Monday, March 19, 2012

When life gives you doggie doo...

Make the dog your workout partner!

My incentive to not do "girlie" pushups like these...every time I went to my knees, the puppy jumped on my back!

Ever just have one of those mornings?  First, you have a hard time getting out of bed.  Then, the kids don't want to cooperate.  And then, it all goes to sh*t.  Literally.

As you know, we have a new puppy.  One we are trying to potty train.  Just when I thought my potty training days were behind me!  As always, I was running late getting me and the kids out the door.  I was working on getting the Munchkin's teeth brushed when the Kiddo went downstairs.  In all the excitement of having the new puppy chase her around, the Kiddo stepped right into fresh doggie doo.  It's brown, the rug is's kinda hard to see.  Never mind that the Hubby just put the pup outside before he left for work...guess the Pup has no control over when he needs to do his "business" just yet.  Not only did the Kiddo step in fresh doggie doo, she then proceeded to run across the rug and jump onto the couch where the puppy couldn't reach her.  Shoes and all. 

Guess what I got to spend the next 10 minutes doing?

Luckily, the day improved.  Work was not as crazy and I went to the gym during lunch for the first time since January.  Want to know the lamest cardio workout ever?  (Besides Aqua Jogging?)  It's this...

The hand cycle machine.  When I was researching hip injuries, I came across a post on either or that suggested using this contraption for a cardio workout when you can't use your legs.  Then, it was mentioned again over at swimbikemom.  So I decided to see if either of my gyms had one...hooray, there was one at the gym at work!  Yes, it's lame.  I felt very silly on this thing.  No, it's not the same as running.  But, I did get my heart rate into zone 2 (for the 1st time in awhile) and I actually broke a sweat.  Looks like this will keep me busy for the next week or two, then I can hopefully get back into the pool! 

Ever try the handcycle?  What's the lamest cardio workout you've ever done?


Lisa said...

Oh wow, I always wondered what that thing was..thanks for explaining. :-)

Anne said...

I'm sure the pup's exercise assistance was its way of earning back your love after the little mishap. And I've never seen anyone break a sweat on the hand-crank machine, but maybe I'll be the first now!

Laura said...

The pic of you and your puppy is exactly what my daughter does when I try to do push ups or ab work around her. :) Best wishes with potty training, I have to work on that soon too!

Duckie said...

Yup. Used a handcycle 'ad nauseum' when after my first knee surgery. Liked it fine at first but soon came to regard it as a source of evil in the world as I got to churn out boring session after boring session. That's not to say it wasn't effective.

I love the pup's perch. That is something a cat would do. My dog stands right in front of me and swipes my face with his tongue on every pushup. He never got that creative!