Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Week in Pictures

Well, we've been doing more of the same in the past couple of weeks.  The kids have continued with their running club.  We missed a few weeks here and there, so the kids have actually be doubling up and running two miles instead of one.  They have the much anticipated "Jingle Bell Run" with the group coming up this weekend, so that should be a blast.
The kids getting their run on!

This year, we started the "Elf of a Shelf" tradition at our house.  The kids have had a great time waking up to see where "Elfey" will be and what mischief he has gotten into.  The kids named him...real original, huh?  And, the spelling?  Well, that came from a 2nd grader.  It's been fun surprising the kids each day, but I know that by the time Christmas is here, we will be running out of cute ideas for our buddy, Elfey.

Elfey making his debut (top), ziplining from the ceiling fan (center) and getting into the Advent calendar (bottom)
The kiddos were at my parent's house four a couple of days, so the Hubs and I had a rare opportunity to take a walk in the neighborhood nature trails. I've been wanting to run and bike here, but I was afraid of getting lost.  The one attempt I made to run here was foiled by some very aggressive horseflies.  The Hubs has been through the trails both on his bike and on foot and was a bit more familiar with them.  I've been wanting to take the kids here, but not without knowing my way around a little. The trails are awesome!!!  Now that the weather is cooler and the horseflies are not around, I plan to do lots of running here and want to take the kids on some fun adventures.

Some pics of the trails and the creek near out house.  Even butthead Brady enjoyed them!
And since I am on the topic of nice weather and the trails near our house, I just had to share this pic.  I took it as we were coming home one afternoon last week.  The leaves are kinda, sorta changing color (as much as they change color in this part of Texas) and it was just a gorgeous day!  This is why I love living where we feels nice and wooded, plus we have the nature trails and creek.  But at the same time, we aren't far from the big city and all the amenities we could ever hope for!

Just appreciating a gorgeous day!

And finally, we've managed to get a brief taste of cooler/cold weather.  FINALLY!  The Munchkin was excited, because he's really been wanting to wear his new Avengers shirt and matching knit cap.  I love how little it takes to make my kids happy!

My sweet Munckin!  I love this silly boy!

Life is about to get a bit crazier, as we've hardly done any Christmas shopping at all and I have photobooks and Christmas cards to hurry up and order.  It seems that I vow each year to get my shiznit together the following year, but yet I never do!  Ugh!  Oh well, somehow we still manage to get everything done.  Funny how that happens!

What is the weather like in your neck of the woods?   Do you have an Elf on the Shelf?


Michael said...

I love the Elf on a Shelf idea and wish it would have been around when I was young...or maybe it was, but we never did it.

Weather has turned much colder :( We were having 60s and 70s which is crazy for December, but temps are back in the teens to 30s in the am when I run. Yuck.

Michelle Dragoo said...

Looks like you are being blessed with decent weather at least! I do miss Texas for the winters for sure!