Monday, August 11, 2008

Confession Time...

I have a confession to make. School's been a bitch the past 3 weeks, so I decided I only have time to do one workout or the other. I don't have time to run and do P90X.

Guess what?

P90X won.

Seriously, in the 3 weeks that I have done it consistently I am already feeling stronger! I like results, so I decided to keep going. Screw running. I did miss some of the P90X workouts last week, so I am starting week 4 over again.

I only ran 2x in the past 3 weeks and you know what?



I think I am nearing the end of my running career. After 7 years of training for something - a marathon or 1/2 marathon - with a break to have 2 kids, I think I'm done. Ready to try something new, explore other things.

I don't seem to enjoy it anymore. I definitely didn't miss it.

I may take a little time to really do some soul searching about the whole thing, maybe it's just because any running I have done has been solo and not with a fun Fit group. But I think ultimately, I will have to change the title of this blog. :-) Anyone wanna 1/2 marathon entry????


Tiggs said...

I smell another triathlete in the making....

TX Runner Girl said...

LOL, very possible Cassie!!

Viv said...

Yea I think a triathlete will give running that oomph you need. Or whatever makes you happy. You are so right on doing what brings you that joy and endorphin rush. I am so happy you are loving P90X you are gonna be the hardbody at the playground ;-)

Christy if you are seriously thinking of giving up your entry I will take it. My really good friend from Ohio wants in on the race and I have scouting Craigslist and it is a rip off of people seeling their bibs. Let me know.

Sarah said...

I definitely go through periods where I don't enjoy running. Maybe it's just a lull.

But definitely do a triathlon! :)