Friday, November 04, 2011

Let the obsessing begin!!!


I am ready to get to NYC, have a great race and then have some fun! I imagine focusing at work today will be a bit of a challenge...lucky for me, I have plenty to do that will give me no other option than to focus!

Here's today's NYC inspired tune from my all time favorite movie, Breakfast at Tiffany's...

Here's what I'm obsessing about:


Okay, I haven't been obsessing that much, but I checked the weather today....guess what? It looks pretty darn perfect!

So me and my bright ideas....I decided that we'd leave for NYC on Saturday instead of Friday. Why, you ask? Because when I ran NYC in 2003, we arrived on Friday. It was me and the hubby, plus one of my best friends and her hubby. The guys whined the entire time on Friday and Saturday, because my BFF and I were both running on Sunday and we didn't want to walk a lot (which you do in NYC even when you're trying not to) and we couldn't go out and drink with them on Friday or Saturday night. So, I thought I'd avoid the whining and fly in on Saturday. Well, now I am worried about having issues with our flight and not having time to get to the expo and pick up my race packet. I've been talking to Continental for the past week, checking to see if I can change my flight without using all of my one pass miles or paying a big fee, but I've decided to stick to my original plans and fly on Saturday. I am sure everything will work out!

The NYC marathon is a little different - instead of starting at 7 am or 7:30 am, it begins at 9:40 and my wave begins at 10:40 am. (I think in 2003, the start time was even later, like 11 am). So, I take a bus to Staten Island at 6:00 am and then hang out for HOURS. I am trying to figure out what to eat early in the morning. And, then I can just eat my usual Pop-Tarts about an hour before. I *think* I might eat a bagel thin with PB before leaving our apartment.

The Apartment
My sister-in-law and her husband are meeting us in NYC. She found a pretty good deal on an apartment in NYC using, so we decided we'd share the apartment and save a little money. We had a perfectly good hotel book prior to finding the apartment. Well, would you know it? I read an article on-line earlier this week that talked all about these illegal apartments and apartment rental now I am worried that we will get to NYC and not really have a place to stay!

The Sickies
I have not been going to bed as early as I normally do and as a result, I have felt a little run down this week. I swear I obsess about every little thing! Why does my throat feel a little scratchy? Why does my ear ache a little? Why am I sneezing so much today? Am I getting sick? To make matters worse, the kiddo started complaining that her stomach felt funny last night before bedtime. Sure enough, at 2 am she woke up and called me to her room and said she didn't feel good. I had just enough time to take her temperature (which was 101.3), before she ran to the bathroom to throw up. After the initial concern, I thought "oh God, please don't let this be contagious, and please don't let anyone else get sick!!!". Luckily, she seems to be doing a bit better today - she still has a temperature, but no stomach issues. The bad news is that she is going to miss her very 1st "All A Honor Roll" breakfast at school this morning. :-(

So anyway, that is what I am obsessing about. I know that everything will work out just fine and I'll have a great race and a fun time in NYC....I just can't wait to get there!!! Oh, and we managed to get tix to see David Letterman! I am really excited, since last time we were there his girlfriend went into labor and Paul Schaffer had to host.

Do you obsess before a race? What do you obsess about? How do you control these crazy obsessions?


JunieB said...

I understand why you are waiting, but no way in hell could i ever do that! for big city marathons i ALWAYS leave on Thursday.

as far as obsessions, i think i fall into the normal marathoner obsession category. youve run nyc before so you know what to expect over on SI. I honestly dont recall eating anything beforehand in 2008 when I ran it. :O)

TX Runner Mom said...

Yikes, Thursday would be too early for me. I'd be afraid of eating something wonky that would mess with my stomach or not sleeping well on a strange bed. But, I agree Saturday is cutting it waaayyyy too close. I will not do this again! And yep, I've done NYC before, but that was an eternity ago and I honestly don't remember much about SI other than waiting for a porta can for an hour, lol. Plus, I was such a newbie then that I had no clue what the hell I was doing! I just kinda winged everything back then.

Jenn said...

Obsessing....not me. I'm perfectly calm-ha ha! Yep, totally get you here:)

Best of luck to you. Looks like with the new qualification standards that I may have missed my chances with this race! Looking forward to the race report! Go get 'em!!

That Pink Girl said...

I k ow this is late and you're prolly in bed - you should be! But good luck and have a GREAT race! Fortch, time change is on your side this weekend so enjoy that extra hour of flex time!