Monday, March 12, 2012

The Week in Pictures

All work and no play makes this Runner Mom a nutso, crazed lunatic!  This is pretty much what it looked like Downtown when I left work every night last week.  Even the theater-goers are already at home!

Okay, so at least the view is nice from the office!  Needless to say, there weren't many workouts happening this week.

This little cutie is finally at home with us.  I forgot what it was like to have a puppy in the's a little harder with kids (and the toys we have to make sure are NOT on the floor!

In my attempt to incorporate more veggies into my day, I picked up a few of these at the grocery store.  Single servings...yummo!

I visited the Orthopedic for another opinion of my MRI (at the suggestion by Dr. Chiro)...two hours that I will never get back.  But hey, nice view!

The kids celebrating St. Patty's day a little early!

The Hubs made this yummy chicken/spinach/tortillini soup...I am grateful that he is picking up the slack while I am at work.  And, he's attempting to keep things healthy!

What I picked up on the way home from work on Friday night!  And, the boss picked up the tab!

The Munchkin had a birthday party to attend on Saturday....I felt like the week had been just as blurry as this picture!

Nasty, rainy weekend + old bed sheets = a fun time for the kids!  They played in here all day on Sunday.

Kids entertaining themselves + nasty, rainy weekend = Mommy gets to do some spring cleaning!  Here's my very 1st "In Training" t-shirt from my half marathon.  Yes, I've held onto it forever - armpit holes and all!  Ironic that the sponsor of the race is now my employer.  See ya t-shirt, you served me well!

Getting rid of some of these was tough...I bought this one from NYCRR in 2001 after 9/11.

This is the race where I PRed my 5k time...and it took me 9 years to PR again!  This race doesn't even exist anymore.

So, that's my week in pictures. Happy Monday!!!

Do you find it hard to get rid of momentos from races?  What types of things do you like to do when the weather is bad?


Robin said...

Instead of getting rid of your running shirts, why don't you have them made into a blanket?

Amanda @ Click. The Good News said...

Oh- where did you find the single serve edamame? I always heat up a full bag and throw half of it away :(

Such ann adorable puppy. Is it a GSP?

TX Runner Mom said...

Robin - I have a huge garbage bag full of race shirts I intend to have made into a quilt. These three were just too worn and yucky looking to add to that!

Amanda - The single serve were at Krogers. And yes, that is a GSP!

Lisa said...

Love your puppy. Cute kiddos, too. I keep saying I'm going to have a quilt made out of my old race shirts. Need to put that higher on my list....

That Pink Girl said...

Aw, blanket forts are SO much fun!

Laura said...

That long, rainy weekend was tough! I love the bedsheet- tent idea. I'm actually surprised at how many race mementos I no longer have or can't find... neither my husband or I like trinkets, so I'm assuming he's been cleaning up some of it along the way, and I'm sure moving around had something to do with it too.

Duckie said...

Great pictures! I am never quite sure what to do with race tees. I don't need a quilt any more than I need another shirt but I never have the guts to throw them away. You are my HERO!

Your dog is adorable and I love the pics of downtown. Everytime I go to Houston, I am always to the west or south and rarely actually enjoy the city. I tend to forget how much it offers!

Anne said...

Sounds like that cab on Friday night was well earned.