Friday, June 29, 2012

Random Facts Friday

1.  I am a bit OCD (okay, the Hubby would say I am ALOT OCD) when it comes to my countertops in the kitchen and bathroom. I hate those annoying water spots, so I find myself wiping down the counter tops a lot.
This stuff works great on granite!  Clen the counter and then use this to make it shine!

2.  I often get “runners brain” on a long run. Get me past 15 miles and I am lucky to remember my own  name. Heaven forbid I am running in unfamiliar territory…I might be lucky to get back to my car.

Ever feel like this?  I know I have, hahahaha!

 3.  I am pretty good at a lot of things, but not really great at any. (Jack of all trades, ace of none!) For
example, here are some things I dabbled in, but never really became awesome at any of them:
  • Dance
  • Gymnastics
  • Ice Skating
  • Guitar
  • Photography
  • Pageants (long story)
  • Surfing
  • Running
  • Biking
  • Swimming
  • Gardening
  • HR
And the list goes on…

At surf camp...yes, those are loooooong boards.
4.  I make my bed everyday. Okay, on the weekdays I don’t take the time to also add all the decorative pillows, but on the days I am home I do. My bedroom may be a total and complete mess (which it typically isn't because I am OCD), but somehow if the bed is made, I don’t mind the mess as much.
Even here the bed is missing a few pillows, but you get the idea.

5.  I was born and raised in Houston. Moving to the suburbs was a big change for me. I love Houston, even with it’s traffic, it’s huge roaches, it’s bayous, its mosquitos, its diversity…I LOVE HOUSTON. In fact,  for the longest time I thought it was the best city in the world.
And then I went to NYC. 
But, I still love Houston.
Isn't it pretty?  And see, there are running trails!  source


Stephanie said...

You can come and be OCD at my house anytime! I'm just a short drive away!

K said...

I love this post!

That Pink Girl said...

2. Yes! I write my workouts on my arm because after a few laps around the track at full tilt, I forget what I'm supposed to be doing!