Monday, December 19, 2011

Monday Re-Cap

Here's a recap of all the workouts last week:

Monday, 12/12 - 1,900 yd swim w/active recovery
Tuesday, 12/13 - 1 hour endurance ride & 7 mile endurance run
Wednesday, 12/14 - 3 mile easy run
Thursday, 12/15 - 2,000 yd endurance swim & 6 mile marathon pace run
Friday, 12/16 - rest
Saturday, 12/17 - 12 mile long run
Sunday, 12/18 - 1:15 endurance ride  rest  crazy, run around, do errands, make photobook day

Typrically, I wouldn't run 3 days in a row.  I should have run Monday and adjusted the rest of the week in order to run my long run on Saturday (it was originally scheduled for Sunday).


Robin said...

Looks like a very accomplished week! Kuddos!

Anne said...

That's a lot of working it out. I hope it helps with alleviate and not add to the stress mentioned in your previous post.

TX Runner Mom said...

Anne - it didn't seem like a lot when I was doing it, but it sure does look like a lot, doesn't it? It's not stressful during a normal week, but add some extra stuff (like Christmas) and it becomes very stressful!