice cream!

Meg said...

I hope your frick workout went well!

Stephanie said...

Did you all get SNOW?? We got quite a bit here in Austin - crazy!!

That Pink Girl said...

I "Fricked" last night too! ;0) I'm very new at this, this was maybe my 5th brick or so. I agree, I can run much faster once my legs are warm from stycling!

Tara said...

Good job on your "frick"!

I don't watch those shows, I think they are sort of silly, but if it helps your indoor workout go by faster, then that's a good thing!

I think that Texas in general has gotten more snow this year then Denver has.

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