Sunday, September 05, 2010

Playing Catch-Up

Busy, busy times! Here are my workouts for the past week...

Friday, 8/27 - Insanity - Maximum Interval Circuit

Saturday, 8/28 - 11-miler...great run!
Was a bit worried, because I've run a 10 miler in the past few weeks, but that's been it with the double-digit mileage since Zooma in April. Fortunately, it went well and turned out to be 11.5 miles! It did help that the weather was a teeny bit cooler much less humid than normal.

Sunday, 8/29 - 1 hour bike ride, ~16.5 miles
I'm so lucky to have a great place to ride near my house - minimal traffic, gorgeous scenery & good roads!

Monday, 8/30 - Insanity - Maximum Interval Plyo
Another insane workout at 4:15 am! I hate it when we have to do 16 push-ups, followed by running in a plank position...

Tuesday, 8/31 - Double workout day...
AM - Insanity - Maximum Cardio Conditioning
Another one of those insane workouts...

Lunchtime - 4 miles (indoor track)
Did a little speedwork - 1 mile warm-up, then switched to 2 laps fast (relatively speaking), then 1 lap slow...repeated 4 times, then 1 mile cool down.

Wednesday, 9/1 - Insanity - Maximum Interval Circuit
What is there to say - another nutty workout at an insane hour of the morning...

Thursday, 9/2 - Insanity - Core Cardio & Balance
Ummmm, okay, this is technically the "recovery" day for Insanity. I decided to sleep for an extra hour and have a real recovery day. I fully intended to get in a run, but between the kiddo's gymnastics class and thunderstorms, it just didn't work out.

Friday, 9/3 - Insanity - Maximum Interval Plyo

Saturday, 9/4 - 8-miler (cut-back week)
We were anticipating lower temps this one time, the weather forecast even predicted lows in the high 60's and low humidity. Imagine my disappointment when I woke up to a humid 75 degree morning...not that 75 isn't better than 83, but still...Overall, it was a great run, great route and the morning ended with a trip to Starbucks and lots of girl talk.

Sunday, 9/5 - Bike / Run brick Swim
Didn't happen. Unfortunately, the Hubby was on call and ended up getting called into work which meant no brick! I'll keep my finger's crossed that it can happen tomorrow instead. I did make it to the pool to swim a few laps - 1600 yards. It felt great, but I could tell it had been a few weeks since my last swim!

Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend!!!


Jamoosh said...

You should know by now that low temps in September are merely teasers to lure you into a false sense of Fall.

TX Runner Mom said...

I know, I know Jamoosh! And every year I fall into the trap of thinking that maybe, just maybe Fall is here only to wake up to another heat advisory!

brooks said...

such a nice post, I really had fun reading it! keep it up!