Thursday, December 13, 2012

My 15-minutes...almost

A friend from my triathlon training group posted something on Facebook a couple of weeks ago about a casting director needing "female cyclists age 30-45" for a commercial. The audition was the following day and you had to e-mail the casting director with your name, height, weight, etc. and a picture. I decided "why not?" paid $800 and I figured that, if I was lucky enough to be selected, the money could come in handy for the holidays. I sent in my information and received an email that evening asking me to come in the following afternoon. My reaction?  "HOLY CRAP!"
So I went to the audition...the minute I entered the lobby, I felt completely out of my element.  The lobby was filled with other women and several children who all seemed to have head shots and acting resumes in hand. The other women were auditioning for the role of "Mom" in the commercial and I think they were sizing me up to see if I was competition.

Obviously, they had nothing to worry about!

Really, everyone was nice.  They all seemed to know each other...maybe from classes or other auditions. It was sorta like they were in a secret club or fraternity...and I was not a member.  LOL!  Fortunately, I found out that one of the other "cyclists" was in the same triathlon training group as the Hubs and she is an Aggie, so we had time to talk about training, triathlons, etc.  Another "cyclist" was a member of a cycling club on the other side of town, and we talked a bit about riding.  If nothing else, I met a couple of really awesome women!

We were told that we'd be auditioning together and it was finally our turn.  We had to ad lib and I think it was obvious that we had no acting experience! It was very awkward! The scenario...we pretend to be walking in the park and all of a sudden we see a huge egg (that was really a poster board).  We had to walk up to the egg and interact...then, the egg handed us some Kashi cereal. The tag line was "As much protein as an egg!" So we fumbled through the audition and laughed as we left the room.  We all wished each other luck and were on our way.

Much to my surprise, I received a call back the following week!  I went in again on Wednesday evening, and this time auditioned for the director and some of the Kashi people. I auditioned with one of the women from the last audition (yay!) and a different woman (who had an awesome New Zealand accent).  We were instructed to pretend to have just finished our ride, we're stretching a bit, we see the egg and we approach. Again, it was awkward, but not as bad as last least we kind of knew what to expect. The commercial was scheduled to shoot on this past Saturday.

I am a little embarrassed to admit this, but yes, I sat by the phone like a school girl waiting for the cute boy to call. Unfortunately, I never got a call. Boo!

Honestly, I am totally okay with it.  I had a lot of things that needed to get done over the weekend anyway. But, that $800 at Christmas was very appealing! I mean, who couldn't use and extra $800 this time of year??? And, it would have been kinda cool to get a behind the scenes look at how a commercial filming works.  So, I had a fun experience, met some cool people and my kids now think I'm sooo cool!   Oh, and I learned that Kashi has "as much protein as an egg"! 

I can't wait to finally see the commercial to find out if one of the women I auditioned with was selected. :-)

Have you ever auditioned for something?  Have you been on TV, in a commercial or something else?  Tell me your experiences if you've had them!


That Pink Girl said...

What a fun experience! Good for you for going for it - even if you felt out of your element. You *are* a female cyclist, after all, no acting needed there!
And I had no idea Kashi had "as much protein as an egg"! Might have to give their cereals another try.

{lifeasa}RunningMom said...

I am glad you went out there and tried and yes, $800 would be nice this time of year.

Lisa said...

Wow, what a cool experience.

Michelle Dragoo said...

how awesome! Trying new things is so important, I am proud of you!