Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pictures of the Ike Aftermath...

After Ike, I took my camera with me everywhere I went and tried to snap a few pictures when I could. Most of these pictures were taken near my house...keep in mind that I live approximately 80 miles inland!

Saturday - after Ike

The kiddo in her "helmet" and rain boots with my Dad just checking out the damage. Fortunately, there were only fences down and tree debris everywhere.

A common sight around the city - billboards...or at least they used to be!

Water! This was taken on the I-45 feeder near 1960:

Trees, trees and more trees....

A few harmless ones in my neighborhood (there were lots!). This one is at the entrance to the subdivision.

This one is near the elementary school. There was an even larger one down at the playground across the street.

The next two are in my parent's neighborhood:

Almost every palm tree at this dealership was lying on the ground!

Some not-so-harmless trees. This one is in the neighborhood about 1/2 mile from where I live:

This one is in my Sister-in-Law's neighborhood in Humble:

Gas lines - this became a way of life for the week after Ike. These were taken off of I-45 heading north. I am lucky that I never had to wait more than 45 minutes the week after Ike.

This was taken at I-45 and Rayford and shows only 1/3 of the line. Behind the truck on the left was a weaving theme-park type line with at least 100 people in it. And this isn't even showing all the cars lined up down the feeder road!

This was taken on my way to work - excuse the crack in the windshield.

More damage from Ike:

This was also taken on my way to work.

1960 near I-45

On Rayford...

In Humble...

At 2920, I think. Oh and most of the Sonic restuarants in the area had damage similar to this.

1960 - dangling lights everywhere!

A part of the Texas Parks and Wildlife convoy on Saturday afternoon...

A part of the Border Patrol convoy...

The creek near my can usually see the sandy bottom!

An attempt at humor during the storm. I have a picture of the same store with a similar scene from Rita.


Jamoosh said...

Sadly, I have learned that pictures just don't seem to fully convey the damage. Nasty stuff though.

Viv said...

Ike beat up Tina..I don;t know why i am laughing. That Exxon is FM2920 about a mile from my house.

Humble Runner said...

OMG, Your picture of Hurricane IKE freaked me out.... I work in Humble... I recognized the picture of the house with the treeon it (there was a lot of them). Hours after the storm we had a call about that particualr residence and I personally kicked the door in to do our primary searches. Luckly no one was home. Unfourtantley, the natural gas was leaking. We turned the gas off and went back to the station moved on the the next house.

Too weird. Interesting story... most the damage was to the kitchen and dining room. Nothing in the living room, when I checked the master bedroom, a LARGE limb was hovering 8 inches over the center of the master bed. neato.

TX Runner Girl said...

Crazy Bill! Small world! There was a house with a tree in it next door to my Sister in Law too, but luckily it didn't do near the damage that the other one did!