Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Well, here's the scoop. My boss wanted to meet with me yesterday afternoon to discuss how another meeting went this morning. (Yes, that's right, we meet to discuss meetings. LOL!) At the end of the meeting, he mentions this blog. Apparently, someone at work was bored enough to not only find my blog, but find this post in the archives. Then, they were bored enough to not only send the link to people in the office, but print it out and distribute it around. Yeah, if only I had that much time on my hands.

Part of me could care less. I know this is the internet. I wouldn't post anything that I thought could get me into trouble at work. I'm not THAT dumb. I don't think there was anything that terrible in that post. Surely, I am not the only 35 year old who has experienced discontent at work and has no clue what she wants to do when she "grows up"! However, my boss felt otherwise. First, why would I want to blog in the 1st place? Second, maybe someone at work would read that and think that I wasn't really happy here. He felt that I might have to do damage control over that post. All of the partners where I work are men, and trust me when I say that when it comes to gossiping, they are as bad if not worse than a bunch of high school girls. Some of them are extremely judgemental. I am sure I will get a lot of strange looks from many of them. I'm sure that a couple of them will mention this discovery to me (can we say - beating a dead horse?).

The other part of me is just annoyed that someone at work is childish enough to feel that my blog needed to be distributed in this manner. I *think* I have an idea of who this person is, and if my guess is correct, I am not surprised in the least. I haven't decided how I'm going to handle this. For now, I'll leave my blog as private. I e-mailed everyone I have saved as a contact in my e-mail account...which isn't everyone. I am horrible about updating my contact list! So, if I am forgetting anyone, I hope they e-mail me!



Tiggs said...

well that really sucks! I'm so sorry this happened Christy-- as for the boss, if he knows you at all, he will realize that you're a great person and as asset to the company and not let something as trivial as a blog post get to him

Margo said...

That absolutely sucks! Wonder if the person who sent it around wanted your job or a similar position and was turned down for it. Just shake it off as best you can. Your work knows about your continuing education, right? So they know that you are not going to be in that job forever. I'm hoping that my last name never gets out on my blog or that work people don't find it precisely for those reasons. I try not to blog about ANY work stuff, so hopefully people here won't figure it out!

Sarah said...

Sigh. People are just weird.

J~mom said...


I am so sorry. :<(

I don't know if you knew the whole scoop when my blog went private but I had something similar happen.

Eventually I said poo and opened my blog back up.

Thanks for the invite here! :>)I will give Marcy your email.

Viv said...

This is terrible. The blog was not even bad. Everyone has a right to think about and change whatever they need to do to be happy. I hope your boss does see this as some childish malicious intention of a coworker. It is your free flow thoughts if you blocked your feelings and your thoughts why blog. Ugh! thanks for keeping me in the post updates. I hope this will all blow over very soon. Take Care

Holden said...

35? You're 35? I was thinking like 26. 35? Wow! Running does make you look younger. Either that or your hubby is a saint and the kiddo never gets in trouble.
35.... Who would have guessed?


TX Runner Girl said...

Wow, thanks Holden! You just made my day. :-)

Barbara said...

One thing I'm figuring out the hard way is it doesn't show up in my feeds now that it's private.

So if you post and don't hear from me, just nudge me!

I know what you mean though; I rarely say anything about work. After all, I hardly make mine secret - the URL is my name and there are pictures posted all over it.

That's actually how Dooce got so well known and made a career out of her blog - because her employer found out about it and fired her.