Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekly Re-Cap

Okay, okay, I know I am posting this late!  Here are the deets...

Workouts last week…

Monday, 2/6 – Swim, 2600 yds
The craziest part of this workout was the 15x100…luckily, my pacing was pretty even. My times are getting better, but they are still slow. I think my best 100 was 1:57. And, my entire swim was done with a pull buoy…not a total body workout, but oh well!

Tuesday, 2/7 – 1:30 spin/ride
I know this sounds dumb, but I had a dr’s appointment with the new Dr Chiro the next day. I was determined to do this workout completely, because I had a feeling Dr. Chiro would tell me to take it easy after his ART treatment. And, I was right! So glad to get this workout in...the spin instructors at my gym have been awesome!  Great music, fun it!

Wednesday, 2/8 – Flex Day REST
Well, I was supposed to do 1 hour of something that would not hurt the hip (i.e. swimming with a pull buoy). However, per the doctor I was supposed to rest until my next appt on Friday.

Thursday, 2/9 – 1:30 spin/ride REST
Following Dr’s orders

Friday, 2/10 – Swim, 2800 yds depressed & angry LAZY
Saw the Dr Chiro again. He asked me to run a bit, but as I mentioned, that didn’t go as well as he hoped. The Dr did say that I could continue to swim (with the pull buoy), but nothing else...especially no 3-hour bike ride!   After work, I decided to do something that would cheer me up…I was going to skip my swim and hang out with the Hubby and Kiddos for the evening – MOVIE NIGHT! We watched Real Steel…it was cute and the kids enjoyed it!

Saturday, 2/11 – Ride, 3 hours P90X Chest and Back
So, the Hubby needed to go for a bike ride and I had a girl’s brunch, so I woke up around 6 am to get this workout done before the kids were awake and screaming asking for breakfast. Lots of pull-up and push-ups here. I did a lot of girlie-style push ups, because I was afraid that doing the plank-position for the real ones might aggravate the hip. Good thing I did..I’ve obviously lost some upper body strength since my hiatus from P90X! Ugh!

Sunday, 2/12 – Swim, 2800 yds
So remember that swim from Friday? I made it up on Sunday. Nothing new to report…just a swim. With the pull buoy.

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