Thursday, July 25, 2013

My own personal Ironman

I've thought about writing this post for a long time....long before the hubs decided to train for Ironman, long before I thought I would want to attempt one.  Don't get me wrong - I don't think that everyday life compares to actually completing an Ironman, but you've got to admit that some days (especially when you are training for a tri) feel like your own freaking personal Ironman...

Event #1 - Morning Workout
My day starts around 4:15 am. The alarm clock actually goes off before that, but I'm a snoozer - I push that snooze button 2x before I crawl out of bed.

My weekday and weekend's sad that 5:45 is considered "sleeping in"!
I literally race my dog out of the room...sometimes I beat him out the door, sometimes I don't. (Note: Sometimes racing my dog out the door is it's own event - he gets crazy when he knows I am getting up to work out!)  I get dressed in the living room (because of previously mentioned dog) - either in my ratty gym shorts (for a strength training day) or my running gear (for a running day, duh!).  Then I proceed with the day's workout - it ranges from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on what I am doing that day. 

Some early morning P90X up in here...
Usually, because I have pushed the snooze button too many times, my workout becomes a race against the much can I do / how far can I go and still be done in time to hit the shower at 5:15????  It's always a challenge.

Next, I shower and proceed to get ready for work.  Then, I head to the kitchen for my egg whites and a carb (oats, granola, whatever) and make the Kiddo a waffle to eat with her chocolate pudding (yep, she's a creature of habit, too).

Typical breakfast...egg whites and a carb.  In this case it's granola and almond milk, yum!

Once done, I finish getting ready for work and the Hubs wakes the Munckin...the Munchkin tends to be a bit grumpier than the Kiddo in the morning and needs some help getting ready.  (Getting the Muchkin dressed in the morning can sometimes be an event all by itself...)  Once we're all ready, we make sure everything is in the car (including the kids) and head to the daycare. Yes, I will admit that on more than one occasion, we've left a bag or a lunch at home and I've had to go back.  Sigh, it happens! 

Yes, I know, it's hard to believe these two would ever give me trouble in the mornings!!!

After the kids are safely dumped dropped off, I make my way to the park and ride.  Once on the bus, I can surf the internet, answer work emails, read or sleep.

Not really my bus, but you get the idea. (source)

Event #2
Once I get off the bus, I power walk my way to the office (about 5 blocks) and grab some coffee.  I may or may not be greeted by one of Houston's transients along the way. 

You need fuel in Ironman, the same is true for the work day!  When the schedule permits, I have my morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack.  Again, like Ironman, sometimes things go as planned...sometimes they don't.  You have to adjust and keep plodding along.  Sometimes the day is 8 hours, sometimes it takes a little longer than you anticipated to get the job done.  (To be honest, sometimes work just tires me the hell out.)  Once the work day is over, I power walk back to the bus stop and hang out until a bus decides to arrive.  Usually in the afternoon, I am greeted by a nice man on the street who tells me he loves me or calls me beautiful each day...and yes, this man is a complete stranger.  Gotta love Downtown Houston!

Once on the bus, I read some more.  Or sleep.  Or surf the net.  Or answer emails.  Or sleep.  Once at the bus stop, I either head home or to the gym...time for round two!

Thank you Jesus for the Nook and the iPhone Nook app!!!

Event #3
If it's a swim or spin class day, I head to the gym and get'er done.  Not my favorite part of the day just because it delays my arrival home (que mommyguilt).  But, I am usually happy I've been there once my workout is complete.

This and the spin room are my home away from home during tri season! (source)

Next, I head home...obviously, my favorite part of this event! Typically, the Hubs gets home a couple of hours earlier than I do, so he has already taken the kids to swim, gotten them to finish their homework/practice violin, etc. We typically eat dinner together and then get the kids bathed and tucked into bed (much like getting the Munchkin dressed in the morning, this can sometimes be an entirely separate event on it's own!!!) If it's early enough, we might have some time for playing outside...although in the summer, it's usually still 95 degrees and we end up watching TV or playing Wii. Sad, but that's part of living in Texas!

Getting some outdoor time!

Ahhhh, the cool down can begin!  Peace and quiet in the house are typically what happens here...with the occasional cry of "I'm thirsty" or "I'm scared" coming from the kids.  This is usually the only time we have to clean house, fold laundry, etc.  Once the Hub's Ironman was over, we brought hired a cleaning lady again.  The funny thing is that when cleaning lady is coming the next day, we are scurrying around trying to unclutter and do all the pre-cleaning that needs to be done, lol!  I wish I could say that I finish my "race" feeling recharged and ready for more.  That does happen, but not often.  To be honest, I am usually pretty darn tired by the end of the day.  Once any household stuff is done, we are usually too beat to read or stay up for the news...once my head hits the pillow, I am pretty much out.

And then we wake up and do the entire thing over again.  Sigh.  Is there any wonder why we sooooo look forward to the weekend?

An Ironman?  No, not really.  Exhausting ?  Abso-freaking-lutely! 

What does your weekday routine look like?  Do your days feel crazy-full, too?


Tara @ said...

I'm pretty sure I saw you this past weekend at a terrible Astros game. Yes?

K said...

Christy, I have always thought what you do is amazing! Motherhood is the ultimate endurance event.
You rock it all!

Junie B said...

I wish a few people I know that use their kid or kids as an excuse not to have time to work out, or they are just tooooo tired...what the hell ever! GET YOUR LAZY ASS up and quit being a belly acher!

I read a LOT of fitness blogs where the blogger is a full time job/and mom and MAKES the time instead of excuses. HUGS CHRISTY!

saroy said...

Christy, your work/workout ethic is so admirable! Finding time to exercise has been one of my biggest challenges since having a kid. It's just one of many things I want to do with the free time I do have, and I'm not very good at making it a priority.

Oh, and we hired a cleaning service recently and I loooooove it. We do the pre-cleaning pickup and uncluttering whirlwind too, but I'm so happy I don't have to spend time cleaning the house anymore.

Duckie said...

Great post! I find it so challenging to manage my time with work, travel, and training that I am amazed by people who add family obligations on top of it all.

If that is the LA Fitness near Katy (hard to say, they all look alike), we should meet up for a swim the next time I am in town.

Ryan @ BSX said...

I have such admiration for parents that take on such worthwhile challenges. I'm a newlywed with no kids and I feel like I have trouble finding time to train for a 10K, much less an Iron Man.

Thanks for illustrating that we all have the same 168 hours in a week and that we choose how we want to spend them!

Marsha said...

Oh my goodness, what is my freakin' excuse!?? I have no idea how people work full-time and raise kids and be married. Oh, and you train for an Ironman too! Athletes inspire my 66-yr-old self, so thank you. I got started after some colon surgery because I found fitolddog.
You are setting a great example for your kids. Just don't forget to nibble on Hub's ear once in awhile.

Lisa said...

Grrrr, I typed a comment & my computer spazzed.

You are doing an amazing job!
I laughed when I saw that we have pretty much the same "wake up" time.