Thursday, February 16, 2012

I ran. It sucked. (sort of)

I had another appointment with Dr. Chiro (#2) this week. To be honest, my hip felt weird and achy all weekend. He looked a little perplexed when I told him this. He proceeded with the torture ART treatment and stretched out my legs, piriformis, glutes, etc. really well. Then, he told me the best news ever – I could attempt a 2-mile run the next day! Yippee, skippy!

This is how I felt when Dr. Chiro told me to run!

Okay folks, I knew deep down that with the achiness over the weekend, I might not be ready for this. But still, I set out early the next morning for a jog around the 2-mile loop in my neighborhood. I walked to the corner and then started jogging. 

I was right. The hip ached. Not at all like before the Houston Marathon – that was excruciating, sharp pain. This was an ache – first in the glutes and later in the front of the hip. I’ll admit, I was pissed. I thought to myself, “It’s been 8 weeks, why in the hell am I still having pain?”.

This is how I felt when I noticed the hip pain was still there.

But then my thoughts shifted:

“Hmmm, maybe I should turn around. The hip hurts. I shouldn’t make it worse”

“Hell to the no, you are not turning around! Dr Chiro said you could run 2 miles and dammit, you’re doing it!”

“Effing hip…WTF? Seriously, why are you being such a stubborn pain in the ass?”

“Maybe I pissed off the big Man upstairs…maybe this is His way of telling me to take time to chill out.”

“I am RUNNING! Thank you God, I may not do this again soon, but I am RUNNING now!”

“Okay then, enjoy this…if it hurts, then Dr. Chiro is probably going to tell you not to run again for who knows how long! E-N-J-O-Y T-H-I-S!!!!!”

“Ahhhhhhhh, it feels awesome to run again…even if it hurts. OMG, I miss this. Like REALLY miss this!”

“I didn’t get to run for Sherry on Saturday (stupid hip!). I thought about Sherry a lot on Saturday…this 2-miler is for Sherry Arnold!”

"Damn, I'm already back home...hmmmm, how about I go a little further.  If rhe Dr is going to tell me not to run, then maybe I should just run a few more minutes...."

So that was a collection of what went through my head during that painful, lousy 2-miler. I miss my early morning runs - just me, the stars, a couple of other crazy early risers and the newspaper dude.  I tried my best to make the most of it, enjoy it, dedicate it and live in the moment. It sucked, but I loved it anyway.

How I felt after my run...not happy, but anger gone.

I was scheduled to go back to Dr. Chiro again the following day, but rescheduled due to work conflicts. The next available appointment is Tuesday of next week. After talking to the Hubby and Coach, I’ve decided that I will go ahead and do this final ART treatment (I paid for 4 sessions). More than likely, one more visit to Dr. Chiro is probably not going to make a huge difference. If that’s the case, I am shutting it down.


I am going to do absolutely nothing (okay, maybe upper body) for the next 2-3 weeks and see what happens.

I will still blog…You're not getting rid of me that easy!  I am sure I will be going crazy over this time period, so I will need to share that with someone. Besides, I’m sure the Hubby is getting tired of me going on and on (and on and on) about my hip issues.

On the other hand, if a miracle happens and that final ART treatment does some magic, you will certainly hear about that!  Here's to hoping for a miracle!


Stephanie said...

I'm wishing you miracles.

Don't you LOVE that internal dialogue you have when running (while in discomfort). I've tried to make bargains with my body - like - if you can stop hurting for this run, I promise to feed you healthy food. Sometimes it works. :)

denee said...

HA! that sounds JUST LIKE my inner dialog. though i have never tried bargaining with it.

that's up next!

Teamarcia said...

Oh man, how frustrating. I DNS'd two fall marathons due to hip issues last year. That and a partially ruptured hammy took me out of running for awhile. I wonder why its still painful after so much time off? Big hugs girl, I hope its all resolved soon.

Laura said...

I'll keep hoping for a miracle for you, too!

That Pink Girl said...

Oooh sugar, I'm sorry you're still hurting.
Taking it slow and giving your body time to heal is the tough, but smart way to go.
Hang in there. *hugs*