Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rest (sorta)

After finishing both P90X and then Insanity, I decided to take a little hiatus from everything Beachbody.com related.

The week before my tri, I only ran...then, last week (the week after my tri) I did one day of Insanity (I caved) and ran.

Tuesday, 9/14 - 3 miles, indoor track - took it easy...

Wednesday, 9/15 - Insanity - I only did the shorter, 45 minute workout

Thursday, 9/16 - 3 miles (again)

Saturday, 9/18 - 10 miles

That 10-miler on Saturday went well...I decided that I was going to push the pace a bit. In the heat, my pace sucks. Seriously. But, I usually finish my long runs feeling like I could have pushed a bit more. And, I end up pushing the pace a bit on the final mile or two. This week I pushed it and my pace was about 30 - 40 seconds faster per mile. I didn't have much left to pick up the pace at the end, but it felt great!

Now, I am only 2 weeks away from Ten for Texas and I am concerned that I might not PR. Last year, I maintained a consistent 10:30 pace for the entire race...totally unexpected and rather "fast" for me. This year, my pace has been faster with my shorter runs, but not so much with the longer runs.

The weather also plays a huge role in performance. Last year, we had a nice cool front come through just in time for the race - it was a nice 50-something degrees. I'll be hoping and praying that we're lucky enough for similar temps this year!


Jamoosh said...

That's Houston for you - is there any other location where weather is the primary determiner of whether you PR or not?

Andrew Opala said...

People in Houston are smart - first artificial grass, space program, the Oilers (well ok 2 outta 3) - can't they control the weather yet?

Mistyfied said...

yes I am with you on praying for cooler weather.

Julie said...

Nice job with your workouts:) I am keeping my fingers crossed that you will have awesome weather!