Friday, February 03, 2012

The Joy of Aqua Jogging

Seeing as how this is my 2nd week of Aqua Jogging and the doctor is advising me to keep doing this torture workout for 2-3 more weeks, I thought I'd share some interesting  information about Aqua Jogging.

Tidbit #1 - Fashion
I am doing the deep water version of Aqua Jogging, because there is no impact at all due to the fact that your feet do not touch the bottom of the pool.  Because of this, I get to wear some really awesome gear - foam shoes and a foam belt! The shoes fit in my bag, but the belt is huge and does not. Imagine the looks I get as I walk through the gym with this thing!

My awesomely trendy aquajogging belt and shoes!

Tidbit #2 - The Technique
At first, aqua jogging feels a bit funny.  The first time I tried using the shoes and belt, it took me a few minutes to get  everything just right.  And then, it took me several minutes to get what felt like a real running gait and rhythm.  I found several videos on-line that were helpful, including this one:

Tidbit #3 - The Boredom
In case you're wondering - yes, aqua jogging is boring.  Last night, I remember looking down at my watch and thinking, "JESUS, IT'S ONLY BEEN 3 MINUTES????"  At least on the treadmill or bike trainer, you can station yourself directly in front of a TV.  At the pool I use, you can see the parking lot through one window...not much exciting action happens out there.  There's another window where you can look into the gym at the lobby where everyone enters and leaves, some of the weight machines and you can even see into one of the exercise classrooms.  Last night I watched bits and pieces of a Zumba class. Exciting.  To help with the boredom, I have been putting my iPod Shuffle in a Ziploc bag and tucking the bag under one of my swimsuit shoulder strap.  Ingenious, huh?

iPod + Ziploc bag = a much more enjoyable workout (even if it looks kinda dumb)

I also tried wearing a visor (like in the video) and clipping the shuffle onto it, but I hate the way I look in a visor and I feel silly wearing a visor in an indoor pool.  I also tried wearing one of my cute running headbands and clipping the shuffle to that, but it looked really stupid.  Heck, all of these options look silly, so maybe I should get one of these...

The H2O Audio waterproof iPod case is awesome! But, for $99, I may stick to my ziploc bags!
Tidbit #4 - The Looks and Stares
Let's face it, I am wearing a big foam belt and foam shoes.  I have a ziploc bag shoved under my swimsuit strap.  I am at the deepest end of the pool jogging back and forth, back and forth, over and over. 
My head may or may not be bobbing up and down to Kanye's "Stronger".  Yes, that's correct - I look like a doofus!  People, especially some of those hard core swimmers and dudes with massive muscles walking in and out of the gym, will give me funny looks.  It bugs me at first...but then I find my rhythm, bob my head to the music and get into my "zone".  Who cares what anyone thinks, I'm working my ass off and in the long run it's gonna help!  That's the story I'm sticking to anyway.

Tidbit #5 - Determination
Let's face it, when you are as addicted to running and triathlon as we are, you do what you have to do to keep moving and meet your goals.  That means if I have to wear silly shoes and look ridiculous, I will do it (within reason).  One of my running/tri friends sent this to me to show me that yes, sh*t happens and that yes, we do what we gotta do to overcome. 

I figure if this woman can overcome cancer and then train for an Ironman, overcoming her achilles issues (and me getting over this hip issue) is just a teeny, small little roadblock in the grand scheme of things.

Peace out & have a great weekend!


Laura said...

Good for you! I've never tried agua jogging, for most of the reasons you mentioned (equipment, boring, weird stares!) but it should be really helpful as you get back to running. Keep it up! :)

Lisa said...

I did aqua jogging in two different pools. One of which was dead all the time. Had the pool to myself. I thought I'd shoot myself too!
The other there was a lot more traffic, plus they actually had an aqua jogging class that I attended. The downside to that class was that I was probably 15-20 yrs younger than the women in it! I was so happy to put that thing to the back of my closet.

Hope you get better soon & can hit the pavement.

Amanda @ Click. The Good News said...

Sounds like you are making it work! It's not glamorous, but it's getting the job done :)

Laura said...

By the way, I tried emailing some locals about a meet up for Sherry's run... I think I got your email on there, but let me know if you didn't see it. I know you can't run... so might not work out, but I wanted you to know about it in case you could stop by!

Kathy said...

Oh my, that looks like serious work! And fabulous gear - talk about bringing sexy back!!! ;)

Anne said...

Sounds like aqua jogging's come a long way since I bought my ski belt and went at it for weeks in the pool. It was incredibly boring then, too. Only a few weeks left, right?