Monday, August 18, 2008

What doesn't kill you....

makes you hotter!

LOL, that's a lyric from Legally Blonde: The Musical. It cracks me up, but it's oh so true...especially in the case of my recent workouts. I don't know about the hotter part, but the workouts have been killer. :-)

I survived last Saturday's 6-miler! Woohoo! It wasn't fast and it wasn't pretty, but I did it!

I actually got in 2 of the weekday runs last week and so far have done 2 of the 3 weekday runs this week. Just one little thing I discovered...don't run before doing the P90X Plyometric workout! My legs were tired and then to have to jump over and over...well, that just doesn't work too well!

As for Saturday, it was hot. No big suprise there. Afterall, it is Houston and it is August. It was also humid. Again, no big suprise. When I arrived at the Woodland's Fit meeting area, I actually went to where the full marathon folks were at and could not figure out where the 1/2 folks were. Then, I saw a large group of people starting their run. Me and another girl took off after them and sure enough, it was our 1/2 marathon peeps. Luckily, I met two others (Tamara and her friend from out of town) who run at pretty much same pace as me and we stuck together the entire distance doing 5/1 intervals. Can I just say Coach Debbie is awesome? She constantly hung with each of the 5/1 groups and encouraged everyone the entire way. And, after the run, Coach Bill assured me that we would be staying in the 6-7 mile range for most of September, so I didn't need to panic about having to run the mileage after not running much the past few weeks.

I think I've figured out why I am having motivational issues with the running:

1) It's hot as hell outside and I hate the heat! Yes, I am a pansy. There, I admitted it.

2) I hate running alone. For the shorter runs, it's no big deal, but for the weekly longer runs - it sucks.

3) Starting over just plain SUCKS! I remember the days of training after I had the kiddo. Being so freaking slow and having to build up the endurance all over again is not fun (not to mention carrying the extra weight). To do that yet again - for the 3rd time - sucks. The good news is that I know it will get better. Eventually.

Anyway, enough of the whining. Tonight it's 25 minutes on the ol' dreadmill followed by 55 minutes of P90X shoulders and legs, plus the Ab Ripper X. I have learned to LOVE the Ab Ripper. Bring it on, baby!!!


Viv said...

There she is my lil TX Runner Girl! Of course it will get better the past is the past right.....
By Jan think how cool it will be imagine it feel it on your long runs. OK I think I have lost it now. Glad your hotter :-)

K said...

Sorry I missed you Saturday! I was out with a neck problem. I should be there this week. Maybe we can meet?

Jamoosh said...

Legally Blone - The Musical. There is something terribly wrong in Gotham...