Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Oh the Irony!

Since I was planning to train for the Texas 70.3 in Galveston, a large majority of my Christmas and birthday gifts were running or triathlon related. Little did I know, I would not be training at all and just hoping (and praying) that I would be able to do any races at all in 2012.

How ironic.  (queue in the Alanis Morissette song here)

Here is just a run-down of my recent purchases and gifts that I am hoping to use sometime in the very near future…

1. The hubby bought me these awesome toe covers for my bike shoes…I did get to use them once before deciding to rest and they were awesome!

2. The hubby also bought me some aerobars for my road bike. There wasn't really room in the budget for a new tri-bike at the moment, so I decided I would do the best I could do on my trusty road bike - I thought being more aero would be good.

3. Gift cards…I am holding onto these with the intention of using them for a new bike saddle and professional bike fit!

4. Another gift from the Hubs - my cute, pink Road ID…'cause I have a reflective ID tag for my running shoes and needed something to wear while biking!

5. My cool blinkie arm band thingy…’cause I usually run at dark stupid thirty.

6. The 2 cute tech shirts and awesome arm warmers I bought at the Houston Marathon Expo…yes, that’s right, those arm warmers say, “One Bad Mother Runner”. I *heart * them. Unfortunately, by the time I am able to run, it will be too warm to wear them.  :-(  And, even though I didn’t get to run the Houston Marathon, I am still proudly using my 40th anniversary coffee mug - it’s huge-mongous and I love it!

7. New shoes! This may sound dumb, but I bought a new pair of my trusty Saucony Grid Stabil shoes…you know, just in case the other pair was jinxed.  I know I always complain that my stability shoes are ugly and don't come in cute colors, but I'd be willing to wear ugly shoes again if it meant I could go for a pain-free run!

8. These cute, pink CEP compression sleeves. I’ll admit, I hadn’t jumped on the compression gear bandwagon and finally decided to give these a try….oh, if I only had the need for compression right now!

9. And, finally – my Hammer Gel! The Hubs bought me about 10 of these for my stocking in Montana Huckleberry and Raspberry flavors. Glad they have a relatively long shelf life!

I am trying to look on the bright side and just be happy all of these things will be at home waiting for me when I can finally swim, bike, run again...but, this is tough. I am typically a pretty positive person, but I have my days when I see the glass half empty instead of half full. I am working on this. I am also not very patient. I have given up on working on this. Okay, not really – I am trying.  It's just tough to remain positive...especially when doctors don't seem to have a clue.  But, I have to remember that while I may NOT be able to control how quickly my hip will heal (other than taking time off), I CAN control how I deal with it.  I CAN control my attitude.  I just have to choose how I will react from now on...

I choose to be happy. 
I choose to be positive. 
I choose to be thankful.


Okay, have you used any of these products???? What'd you think of them? Reviews please!


Lisa said...

I would marry my compression socks if I could!
I have CEP, Zensah, & one pair of swiftwick.

I let some gu go bad a few months ago. Should have given it away instead of wasting it. ;-(

That Pink Girl said...

Toe covers + wool socks = my toes no longer feel like they snapped off mid ride. Good gift!

Aero bars - you'll appreciate that for all the long rides in your future!

CEP sleeves - LOVE mine! I wear Zensah to run in, but recover in CEP. They are so compressiony; I wear them under my work clothes!

Michelle Dragoo said...

where did you get the cool arm blinky thing? Great attitude hon, I need to adopt this!!

Kathy said...

I LOVE those toe covers - need some for myself.

I'm just starting to try out the Hammer products. Could have sworn I bought Huckleberry and found Orange Vanilla in my bag. Whaaa?? Dang.

denee is gluten free said...

i love LOVE compression gear. i am a big fan of running in my compression socks and honestly, my ugly zensah compression shorts are probably the only thing that got me and my hip through the austin half this past week.

Cindy said...

i haven't tried any of the goodies you got but wanted to say i love the 26.2 pink cute!