Thursday, December 22, 2011

Peas in Pants

As I mentioned in my previous post, Coach graciously removed the swim and bike workouts from my schedule this week. Yes, I feel like a slouch, but it’s so much better than being an over-stressed mess. And, I know I mentioned my uncertainty with the heart-rate training, but ultimately I’ve decided to trust the Coach.

I headed out on Monday’s 4-miler in the evening and stayed within my Zone 2 heart rate like a good girl. While I was running, I noticed that the upper part of my right leg felt kind of tight and stiff, but I just figured it was because 1) I was wearing my Brooks shoes and they may be getting up there in mileage, 2) Since it was nighttime, I was on the sidewalk which at times can be a little uneven and wonky (there’s more traffic at night than at stupid-thirty) and 3) I was trying to count my strides and get to ~22 per 15 seconds (I am still trying to get used to this and it doesn't quite feel comfortable yet). I only made it to ~3.5 of the 4 miles, because I could see lightening in the distance and it seemed to be getting closer. I noticed that my hip was sore not long after my run, but I dismissed it thinking it was just a flukey thing that would go away by the morning.

Tuesday was supposed to be a rest day, but it’s slow at work due to the holidays, so I snuck off to spin class during lunch. The hip was still bothering me, but it didn’t seem any worse after spin class.

Wednesday, I was up at stupid thirty for my 6-mile tempo run. Hooray for tempo runs!!!! I *heart* tempo runs! And, my friend Julie was meeting me for my final 3 miles, so that was nice. The hip felt sore at first, but once I got going, I just kind of forgot about it and focused on staying in my tempo pace race (9:59 – 10:15). But, once I made it home and started getting ready for work, the hip was feeling bad. I took an Aleve and went on about my day. Then, I had to run a little to catch the bus home…I think the Aleve had worn off, because I definitely felt the hip after that. After I made it home, I grabbed the bag of frozen peas and stuffed them into my sweat pants! Sometimes frozen peas are a girl’s best friend!  And yes, the kids looked at me like I was crazy.  Maybe I am.

Last night we had some crazy rain storms, complete with thunder and lightening. While I can often sleep through these storms, my kids cannot…and when the kids are awake, Mommy and Daddy are awake! When my alarm clock went off, I could still hear the rain and thunder, so no 7-miler for me. This is probably for the best, because the hip is still feeling sore and I am thinking I should rest it until Saturday’s 18-miler.

And, speaking of Saturday's 18-miler...everyone I usually run with (a/k/a the people who also run as slow as me) are running on Friday.  I have to work on Friday, so I won't be able to run until Saturday.  My original plan was to run 8 on my own on Saturday, then meet up with my running group peeps for their scheduled 10-miler.  Now I am thinking that I might just run the 18 in my neighborhood. It's boring, but I know I can get it done!  And, after 18-miles, I should be able to eat as much as I want during our Christmas Eve celebration with the Hubby's family!

How are your workouts going during the holidays so far?  Are you going to try to get a workout in on Christmas Eve?


Tara @ said...

I'm shooting for 20 this Saturday.. I hope I can manage. I hope your hip feels better too. I figure if I get my run done now I can start my taper and be ready freddy for Houston.

Lisa said...

Stretch that hip, don't ignore it because hip issues can lead to IT Band issues according to my Physical therapist.

Good Luck with the 18 miler on Saturday!

Jill said...

I have a marathon in a month and am NOT anywhere near where I need to yep, I am running a long run on Christmas Eve. Hope the 18 goes well :).

That Pink Girl said...

Frozen peas are perfect for icing - the form to your body just right! Sorry your hip is bothering you. No fair during training! Hope it starts behaving very soon!
And I ran both morning and night on Christmas Eve! 7 trail miles in am and 7 miles on the streets later at night to enjoy the lights!