Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Random thoughts from the NYCM...

Just a few things I forgot to add to the race report (as if it wasn't long enough)!

  • Our WF peeps, Brian and Amy, did finish the race in a little over 5 hours. Brian was injured and required some extra walking.

  • The weather was in the low 40s when the race started, which was perfect. The temps got into the high 50s as the day went on...I would have preferred the 40s all day, but there was a breeze in various places along the way and that was awesome!

  • I was sooooo thankful to have sunglasses on, because it seemed like we were constantly running right into the sun and there was not a cloud in the sky.

  • I'll admit that I was disappointed in the medal. Compared to the one I received in 2003 and the ones I've seen in the years since, it was not nearly as impressive. But, the experience in itself is what made this race so incredible, not the medal.

  • Yes, I was sore the next day! But, once I got moving I felt great. Going down the subway steps was bad, though...and we went to Brooklyn the day after the race which requires you to go down multiple levels of stairs to get to the subway. Can we say ouch???

    • Like a lot of other races I've run, spectators hold up some pretty funny signs. I had seen some of these before, but they still made me smile. Here are some I saw during the race (may favs are at the bottom):

    • "Quitting hurts longer!"

    • "Toenails are for sissies!"

    • "Chafed Nipples are HOT!"

    • "Complete Stranger: You inspire me!"

    • "Well, this sounded like a good idea in June!"

    • "Don’t be alarmed, but you’re being chased!"

    • "Worst.Parade.Ever."

    • "Chuck Norris never ran a marathon!"

    • "A girl holding a sign that said “Don’t Stop!” and the guy next to her held a sign saying, “That’s What She Said!”

    • "Run like you stole something!"

    • "Why 26.2??? Because, 26.3 would be CRAZY!!!"

    • "I woke up really early to make this sign. That wasn’t easy either."

    • "Run, total stranger, Run! "

    • "Where is everyone going? "

    • "Stalker approaching! Run, run!"

    • "Sweat is sexy!"

    • "That’s not sweat, it’s your fat cells crying!"

    • Girl, “It’s Long and Hard!”, Guy “That’s what she said!”

    • "Occupy the Finish Line!"

    • "On the back of a shirt, “Are the Kenyans far behind?”

    • "I did check and in fact there IS a finish line!"

    • "Those shorts make your butt look FAST!"

    • “Don’t poop your pants now, it’s only mile 18!” And along those lines…”If you haven’t sh*t your pants yet, you’re already winning!”

    • "I don’t know you, but I’m proud of you!"

    • "Please hurry up, I want to go watch the game!"

    • "Jack Bauer never ran this far!"

    • "Hurry up, I’m cold!"

    • "Embrace the suck!"

    • "If your nipples aren’t bleeding, you didn’t try hard enough!"

    • "You’ve got stamina…call me (and had a phone #)"

    • "Puke and Rally"

    • After the Bronx, “NO MORE BRIDGES!”

    • "I’m trying to cross the street! "

    • "If you stop running, it's still going to hurt!""Toenails are overrated! -or- Black Toenails Are Sexy!"

      • My favorites:

      • "You’ve trained longer than Kim Kardashian has been married"

      • "Unlike the MTA – you RUN!"

      • "Don’t F*ck With A Woman Who Can Run 26.2 miles!"

      • "Pain now…wine later!"

      • "You are the 1%!"

      • "One day you will not be able to do this…TODAY IS NOT THAT DAY!"

      • That's it for now. I will post some re-caps and pictures of our time in NYC next week!

        So, what funny signs have you seen at races? Weird costumes? Anything else?


        Anne said...

        I love these. Those New Yorkers have such a wonderful sense of humor. Congratulations again on your heroic effort.

        Jenn said...

        I read your report the other day on my phone but haven't been able to sit down and comment. SO fun to read! Really sounds like you had a fantastic time and GREAT job on the race and breaking the barrier! As far funny signs go, I've seen many of these but I think you've covered every possible marathon sign out there!! Too funny!

        Lisa said...

        All that love in Brooklyn then the sign on the Brooklyn bridge that said, "Get the Hell out of Booklyn" made me crack up bad! ha!