Thursday, September 09, 2010

Quickie Post...

Sorry to post and run, but it's past my bedtime. Gee, I sound like a granny!

Tuesday, 9/7 - 5 mile, indoor track

Thank God for the indoor track at work! It rained all day, so there would be no running outdoors. And when I say rained, I mean in sheets. It was crazy! I wasn't really feeling "it", but went to the gym anyway. I compromised - go to the gym and if you still don't feel it after 3 miles, you can stop...but, if you feel good - do 4 miles. I did 5 miles! I felt great, so I kept going. The best part? This was an "easy" run for me, meaning I didn't really push the pace at all...but, I managed to maintain between a 10:05 and 10:15 pace for each mile. Definitely improvement!

Wednesday, 9/8 - no workout
Instead, I got to see PARAMORE! They were amazing. I went with two good running friends and we started with dinner and margarita's and the rocked it out at the concert...good times!
Wednesday, 9/9 - 3 miles, indoor track
Yep, it's sunny again. And hot. Indoor track is great...3 easy, peasy miles - 9:58 pace.
This weekend I am doing my final tri of the season, so I'll have a race report for ya next week!


Jill said...

Hey...nice job on the "easy" five - sounds like the runs are getting easier, and farther :). Always leaves you feeling like you can do anything, huh? Keep up the great work!! :)

keen footwear said...

That's good! Sounds like you really had fun! i also like paramore,they are really good! :)

oakley said...

nice to know that a runner like you can appreciate music like this one! :)