Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Long Weekend

I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend!

Saturday, as you know, I had classes. My Marketing Prof decided to have class after all, so I had class all day. But, now I don't have any classes this weekend! Woohoo!

Sunday, I met my friend at the park for a morning bike ride. She was planning to do 40, but with my back issues, I decided to just do 20. The weather was awesome! It was humid, but the temp was a cool 74 degrees. As we started our ride, it actually felt cold! Well, anything compared to the 100 degree "feels like" temps we're used to riding in would feel cold. :-) So, the ride was fun. It actually turned out to be about 21 miles. It wasn't the fastest ride I've done, but it was a good effort. After playgroup, the SIL offered to watch the kiddo and take her to the pool. It gave the hubby and I a chance to have a nice, relaxing, toddler-free lunch and look at houses again. I am having the same issues as last time...I like several parts of several different floor plans, but not one builder offers everything I want! Grrrrr....

Yesterday, the kiddo slept in until 7 am! We grabbed some breakfast and headed to the park. I ran/walked 30 minutes. Actually it was more walk than run. My back was really bothering me yesterday and walking seemed to hurt less. (Usually, it's the opposite.) Next, we headed to the playground. The kiddo was having a great time and had only been there about 15 minutes when we met the Spawn of Satan. Really.

The kiddo climbed up to the top of the "fort" to slide down the corkscrew slide. I'm not sure why, but she decided to lay on her back and slide. Well, I was standing a little way behind her and a little boy (SofS) ran past me to the same slide. I was just about to tell the kiddo to hurry because the boy wanted to slide too, when he raised his foot high into the air and brought it down on her head! I saw what was about to happen, but I couldn't move fast enough. The kiddo screamed and went down the slide. I ran down the little steps to get her. I felt so bad! And, I wanted to drop kick that little SofS right off the top of the slide! Seriously.

The boy's Mom didn't see everything. She just saw that her son was there and heard the kiddo scream. She asked me what happened and I showed her exactly what he did. When she went to get him, he would not come to her. She had to chase him around the playground for a few minutes! My anger at the boy subsided when I saw how mortified she was that her son had done such a thing. The mom was very apologetic. She made the boy come apologize. The poor Kiddo had a big goose egg on the back of her head, where it hit the slide. Needless to say, she was ready to go home after that. (Usually, I have to drag her or bribe her to leave the playground!) Later, the hubby played with the kiddo while I went to a movie. I finally got to see Hairspray! Last night, my parents took us out to Benihana. Yum!

So that's the weekend recap. This afternoon, I'm heading to the doctor...hopefully, she'll be able to help me out with the back issues!

Workout Stats

Riding - 21 miles, 1 hr 37 minutes

Running - outdoors, 30 minutes


Marcy said...

Awwwwhhhhh man!! Poor little one! I'm glad that the Mom was apologetic. Nothing is worse than having someone else's kid do something to yours and then have the parent act like nothing happened or not give a crap.

barbara said...

Yikes; I hope she's okay! I can't say as my children have ever done that, but they have been on the giving and the receiving end of childish behavior before and it's embarrassing when they've been the only dishing it out.

So...what'd ya think of Hairspray?