Friday, March 02, 2012

Don't Smash Your Face!

In case you've been wondering what I've been doing in my downtime...

1.  Work!
I just joked with the Hubs last night that it might be a good thing that I'm not able to workout right is extremely busy and I've been working late.  It would be hard trying to fit in time at the pool or even a lunchtime spin class...I remember missing a lot of workouts at this time last year, too.  I mean, looking at the picture below, you can see that I haven't even had time to finish any of these...

You know you're busy've started 4 different drinks throughout the day and finished none.  During a normal day, I've finished at least 4 of those tumblers full of water (and 1 coffee and 1 diet coke).

2.  Tony...
I am using this time to get reacquainted with my workout boyfriend, Tony Horton.  Okay, so I can't do legs from the Legs and Back workout. And I can't do Yoga, Plyo, Kenpo X, Ab Ripper X or Core Synergistics, but I can do all the upper body I want!  The pic below is a shot from today's workout - Shoulders and Arms.  This is my absolute favorite P90X workout, because it uses free weights to workout the shoulders, biceps and triceps...while doing "lying down tricep extensions" Tony's tip of the day is "DON'T SMASH YOUR FACE!"  Truth be told, I fast forward through most of the chit chat and finish this workout in about 45 minutes.  I've also been doing some traditional crunches and planks to work on my core.

Bicep curls...oh the fun!

3.  Decorating
You didn't know I was a decorator, did you?  Well actually, I'm not.  In fact, I suck at decorating.  We've been in our house for 4 years this month and I still have lots of empty wall space because I can't decide what I want to put there.  But, when it comes to the kid's rooms, I love decorating!  We just bought the Munchkin his "big boy" furniture...that was an adventure in itself!

We went into the store thinking we'd be buying this lower profile bunk bed....but the upper bed was so low, we thought the Munchkin would bump his head every morning.

We loved that this was low (in case one of the kids though it'd be fun to jump off the top) and it has steps instead of the ladder!
So, then the Munchkin spotted this can imagine how much he really, really wanted it!  Lesson learned - never take your kids shopping for their bedroom furniture!  We actually did entertain the idea of buying this one, but let's face it...he'd outgrow the Cars theme in only a few short years!

So cute, but so impractical!

Next, we spotted this!  We figured it would take the Munchkin through his teen years and it included the wardrobe, drawers and even a desk all as a part of the bed.  But, this sucker is huge!  Our bedroom aren't tiny, but this sucker would take up a lot of space.  Not to mention that I could totally see one of the kids thinking that it would be cool to jump from the top bed to the bottom bed...and us making a trip to the ER.

Awesome, but potentially dangerous!
So what did we decide?  For me, practicality always wins...boring, I know!  We ended up going with something that I hope lasts for the next 10 - 12 years...a twin sleigh bed with a trundle, a dresser and nightstand.  Here are some pics of the kids trying it out for the 1st time.  I'll post better pics once we've finish his room makeover..can you guess the theme???

The Munchkin in his new bed - sideways

The Kiddo testing the trundle

4.  Family Time
The past weekend was full of activity...from re-organizing the Munchkin's room, cleaning out the kid's closets, to shopping for new room stuff, to birthday parties...crazy, I tell you!  The Hubs and I had to divide and conquer - I took the Munchkin with me to shop for room stuff (as if I didn't learn my lesson from the furniture shopping) and the Hubs took the Kiddo to her first roller skating party.

The Hubs said the Kiddo caught on pretty quickly!

Yes, I feed my kids McDonald's...but only occasionally.  And hey, now the Happy Meal comes with a smaller portion of fries and apple slices!

So for now, that's it from me.  The upside to not being able to workout is that I can squeeze in some time to do some of those pesky projects around the house that I never seem to get around to.  And, I get to spend more time with the kids...and I am not worn out from a long run/bike and too tired to play!  Of course, this is only true when things are more calm at work (right now, I am lucky to see my kids when they're awake!) 

Hope you have an amazing weekend!

So, are you a decorator?  Would you buy the Lightening McQueen bed?  What's in the plan for your weekend?


That Pink Girl said...

Well one thing is for sure, you're gona have killer arms!
I'm terrible too at decorating - I can't committ!

Michelle Dragoo said...

I'd buy something more neutral, so you don't have to change it up in a couple years....
And I love Tony...hehehe!

Lisa said...

Gotta love Tony! I've not done that particular arms workout yet.

Jill said...

Busy, busy!!! You're doing a great job keeping the workouts going, Tony would be proud :). Keep being strong...and I'm totally into practicality too! :)

Kathy said...

Full week! I'm a sporadic decorator - I get into it at times and then want nothing to do with it for months. Hoping for a nice long bike ride tomorrow!

Cindy said...

i actually laughed out loud at how you fast forward thru tony's chit his workouts but he can drive you crazy after awhile! hubs and i always joke around and do the "X" to each other...we're goofs. :)

Laura said...

You have a lot going on! Definitely sounds like the right time to be injured. :) I'm all about practicality too... we need to make the switch to a toddler bed soon (and potty training, etc) but I'm just holding on to this stage as long as I can!

Robin said...

Even though you are only doing arms right least you're doing something!

Anonymous said...

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