Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Weighing In - Week 3

It's week 3 and I am surprisingly happy with the foods I have been eating.  I had a rough time this weekend, though.  The Kiddo asked if we could make cookies for her sleepover on Saturday, so I agreed.  Turns out the guest really wasn't into cookies, so I somehow managed to eat a couple (or four).  They were small cookies!  Then, I went to a baby shower on Sunday.  The food was incredible!  But, I managed to just have some fruit, cheese and a teeny bit of Greek salad.  Oh, but I did have some super sweet champagne punch (bad!).  And, I may or may not have indulged in some Lemon Curd that was given to each guest in a cute little mason jar to take home...I had never had lemon curd and it was so yummy!

Now that it's Monday again, I have vowed to get back on track.  Although, I have to admit that I wasn't all that excited about this week's menu - orange roughy, canned tuna and salmon all in the same day.  For 7 days straight!  Don't get me wrong, I do love fish...but this was a little much.  So, I decided to exchange the orange roughy for chicken.  And, I have never really liked Salmon...that is until the Hubby brought home some Sockeye Salmon a couple of weeks ago.  It was delicious, so that's what I bought this week.

In the mornings, I get to eat breakfast tacos!  They're made with corn tortillas, ground turkey, egg whites and pico de gallo.  Oh, and I get to eat 1/2 of an orange! I don't know why,  but eating this makes me feel incredibly full, although I am eating the same amount of calories as the previous two weeks.

Very filling breakfast!

My morning snack consists of a Kind Fruit and Nut bar and another orange!  The Kind bar tasted like a true cheat treat...it's so yummy!

This is where I made the switch - I exchanged the orange roughy for chicken.  Sorry, I just can't do fish 3 times in one day!  I also get 3 ounces of sweet potato and 3 ounces of green beans. 

Okay, so this was a little less than 3 oz of chicken...the stuff shrinks when you cook it!

Here's my 1st fish of the day - solid white tuna mixed with mustard and relish.  I also get a side of almonds and an apple.  Again, I feel like this is a lot of food!

More food!

Here's my next serving of fish...Salmon on a bed of cooked spinach and quinoa (a 1/2 cup, which seems like a lot!), with asparagus on the side. Once again, I am feeling totally full after this!

I wasn't sure about the cooked spinach...I typically prefer raw, but combined this was awesome!

Hooray, I can eat blueberries again!  I have to admit, I put these in the Munchkin's lunch everyday and I always catch myself eating a few.  I have really missed my berries, so this is a great treat - Greek yogurt, blueberries and a packet of Truvia - yum!

I used to eat this for breakfast everyday

I have to admit that eating this way (with no processed foods whatsoever) makes me realize that I was eating more processed crap than I thought.  I am totally and completely enjoying this!  It helps that I am down another 1.5 lbs, too.  And, I am not really craving chocolate or cookies...well, maybe margaritas,...but I am craving good things like raspberries and blueberries!  Now, when I actually crave veggies like cooked spinach and brussel sprouts, well then we'll officially have a breakthrough! That Pink Girl once made a comment about how it'd be nice if only they made veggies that tasted like candy, lol! 

If only...


Kathy said...

Wow, so similar to how I ate when I lost weight a few years ago. The only thing I craved passionately was orange juice - to this day it is the most heavenly treat to me!

Duckie said...

Good work! It is amazing how processed food can add up in a diet. Reducing and nearly eliminating it has been a little easier since I am not able to eat gluten or dairy and the idea of spending $8 on a loaf of bread is offensive to me. I have seen amazing results and been able to just listen to my body more. The cravings are few and far between. When I do cave in and buy something pre-made and gluten free, I always regret it. Case in point, gf banana cake in the middle of last weeks meltdown. I had sugar cravings for days.

Robin said...

Your daily food actually sounds delicious! I'm so going to steal some of these ideas. Stay true to your goal...you are doing amazing! Keep up the good work.

Teamarcia said...

Isn't amazing how your tastes change when you stay away from sweets/processed food? I need to get back there. Although after a weekend of indulging, I find myself craving veggies. Go figure.

Stephanie said...

I'm so impressed! Wow!

The food looks good, but I much prefer cookies.

Wendy said...

Great job! I really need to do more of this.