Monday, January 10, 2011

Decisions, Decisions

On Saturday, I had to make some decisions about what I was going to do as far as my workouts were concerned. Lately, I have been biking on Saturday morning and then doing my long runs on Sunday. I used to have the opposite schedule – run on Saturday/bike on Sunday, but it’s much easier to start a long run before dawn and be done in time for Church. The problem? The weatherman warned of monsoon-like, storms ALL DAY on Sunday. And, I was really hoping to have one really good, quality 12-13 miler on Sunday. The last long run before the taper…

As luck would have it, I had a friend who is training for a 100-miler and she was looking for some support during her 40-mile training run on Saturday. I was excited to have the chance to help out and have someone to run with for a change!

If I was smart, I would have skipped the bike ride and concentrated on the run. But, I apparently am not that smart and insisted on going ahead with the bike ride – my bffs Kelly and Jenn came along too. The ride was supposed to be 25+ miles. However, there was an issue – I couldn’t find my freaking bike helmet. Yes, the same one I wore just last week. After about 15 minutes of looking, I decided to make do with the Hubby’s helmet. Ugh. By the time we got going, we only had time for about 20 miles. But, it was a fun ride and I loved catching up with friends.

Next, it was on to an informational meeting about a local tri group that I am thinking of joining. I love the idea of being part of a team, having group rides/runs/swims and actually being coached for once. I have been just “winging it” with my tri training for two season now and if I am going to attempt the 70.3 in April, I definitely need some coaching.

I finished up at the tri meeting just in time to meet Karen and her support team! I was also fortunate to finally meet fellow blogger, Holden, who was part of that support team. I was completely amazed at Karen’s energy level – she had already run more than 30 miles and was going strong. I could barely keep up with the 9:30-ish pace she was keeping…lucky for me, she was doing 8:2’s and trust me when I say I enjoyed every second of that 2. Of course it helped that we had some good conversation going on - makes the miles go faster. After running 7 with Karen and then going back to my car, I decided that I should run more…just in case the weather was really that bad the following day. I made it to 10 (and kept the pace at sub-10!) and called it a day – I was beat either because of the bike ride earlier, the faster pace, the fact that it was warming up and I had on capris (dumb move) or a combination of all three.

So now I am torn – I didn’t do my 12-13 miler this weekend. I did get in a quality 10-miler, though. So now I am trying to decide – do I run 12-13 this weekend, but keep it at what feels like an easy pace and then taper? Or, do I proceed with the taper? Honestly, I don’t feel like I need that much of a taper for a ½ marathon. And, I think one more 12-13 miler would be a good confidence boost. What do you think? Decisions, decisions!

Oh and it did rain on Sunday…until about 10 am. It was still nasty outside – cold and damp – but not too bad for a run. Darn weatherman!


Jamoosh said...

Do 12 this weekend; you'll be fine (and more confident).

junieB said...

do 12-13 this weekend...and PLEASE dont take this the wrong way (as it applies to me too) but you only doing the half. to me, imho, tapering is nonexistent except maybe 10 days beforehand dont do any crazy speed work.

im racing sugarland half this weekend, and thats 2 weeks out.

do your long run. :)

TX Runner Mom said...

June - I feel the same way about the 1/2 - I do mid week runs of 8 & 9 miles and then easily do 12 on the weekend. I was thinking the same thing.

saroy said...

I'm with June -- I don't really taper much for a half. I'm doing 12-13 this weekend, 8 the following weekend, then race day!

K said...

Aw, heck... run 15 and be done with it! LOL

Thank you SO MUCH for running with me Saturday! It made those final miles much more pleasant and I loved chatting and running with you.

I say, run 12 and don't worry so much about doing speed work before the race, distance will serve you well.

Let's run together again soon. I enjoyed it so much! Maybe you, Holden and I can make it a regular thing!

TX Runner Mom said...

Karen - I would totally love running with you again! You and Holden are faster though, but it makes me work harder which is a good thing! :-)

elf said...

June, Sarah, et al. are right--just go about 8 or so the weekend before, but don't really taper too much. You'll be fine. If you're going to do speed work, keep the intensity about the same and make the distance shorter--it'll make your legs remember how to go fast without really wearing them out.

And I fired up the blog (again). Hopefully it'll stick this time... :-)