Sunday, November 20, 2011

NYC - Day 5

I was so sad to reach the final day of our trip, but I was also excited about seeing the kids!

One of the things we didn’t get to see that was on my list was Highline Park. We thought this might be a good thing to check out in the morning before our flight. However, we decided to save it for the next trip and head to Central Park. Joseph had never seen the “Imagine” mosaic in Strawberry Fields, and well, Central Park just seemed like a very NYC thing to do. Originally, I wanted to squeeze in a run through Central Park before we left, but to be honest, Central Park is kinda hilly and my quads weren’t quite up to that yet. So we walked. And walked. And walked. The Hubby was getting a little grumpy and wanted some coffee, so thanks to his Starbucks iphone app, we found the nearest location and headed over.

Here's my favorite picture from Central Park

A view of The Dakota apartments where John Lennon lived.  Yes, I am a Beatles fan!

Imagine...Love this!

Next, it was time to head back to the apartment, gather our luggage and go to the airport. But, I had one more thing to do - the day before, we realized that we had access to the roof of our apartment building. I wanted to see the view up there before we left.

One of the views from the roof of our apartment building

Before heading to LaGuardia, we stopped at the corner pizza shop again for one last slice of NY-style pizza (complete with a paper plate) . Ah, our trip to the Big Apple had come full circle back to where our trip had first begun. I love NYC – I love the noise, the massive amounts of people, the history, the food – I love it all. Once again NYC was a great host and we had an amazing time. We’ll be back…maybe not for the marathon, but WE WILL BE BACK!

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