Monday, August 25, 2008


Sorry I've been so absent here. I've been enjoying the family time after work. After the kiddos are in bed, I squeeze in an hour of P90X and then the treadmill. Then I get all the suff ready for the next day - lunches, clothes, etc. By the time I'm all done, it's 10 or 10:30 pm and I'm ready for bed!

On Saturday I met up with Woodlands Fit for the long run. A huge shout out to Christy (sp?), Jennifer, Therese, two others whose names I can't remember (that's okay, because they don't have access to this blog anyway, hahaha!) and of course, the awesome Coach Debbie. We had a great 5:1 group going this weekend! It was cooler than last week, but incredibly humid - yuck! I was worried at the beginning because I was huffing and puffing during the 1st mile. I found out why when Christy looked at her watch and said we were at a 10 minute pace.

Ummm, yeah...I've been running at about an 11:30 pace. Last week we ran our 6 miles at an 11:40 pace.

We did slow it down a little and of course we had our walk breaks, but I won't lie, it was pretty tough keeping up. I can't for the life of me find my watch and I forgot my Garmin, so I had no idea how fast or how far we had been going the entire run. I know that I did take 2 extra walk breaks toward the end of the run, but I still managed to keep up with my group. The end result - 5 1/2 miles in 59 minutes - or a 10:43 pace! I'll take it. I guess it showed me that I really need to start pushing myself harder on the weekday runs, because I am capable of going faster.

Afterwards, I had a date with Ann Taylor (among other stores). The hubby's 20 year high school reunion was later that night, so I needed a cute outfit pronto. I think all that walking at the mall helped keep my legs from getting tight, because I had almost no soreness. I wanted this awesome pair of red shoes, but they didn't have them in my size...grrrrr!

It seems that my feet have grown yet another 1/2 size since having the munchkin...something I keep forgetting. Crazy! I don't know what's come over me lately, but I have suddenly become a clothes whore when it comes to work clothes. I used to be okay with getting my few really nice staple pieces - you know, the black suit, the navy suit, the brown suit, etc. And then buying the tops and other stuff super cheap. Let's just say Target and I are great friends when it comes to this. But lately, I have been hearing places like Ann Taylor (and Loft), Black HouseWhite Market, Banana Republic, etc. calling my name! LOL! These are places I loved to shop at before having kids....then I went into super budgeter mom mode (paying for diapers and daycare will do that to a gal!). I think it's because most of my pre-pregnancy clothes don't fit well and I need some new stuff. To top it off, none of the clothes I want are ever on sale! I may need an intervention, but I think I will be okay if I just stay away from the mall. Fortunately, I've been able to show some restraint and not get too crazy. Besides, I'd much rather spend money on stuff for the new house!

Speaking of shoes....I went to Luke's in The Woodlands over a week ago to get some new running shoes. thanks to Woodland's Fit, I had an awesome coupon plus it was tax free weekend! Woohooo! Well, they don't carry my heavy, not-so-pretty motion control shoes, the Saucony Grid Stabil, at that particular store. Not suprising, because they aren't the cutest pair of shoes, so I'm sure not many people just come in asking for them. I asked to try alternatives including the Brooks Ariel (which I used to wear before they changed them a little). They were out of my size in the Ariel, so I tried the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 8, a pair of Asics and one other pair. I went with the Adrenaline and I went up a 1/2 size, because my pre-baby size just seemed too small. I opted not to wear the new shoes on the long run and try them out on the ol' dreadmill first (just in case there was an issue with the fit). I'm so glad I did, because they did not fit well at all! The just felt huge! No matter how I adjusted the laces, it just felt like my feet were sliding all around in them. So, they've been sitting in my closet in their box for the past week. If I ever get to have a non-work-related lunch, I will head over to the Houston location and promptly ask for my Brooks Ariel again. That's too bad too, because the Adrenaline come in an awesome shade of pink too:

Trust me when I say that Motion Control shoes almost never come in any color but blue. Don't get me wrong, I like blue, but it does get boring after awhile!

Well, that's it for now...have a GREAT week!


Bill D said...

The second half of the route had a little uphill worries on any extra walk breaks....and just keep a consistant routine. Don't push the pace during the week....(yet)

You're doing great and I agree that Debbie is awesome.

Holden said...

Ummm, well there's going to be a big labor day sales this coming weekend.....

Adrenaline's are stability shoes I thought.

Have you met up with Karen F. at the Saturday morning Fit?

Sarah said...

I've been wearing the Adrenaline for a couple years now and have been happy with it. But when I got my last pair a couple months ago they didn't have pink! I want pink!

Viv said...

Great pace Christy! It sounds like you got a great bunch to keep those long runs fun!

OK the Ann Taylor shoes are precious are you going to stalk them around to add to the collection???