Thursday, August 14, 2008

Not so bad

I got my arse back on the dreadmill last night...that's the only thing that sucks at our house right now - dreadmill time. The hubby works nights, so he starts getting ready for work around 8 pm, leaves around 9 pm and works from 10 pm - 6 am. I'd much rather run outdoors, but by the time it is getting cooler outside, the hubby is getting ready for work and I have to get the kiddos into bed. I could run earlier, but that cuts into my time with the kiddos and hubby. I can't go out for an early morning run, because the hubby isn't home until it's almost time for me to leave for work.

So....the dreadmill it is!

Better than nothing I suppose.

To be honest, the dreadmill run was not that bad. Did I just love being on the run again? No! But, it felt good to get the heart rate going and to see the calories ticking away on the screen.

I've decided that I will try to get on the bike more (a friend and I are meeting up after work once a week to bike beginning next week), work on my horrible swimming and continue to train for the 1/2.

I also want to continue the remainder of the 90 days in my P90X cycle...I am loving P90X!

So, I will go to the Woodlands Fit run on Saturday. Let's face it, I am a total social runner. I don't mind running so much when I have peeps to talk to. The only problem is that it's a 5-6 mile run and so far, I haven't run farther than 3 miles this season. Oh, and that was almost 2 weeks ago. I don't know if I can hang for the entire distance. I may, or most likely will, be at the back of the pack and walking a lot at the end. P90X does include lots of cardio, but it's completely different than running!

So, that's it for now. I need to get to Luke's for some new shoes asap!


Barbara said...

I'm catching up on several posts at once. She's running. She isn't running. She's running only on the treadmill. She's running with Woodlands Fit.

I'm so confused! :)

But it sounds like you're running, and maybe even looking forward to Saturday?

Viv said...

LOL soscial runner I love it! Luke's has been crazy I have tried to go twice and a million kids getting fit. We gotta get togther for a ride soon.... said...

Tax free weekend!

Say 4 miles. C'mon, you can do it. See I knew you could. :)

Holden said...

I'm with Barbara.... I've haven't been good with keeping up with the blogs lately and wasn't sure if you're still running. I clicked on it today wondering what you changed your blog title to.....but I guess you're still running.