Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Saturday - Long Run - 7.4 miles

Definitely a harder run for me, but I think that can be attributed to the poor diet and lack of workouts. I think I've felt entitled to eat anything and not work out because I didn't have power. Well, the power's back on and it's time to get back on schedule!


Sunday - Bike Ride - 1 hour

Well my group of friends doing the Bike Barn's Haak Winery ride on Sunday fizzled out. Rather than go it alone, I decided to save my gas and some time by riding around the 'hood. I checked out all the new streets in the undeveloped side of the hood, which made for some good, car-free riding!

Sunday night, I met up with some former co-workers for dinner and The Color Purple. Both the dinner and the show were awesome!

Monday - P90X - Shoulders and Back / Ab Ripper X
I decided rather than start the program completely over after my 2-week hiatus that I'd pick up where I left off...it turns out the 1st week and 9th week schedules are exactly the same anyway! OMG, I thought I was going to die! What a difference 2 weeks make! I honestly felt like I did the 1st time I did this workout. My arms and abs felt like jello afterwards and today my shoulders and back are super sore. It's awesome!!!

Is it just me, or for the past week has everyone else seen convoys of Centerpoint (and other company) trucks all over town? Those guys are working their asses off, so kudos to them. Hopefully, the remaining 100,000 people will have power soon!
Looks like I should have gone ahead and bought my road bike with my bonus last year, rather than being sensible and putting the money in our house fund. My company paid bonuses early this year to offset some of the costs employees were facing due to Ike (which was nice)....but, somehow my bonus was half the size of last years! And, I didn't start working for the company last year until mid-April! Looks like the MS150 might be out this year unless I can convince myself to splurge and get a bike...although it won't be the one I really want. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

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Viv said...

Great workouts, Christy!

Love the no power so it gives me the right to eat and not workout. Except what is my excuse I had power..LOL!

I may need to go do some riding in your hood...car free ahh what a blessing.