Sunday, November 27, 2011

No Rest for the Weary...

Almost as soon as I made my decision to do both the Houston Marathon and the Texas 70.3, Coach sent me a link to my training schedule. Yikes, my 3 weeks of rest and just random running was over! Sunday the training was starting for real! But first, we had Thanksgiving weekend to get through.

Thanksgiving weekend went a little like this...

Wednesday - I had the day off from work. I still woke up at stupid thirty to run 5 miles, then showered and went back to bed until the kids woke up. They're early risers, so the nap was only about 15 minutes long! Next, I made the kiddos pancakes (and an omlet for me) and we hung out in our PJs for awhile. Then, it was time to see the new Muppets movie...I have never liked the Muppets and after seeing this movine, I still don't. But, the kids LOVED the movie and that's what matters, right? Next, we stopped at McDonald's for lunch. The weather was gorgeous, so I suggested that we take our lunches to a nearby playground....what did the kids want? To play in the germ-infested thing that is called "McDonald's Play Land". Ugh. After lunch, we headed home, packed our suitcase and headed downtown to a hotel for the night. This is our Thanksgiving tradition...stay downtown and wake-up to watch the HEB Holiday Parade. And, the tradition is not complete without a stop at our favorite local Pizza eatery!

Here's the Munckin checking out the pepperoni (sorry, my cell phone camera is crap!)

Here's the Kiddo enjoying a hot slice of cheese pizza, yum!

Thursday - As I mentioned before, the kids are early risers, so we were at breakfast by 7 am. Next, we headed outside to watch the parade. In years past, the weather has been downright cold, so we've watched from the 2nd story window of the hotel...this year, it was in the mid-50's so we decided to watch the parade outside. The kiddos loved every minute!

Bring on the floats and bands, already!!! The kids waiting for the parade to start.

Next, we headed home so I could make my infamous sweet potato dish before heading to my parent's house for Thansgiving lunch. And, it was also the Kiddo's actual birthday, so we had a small cake and some gifts for her. I didn't do too bad with the meal, but still felt pretty stuffed afterward. Later that night, the hubby and I folded laundry while watching the A&M/UT game...pretty exciting, I know!

The Kiddo and her cake...don't worry, she had a much bigger one at her birthday party last weekend. And, check out the Munchkin, he has the "no I didn't just swipe some icing" look!

Here is the kiddo with one of her birthday was a very Bieber birthday, sigh.

Friday - After a quick 3-miler, we packed our bags and headed to the in-law's house in San Marcos (about 3 hours from Houston). We arrived, ate lunch and did some visiting before heading to the outlet mall. I scored some new Saucony shoes and a couple of cute outfits for work, the Hubby scored some Under Armor shirts. And yes, we did actually buy a holiday gift or two.

Saturday - Still at the inlaws, it was a super lazy morning. We hung out, played games with the kids and watched movies all morning. After having a late lunch with the in-laws, we headed back to Houston.

Sunday - Let the training begin! I started the morning with a 12-miler. The temps were much, much cooler (around 40, but a "feels like" temp of 33 thanks to the wind!). I wasn't sure what to wear for this weather, but eventually decided on a pair of Nike capris, my long sleeve "Ten for Texas" shirt and some knit gloves. Turns out that it was the perfect outfit. About the time I would start to get warm and push up the long sleeves, I would turn the corner and be blasted by the cold winds and be thankful for the long sleeves. Overall, it was a great run. Later that day, the hubby and I started the task of decorating the house for Christmas. We're almost done....but not quite.

So tomorrow is my first "2-a-day" workout of the 70.3 training - 3 miles easy, 1400 yd swim. Let the fun begin!!!

So, how was your Thanksgiving???? Gobble, Gobble!


Junieb said...

The wind and wind chill always send me into a tizzy on what to freaking wear!

Shannon (IronTexasMommy) said...

The hotel/ parade is such a fun holiday tradition! You're going to do great at both races. Looking forward to hearing about your training!

Lisa said...

We saw the Muppet movie, too.
I laughed through the stuff that only anyone over 35 would understand. (for example, the robot "dialing up" in the car to find directions)