Sunday, January 16, 2011

Long Run and Crappy Weather

Saturday is supposed to be my long bike day and Sunday is supposed to be my long run day. But sometimes Mother Nature is a witch and decides not to cooperate. Saturday and Sunday were perfect examples of this...

My tri buddies and I were planning on a 7 am bike ride - 30 miles. We're gradually upping the mileage. At 5:52 I received a text message from tri buddy, Kelly, asking if it was raining at my house. Apparently, it was raining at her house. Even though she only lives about 10 miles away, it wouldn't be the 1st time it was raining at her house but not at mine. But, I went to look out the front door and sure enough, rain. Drats! And, since it was 45 degrees, a rainy bike ride would not be fun. We decided to postpone the ride, especially since it was supposed to rain off and on all day. And, Sunday's forecast looked even worse - 100% chance of rain. All day. Ugh.

By 8 am, it looked as if the rain was going to let up a bit. I decided that I should go ahead and get my run out of the way, especially after seeing Sunday's forecast. I'll be honest, I really didn't want to run. I am used to being done by 8 am, so to start my run at 8 am...well, it was just weird. But off I went....around the neighborhood. It was in the low 50's and I totally overdressed - Nike Capris and a long sleeve Under Armor shirt. I know better. I started out feeling awkward and stiff. It took seveal miles to really feel good. It seemed like I felt every bit of those miles. I made it back to my house at 8 miles, used the bathroom, changed into a short-sleeved shirt, grabbed some Gu and headed out once more. Finished 4 more miles at a much faster pace that the previous 8. Overall run - 2:04, or a 10:21 pace. Not too bad considering I had no intention of running, did not want to run and was pretty damn negative the entire 12 miles. If I maintain this same pace for the 1/2 in 2 weeks, I'll have about a 5 minute PR. Now let's just hope the weather cooperates!

Sunday, it was a nasty mess all day- about 58 degrees and non-stop rain. Yuck. I should have gotten out my trainer for a long bike ride, but I opted to watch movies with the kids instead. Lazy. We did get out to get the kid's haircuts taken care of and had dinner with my parents. I am so used to this being Houston Marathon weekend, that it seemed weird to be having birthday dinner with my parents without being able to celebrate running. Oh well...two more weeks! And the Golden Globes are tonight...can't wait! Hoping that Mad Men and The King's Speech pick up a few!

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Tricia said...

Its been nasty raining here too. blah

hope youre enjoying the Golden Globes :)