Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Day 12

Still no power. We're still on the Thursday list, but rumor has it that Centerpoint is "locked out" of our section of the grid (whatever that means) and we won't have power until Sunday. Whatever. I am getting used to the hum of the generator and waking up at 4 am to fight the mosquitos fill up the generator with gas, lol!

We did get power at work, so things are slowly getting back to normal there. I will be happy when our offices are rebuilt and we can move back in. Right now, I'm with the accounting department in an open space rather than an office. It's noisy, but it will work until the construction is over.

Speaking of work, yesterday I had to travel to Austin for a career fair. My co-worker and I ran into Jack Black at the Austin airport when we were waiting for our flight! He was there with his co-star in the movie "School of Rock", Mike White, apparently for a meeting with Richard Linklater. Here's a picture of the 4 of us....sorry it's so blurry, the man working at the chinese restaurant took the picture and I didn't want to ask everyone for a do-over:

I realized yesterday that I had not gotten in one workout this week...ummm, time to make some time to workout!!!


Barbara said...

Oh my gosh Christy. I think the list of people I know *without* power is longer than the list with it. That is just a whole lot of people.

And with 2 small children at home too that has to be rough.

Our office kept having water issues last week. It would be up then down then up. When it was up, I didn't trust it at all.

We still have an unused guest bedroom at our house if you want to stay someplace where the whole house is cool.

MOF a/k/a Margo said...

I hope everyone gets up and running soon! This is just unacceptable.

Cool pic! Nice that they posed with you.

I have so many workouts to make up too - ugh!