Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Week in Pictures

Last week was Spring Break for pretty much all of the Houston area schools.  The Hubby and I managed to take a few days off from work to spend some quality time with the kids.  We didn't go anywhere tropical or exotic.  Instead, we made use of all that Houston has to offer.

Spring Break - Day 1 - Houston Zoo
As you can see, we had a great time at the zoo.  The weather was nice and while the zoo was crowded, it wasn't horrible.  We went to the park afterwards for a picnic lunch and ended our trip with a ride on the train that circles the park and zoo.

Spring Break Day 2 - The Lorax
We loved seeing The Lorax!  Super cute movie with a great message.  My favorite quote - "Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better.  It's not." 

Spring Break Day 3 - Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Carnival
If you're not from Houston, you probably don't know about the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.  It's a big deal y'all!  It's basically a huge scholarship disguised as a rodeo - lots of kids show animals and receive scholarship money, but there's lots of bucking broncos, bull riders, barrel racing, etc.  Oh, and there's Mutton Bustin and pig races, too.  Really!  And each night, with all the regular rodeo events, there's also a huge concert - mostly country music entertainers (most of which I've never heard of), but there's a rock night (like Kid Rock), a Tejano night and a R&B night.  Oh, and there's usually a show geared toward a younger audience (this year it was Big Time Rush).  We're not really big rodeo goers, but the kids love going to the Livestock Show and the carnival.  It's a great outing for the family...and the food is good, too!

This, my friends, is a fried Oreo....

Oh yes she did!!!  I ate the entire thing and it was delicious!

Spring Break Day 4 - St. Patty's Day Parade
The weather was great, so we decided to head to Downtown to see the annual St. Patrick's Day parade.  Unlike the Thanksgiving Parade we attend every year, this parade is much more laid back - the crowds aren't quite as huge and it's very eclectic.  You see the local Irish Lawyer's Association playing bag pipes, over a dozen Deloreans (Back to the Future, anyone?), several art cars, a party bus complete with disco music and dancers, etc.  Afterwards, we hit our favorite Downtown pizza stop for a slice of NY-style pizza.  Good times!

Spring Break Day #5 - Hang out
We vowed to not get out of our pajamas the entire day, but we gave in and did eventually get dressed.  The kids did a lot of this....

This was not taken on Day 5, but I had to post it....I love it when they get along like this!

Plus we watched movies, played board games and ran around like heathens outside (well, I walked...gotta take care of that hip!).  I did manage to get in two very good upper body workouts during the week thanks to my friend, Tony Horton.  And, I did some core work twice.  Thank goodness, because not only did I eat more than I should have during Spring Break, I also drank a little of this every night after the kiddos were in bed...

Have you had Spring Break yet?  If so, what do did you do?


Lisa said...

I loved that quote from "The Lorax" too.

The "Drive In" in my hometown has deep fried oreos. 3 for a $1 :-)

Spring Break for us starts the first week of April. Busy week!

Michelle Dragoo said...

Sadly my kids will be in daycare and I'll be working spring break, but I'll live through your fun week! Love it!

Robin said...

What a great way to make the best of what our great city, Houston, has to offer. There really is so much to do and see here in town!

Laura said...

Such a fun week! I heard about the fried oreos at the Rodeo, but didn't see them when we were there. And I didn't know about the St Paddy's parade, we'll have to hit that next year!

Stephanie said...

I miss the rodeo!!

I would LOVE a fried Oreo.