Monday, June 25, 2012

The Week in Pictures

This week was especially awesome, because it was a 4-day work week for me. The hubby and I both had Friday off from work and planned to spend the day with the kids.  It just so happened that this day off coincided with the opening of the new Disney Pixar movie, Brave.  I'm a sucker for most Disney movies, so naturally when the kids wanted to see it, I was more than happy to take them!  We loved the movie - great story!

The Munchkin and Kiddo with their special movie treats waiting for the show!
On Saturday, the Hubby and I both had a bike ride - 1:45 hours for me, 2:30 hours for the Hubs.  I went first, since I am more likely to wake up and get going before the sun is up.  This ride went really well!  My average speed was up compared to last week, so I was pleased with this.  And, there are benefits to getting out early - I saw the most gorgeous sunrise!

I actually pulled over to get a pic of iPhone camera doesn't do it justice!

And, I am lucky that we have an awesome community to ride in each week - there are gorgeous houses, very few cars and lots of wildlife...speaking of wildlife, during my ride I spotted:

  • 5 or 6 rabbits
  • 2 deer
  • 1 armadillo
  • A bobcat (!!!) - It ran across the road and I had no idea what it was, but a runner up ahead confirmed that it was indeed a bobcat. Crazy!
  • 1 man on a Segway "walking" his Standard Poodle 
  • 1 man on an Eliptigo
Okay, so the last two were not really "wildlife", but they were kind of funny to see.  And, when I arrived home, I spotted this critter in our flower beds...

Sorry, but I HATE snakes...I think my gardening days are coming to an abrupt halt!
Also on Saturday, the Kiddo had a friend spend the usual, I made sure they were nice and tired by the end of the day.  They spent a lot time time playing on the Slip and Slide and in the water.  I am a big fan of getting the kids to play outdoors, and with this heat the only thing they can do comfortably outdoors is play in the water.

Yep, when friends come over we get cool stuff like CapriSun!

Eating outdoors!  Trying to enjoy the patio when it's not quite 100+ degrees!
On Sunday, the Kiddo had a birthday party and I took the Munchkin to the pool.  Apparently, my efforts to get the kids nice and tired worked...the Munchkin fell asleep watching TV.  This almost never happens...neither of my kids usually stay still long enough to fall asleep!

The Kiddo had some fun when the Munchkin fell asleep...I know it was mean, but notice that I took a picture anyway.

So that's it for the week in pictures.  Hope you had an awesome weekend!!!


Laura @ Mommy run fast said...

Oh, yikes! Bobcats are around here?! At least you were on the bike- that's even scarier for a runner, I'd think! Nice job getting your long ride in, and on tuckering out your kiddos. :)

Lisa said...

We have bobcats in our 'hood, too. A little frightening when you realize it's not a loose kitty cat.